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  • 1. Solitaire Series Access Control Solutions for the Lodging Industry

2. Total Access You want your guests to feel as comfortable staying with you as they do in their own home. You offer them comfort and hospitability and are attentive to their needs. But what about the peace of mind that comes from security? Make no mistake: its at the top of their list. You need a lock system that works with your team, not only to guarantee security, but also to save you time and let you remain in control. Your lock system has to be easy to install, easy-to-use, durable, and flexible enough to respond to what- ever challenges arise. Plus you dont want to compromise on great style! Solitaire Series Designed with both the needs of guests and hotel management in mind Worry-free installation and maintenance Variety of lever and finish options 1 3. 2 Solitaire Series: Setting the standard for premium hotel locks Sophisticated designs and reliable engineering make ILCO Solitaire series the ideal choice for combined security and elegance. Designed with both the needs of guests and hotel management in mind, the Solitaire series adapts to your security needs regardless of the organization or physical structure of your hotel. It fits perfectly with any decor. 4. Designed with Guest Security and Comfort in Mind Operates with easy-to-use and reliable magnetic stripe Lock features visible and audible feedback Includes one-inch solid metal dead- bolt for added protection and pri- vacy (available with auto-deadbolt) Features automatic cancellation of previous guest keycard to ensure guest privacy and security ADA-compliant for physically dis- abled guests and staff Shabbat-compliant lock available Worry-Free Installation and Maintenance Simple to install, learn and use Stand-alone functionality, no wiring required Foreign objects are removed easily from open reader slot Four AA standard alkaline batteries yield 100,000 insertions (or last two to three years, based on 10 inser- tions per day) Low battery indicator alerts staff - data is retained during battery replacement Upgradeable lock software on-site Security Features and Advanced Tracking System Audit trail records last 350 lock transactions Lock reads magnetic stripe during removal of keycard, ensuring that cards are not left in the lock In the event of an emergency, there are two available mechanical key override options to open the lock, including a removable core Lock can be integrated into master key system Programming options allow for limited access to staff and guests in restricted areas or during specified times Solid, Reliable Construction All-metal, heavy duty electronic- mortise and cylindrical lockset Precision-engineered mechanics and circuitry All electronics and batteries are located in the inside housing for protection against environmental conditions and vandalism Infrared communication link to maintenance unit Tested to rigorous Kaba and industry quality and performance standards Two-year warranty 3 Features and Benefits 5. 4 6. Several lever options are offered for the Solitaire series lock: Standard Long Standard Short Romance Colonial Knob 5 Finish and Lever Options Decorative as well as durable, these finishes are designed not only to complement, but also to beautify any hotel decor. * The Ultra-Plated Finish The Ultra-Plated finish is offered for exterior applications. This rugged finish is applied to the locks solid brass cover for the ultimate in durability and scratch- resistance. Guaranteed for two years against tarnishing. Finish Options Bright Chrome Satin Chrome Bright Brass Satin Brass Oil Rubbed Bronze * * Powder Coat Lever Options Standard Long Standard Short Romance KnobColonial Designers Choice A choice of 18 Omnia levers, from traditional to modern designs in 5 different finishes have been selected for the Solitaire series. Ask your ILCO representative for more details. I N D U S T R I E S , I N C . Modern OrnateTraditional 7. 6 Control boards are coated with a propri- etary solution to seal out moisture and contaminants. The Solitaire series, is now listed in the BHMA Certified Products Directory for ANSI/BHMA A156.25 and A156.13 2002 Electrified Locking Devices Grade 1. Control Boards BHMA Certification ILCO is an ISO 9001-2000 certified facility. Key Override If the lock has failed electrically or mechanically, you simply use a key to unlock the door. Removable Core, Key Override This override functions exactly like the key override with the added benefit of a removable core. This feature allows you to quickly and easily change the removable core and the key in the event that your original key is lost or stolen. Override Options and Certifications The override is the feature that gives you access to a guestroom in the unlikely event of mechanical or electrical lock failure 8. 7 Live Customer Support 24/7 Any time you need technical assistance, immediate help from ILCO customer service is only a phone call away. This commitment is part of our world-class customer support program and upgraded ISO 9001/2000 certification. Call toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 1.877.468.3555 (option 1) Our customer support web site provides an interactive option for ILCO customers to obtain technical support, product and software updates, troubleshooting tips, FAQs, and the latest promotions and industry news online. Visit Running low on supplies? Experienced ILCO customer service agents help you order keycards, cleaning cards, batteries, replacement parts and additional locks. Call 1.877.468.3555 (option 2) from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern time Visit 9. 8 Remote access controllers are used to regulate access to restricted areas including executive floors, spas, health clubs or parking areas where it is impractical to mount a standard elec- tronic door lock. Please your guests by providing easier access to remote parts of the hotel. Equip back doors to parking lots or stairwell doors to other floors with exit devices that allow them easy access with a simple swipe of their keycard. Exit devices can also be placed on fire doors equipped with a panic device as well as access-controlled doors. The Front Desk Unit (FDU) is the all-in-one self-contained brain of the stand-alone lock system. Your staff will use the FDU to perform multiple functions. This flexible system can be used as both an encoder unit and a lock- programming unit. The fully portable unit contains an internal battery backup in the event of a power failure. The FDU can be hooked up to any standard parallel port printer to provide a system audit report. Remote Access Controller Exit Device Operators Front Desk Unit 10. 9 Ele ctro nicSelf Chec k-in Pr oper ty Ma nagem ent C entra l Re servati on System Locks Kiosk P oint-o f Sale V endin g M achine s ATLAS Driving Hotel Connectivity Uncompromising security meets maximum flexibility: ATLAS Advanced Technology Lodging Access Solution delivers state-of- the-art security for guests, staff and property, while accommo- dating the particular needs of your operation. Essential features include hotel systems integration, time zones and comprehen- sive reporting capabilities. ATLAS accommodates single-station operations to networked, large-scale, full-service facilities. Protect your investment: ATLAS has been designed using the latest open architecture technology, making the best use of current application standards such as .NET/Remoting, Win- form and Webform, Windows Services and SQL Database. This means you get maximum flexibility and maximum choice. Add value: ATLAS easily integrates with PMS and POS sys- tems, without the need to add equipment, using the existing network infrastructure. Minimal training required: Using an intuitive and familiar web browser user interface, hotel staff can operate the ATLAS system efficiently with minimal training. 11. Kaba Ilco Inc. 7301 Boul. Dcarie Montral (QC) H4P 2G7 T.: 1.877.468.3555 F.: 1.514.735.6589 M3374_10_08ac