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  1. 1. HOLIDAY PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS. Where to begin??
  3. 3. Is it one of the following? New Client Biggest Client Friend and Client Potential Client Employee
  4. 4. Yes? Here are some ideas then...
  5. 5. New Client You probably don't know your brand-new clients all that well, so go for something with universal appeal. Everyone could use some stress-relief and relaxation.
  6. 6. Think about a nice candy jar...
  7. 7. Or some yummy coffee...
  8. 8. How about a relaxation kit?
  9. 9. Biggest Client Biggest clients those who bring in the most profit should receive gifts that cost more and are a little more upscale.
  10. 10. A nice leather breifcase works!
  11. 11. OR
  12. 12. Friend & Client For clients who are buddies too!
  13. 13. T hink about the kidos too...
  14. 14. Go that extra mile to include your customer's children in the gift-giving plan...along with custom gift wrap for the child's gift, that gesture won't be forgotten.
  15. 15. Potential Client Potential clients should receive something practical and unisex that they will absolutely find useful.
  16. 16. It's like saying... Hey, we really gave this some thought (now think about us)
  17. 17. For example:Your name here
  18. 18. Employee What would you get for a friend?
  19. 19. E mployees are teammates Give them a gift you yourself would like!
  20. 20. Begin your search to find the right gift for the right person.Need Help? Give us a call. 800.868.7018