Home Décor: Go Classy and Stylish!

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Transcript of Home Décor: Go Classy and Stylish!

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Home Dcor: Go Classy and Stylish!

Home is where the heart is and where all the magic happens. When you are thinking about transforming your home from boring old regular to a little extra special, these trend updates will help you jazz up your space.

Add interesting home decor items and light fixtures can dramatically transform your room.

Modern art, exposed pipes or even just a room with a clean design will give your space a modern or futuristic look.

Think clean angles and lines with a play on open spaces when designing a room to look modern.

Go Modern!

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Explore decorating with classic materials like corduroy and brass.

Remember, unique can often translate to classy.

Ethnic and floral prints as opposed to boring ol beiges and standard monochromes are the way to go.

Be Fabulous!

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Merge Indoors with Outdoors!Incorporate outdoor elements in your indoor living areas to add interest.

Garden + living room? Yes, please. A superb way to go.

Not just plants and flowers, but think outside the box when brining the outside to your inside space.

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Designers are using this material to create interior design magic these days!

Textures are a wonderful way to add oomph without adding extra elements.

Mix and match fabrics for upholstery, carpets, and even framed art pieces.

Corduroy, No Longer for Cowboys.

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Brass can brighten up your living room!

If it is done right, brass artifacts can look absolutely classy, unique and royally antique!

This is one metal that you can either play up or down depending on how you use it.

Brass is Class

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Ethnic and trendy fabrics and prints are a popular trend this year.

Ethnic chic prints can be used to show your own personality in a space!

A quirky cushion, or any fabric which is oozing with culture this year, must be grabbed at the first possible opportunity.

Ethnic Chic Prints

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Get Inspired by NatureDesigns adopted from natural motifs and nature inspired images, have become a wonderful trends in home dcor.

Wreaths, organic mirror frames, wooden bark candleholders, mud or clay pots, are all great addons.

Fill your vases with fresh greenery or even dried flowers and leaves for that extra something.

A great way get all these objects and artifacts for the new trendy interior design ideas is to source them from a non-expensive location so that you dont have deep holes in your pockets.

Sourcing from China is a top choice, as it will save you time & money!

Do your research well and seek help from a sourcing company to ensure quality.