Hotel Door Locks, Cyber Digital Locks, RFID Hotel Locks and Hotel Ware

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Transcript of Hotel Door Locks, Cyber Digital Locks, RFID Hotel Locks and Hotel Ware

  1. 1. 2003, Educational Institute Cyber Digital Hotel Locks For Property Management System Interfaces Dhanvin Enterprises 1
  2. 2. 2003, Educational Institute 2(continued) 1. Feature of Hotel Locks Device interfacing to protect the hotel property management system. 2. It is key control to Identify the issues of managers and passed the point to point sale system with a hotel property management system. 3. Cyber Digital Hotel Locks illustrate the function and features of telephone call accounting system. Cyber Digital Hotel Locks Interfaces
  3. 3. 2003, Educational Institute 3(continued) Cyber Digital Hotel Locks Interfaces (continued) 4. Differentiate the micro fitted and hard-wired electronic locking systems. 5. Categorize the features of cyber digital and hotel locks energy management system. 6. Classify the hotels for the guests, that may management the hotels property system.
  4. 4. 2003, Educational Institute 4(continued) Common USE Cyber Locks Locations Hotel/Restaurants Gift shops Room service stations Pool and spa areas Bar and lounge areas Concession areas Property shops
  5. 5. 2003, Educational Institute 5(continued) Cyber Digital Locks Transfer Issues Cyber Digital Locks File set-up supplies data transfer during cyber system update routine. Type of data transmitted Guestcheck Taxes Transmitasdatacollectedorbatchedandsent Specialmealplansand/orpromotions
  6. 6. 2003, Educational Institute 6(continued) Cyber Digital Locks Transfer Issues (continued) Data storage Storageincyberfiles Lengthoftimedatastored
  7. 7. 2003, Educational Institute 7(continued) Cyber Digital Hotel Locks Features Automaticidentificationofoutwarddialing(AIOD) Automaticrouteselection(ARDS) Least-costrouting(LCR) Callratingprogram(CRP) HOBICsysteminterface
  8. 8. 2003, Educational Institute 8(continued) Cyber Digital Hotel Locks Functions Callplacement Calldistribution Callrouting Callrating Callrecord
  9. 9. 2003, Educational Institute 9(continued) Cyber Digital Hotel Locks Interface Advantages Enhanced services and guest satisfaction Improved communications networking Improved call pricing methods Minimized telephone traffic expenses Automatic charge posting to guest folios Automatic call detail records Detailed daily reports of telephone transactions
  10. 10. 2003, Educational Institute 10(continued) Electronic Locking Systems Hard-wired locking systems Centralized master code console Controlled doors cabled to master console Micro-fitted locking systems Locks configured as individual stand-alone units Each door has a microprocessor Terminal at front desk encodes keycards System relies on predetermined sequence of codes
  11. 11. 2003, Educational Institute 11(continued) Cyber Digital Hotel Locks Controls Demand control Duty cycling Room occupancy sensors
  12. 12. 2003, Educational Institute 12(continued) Auxiliary Guest Services Automated wake-up calls Message-waiting systems Voice messaging systems Voice mailboxes
  13. 13. 2003, Educational Institute 13(continued) Guest-Operated Devices Self-check-in/self-check-out systems In-room entertainment systems On-screen controls (DVD/CD functionality) CD library Digital music channels Music video library Video games In-room vending systems Guest information services
  14. 14. 2003, Educational Institute 14(continued) Thank You For Visiting Address: E - 177, Chatarpur Extension New Delhi, Delhi 110024 Phone no: 9650922009 Website: