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  • Home Selling Secrets No

    One Wants You To Know

  • I have some news for you

  • When it comes time to sell your home

  • ...to keep as much of your equity as possible

    no one is looking out for your money

  • Its up to you

  • Here are some home selling secrets

  • That ensure your hard-earned


  • ...ends up

    in your



  • 1 You Dont Have to Pay 6% Commission to Sell Your Home, EverSelling a home is much easier to do today and smart

    real estate agents pass that savings on to the home


    There are discount agents, flat-fee agents and fee-for-

    service agents, who only charge you for what you need.

    All of them will save you money compared to 6%. You

    should not be afraid to use them.

  • 2 Selling Your Home Yourself Doesnt Save You That Much MoneyIts easy to find a listing agent to help you sell your home

    for a few thousand dollars today. BUT, youre still expected

    to pay the full 3% commission to your buyers agent.

    Even if you sell your own home and save those few

    thousand dollars, you wont save serious money until you

    learn to pay less (or nothing) to the buyers agent.

  • 3 You Dont Have to Pay For the Buyers AgentIn the US and Canada, it is customary for the seller to

    pay for the buyers agent, but its not mandatory.

    Youre not obligated to pay for the buyers agent, and if

    you do, you certainly dont need to pay them the full

    3% commission they desire. You can offer to pay

    anything you want, even as little as a few thousand


  • 4 Buyer Steering is RealIf you do offer less than the customary commission to

    buyers' agents, those agents will work like hell to keep

    their buyers away from your home until you raise their fee

    back up to the acceptable amount.

    While this extortion, known as buyer steering, is a

    violation of the realtor code of ethics, it is very real* and

    you must have a strategy to combat it.



  • 5 You Get What You Pay For is a LieWhenever you attempt to negotiate lower realtor

    commission, traditional real estate agents will try to

    scare you by reminding you that you get what you pay


    Research* conducted by Consumer Reports found...

    Sellers who paid 3% were just as satisfied as those

    who paid 6%.

    Paying less did not hurt the quality of service.

    Those who paid 6% were more likely to have regrets

    about the selling process.



  • 6 You Can Be as Smart as a Real Estate Agent for FreeWith the information freely available today, you can

    know everything a real estate agent knows, so you

    dont need to depend on them as much to make


    From local crime statistics, to the quality of schools to

    the price your neighbors home just sold for, its all

    right there at your finger tips.

  • So, now

    that you




  • How would like to learn a few more?

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  • Introduction to

    The Intelligent Home Seller

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  • Go to End Of Six Percent

    Im Carl Weisman and

    I help home sellers preserve their hard-earned equity

    Why do I do that?

    Im sick and tired of home sellers being intimidated into

    squandering away their equity due to an abundance of fear and a

    lack of education