Home ownership is more than just a fantasy with single parent housing assistance programs

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Home Ownership Is More Than Just A Fantasy With Single Parent Housing Assistance Programs

As a single parent, you have a lot on your plate. Perhaps you are newly single due to a divorce or a death, or maybe you are a single parent by choice.

Whatever the case, you are committed to giving the best you can to your child or children on your lone income.

Even if that income is substantial, you have certainly found that the economy has adjusted itself to the more commonplace dual income household, which makes it increasingly difficult to get ahead, let alone break even.

Housing is an ongoing issue for all parents, but especially for single moms and dads. Providing a safe home for your children is of paramount importance, but the requirements for buying a home have become far more stringent over the past few years, and even purchasing a foreclosure can be an expensive endeavor.

It is not impossible, however, thanks to the variety of single parent housing assistance programs available to you. Public and private organizations alike have found that by offering financial assistance to single parent families in purchasing a new home is advantageous to both the family and to the community as a whole.

Single parent home loans are loans designed to make home ownership possible even for low income families. The Rural Development Program, for example, is dedicated to helping families in need while developing rural areas of the country at the same time

. A product of the United States Food and Agriculture Agency, this program has several different assistance options. One of these options is the ability to offer low interest loans to families interested in leaving the urban or suburban areas and helping to build a community in an undeveloped area.

Another avenue available to single parents is the HOME program, made available through the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. This program is able to offer families loans on homes that they can afford.

These loans may be granted even to individuals who are in debt or who have credit problems, provided they can prove the ability to make the mortgage payments. In addition, the HOME program will also pick up down payment and closing costs.

While mortgage loans must be paid back, single parent home grants are monies that can be applied to housing costs that never need to be paid back. For example, the American Dream Down Payment Program, or ADDI, is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This program is offered to low income families to help them achieve stable, safe housing.

They have each property being considered under their program carefully inspected, and when the family and the home meets their eligibility requirements, closing costs and the down payment on the home are paid by HUD through ADDI.

The non profit organization, Habitat for Humanity, in an effort to fight the growing urban blight in American neighborhoods, utilizes volunteers to fix up homes and then offers families in need grants to purchase the homes with the agreement that they will work with HFH to keep up the property and continue to volunteer their time in the ongoing efforts of the organization.http://www.singleparentassistanceprograms.com