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  1. 1. Commercial Portfolio: Hotel ballroom design Project Requirements: Space planning and FF & E layout Project: Design proposal for a ballroom, in a hotel currently undergoing comprehensive renovation in Newport, RI Role: Supported the lead designer in the conception of the design. Assumed sole responsibility for all drawings and renderings which comprised the basis for the client proposal presentation (successfully won the commission)
  2. 2. The ballroom features a reception area flanked by glass doors on side and metal drapery on the other side The metal drapery creates an interesting visual effect by partially revealing the other side of the ballroom while at the same time providing a shimmery effect in the reception area Columns dividing the reception area from the ballroom are decorated with scallops in a cascading effect The ballroom features an accent wall with aluminum artistic wall panel flanked by a mirror on each side The dance floor has herringbone pattern with a border and ceiling is highlighted by five-tier chandelier Ballroom design keys
  3. 3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Floor plan (with view key)
  4. 4. View from Storage Wall (View1 - Day) Rendering in Revit
  5. 5. View from storage wall across from sheer curtain (View 2 - Night) Rendering in Revit
  6. 6. View from center of the dance floor (View 3 - Day) Rendering in Revit
  7. 7. View from reception (View 4 - Night) Rendering in Revit
  8. 8. View from reception (View 5 - Night) Rendering in Revit
  9. 9. View from the right side of draped wall (View 6 - Dusk) Rendering in Revit
  10. 10. Rendering in Revit View of the bar from mid-range (View 7 - Night)