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  • EVERY PURCHASE HELPS BEAT CANCERBy purchasing from Cancer Council,

    you are helping fund cancer research,

    patient support & education.




    All Cancer Council eyewear is independently tested to ensure the highest quality UV protection is offered to our customers. Its Australian eyewear for the Australian way of life.

    New New

    $10 Off SUNGLASSES

    Limited time only. Offer valid until September 10.

    For full Terms & Conditions, please visit our website.


    fASHION Pick the design that best suits your style.




    Aberdeen $49.9513413 Mink 13412 Black/White

    Bomaderry $59.9513415 Black 13414 Crystal Brown

    Carrington $49.9513348 Pebble 13347 Black

    Carlton $49.9513394 Black 13393 Tort

    Euston $59.9513416 Milky Mink 13417 Black Leopard 13418 Crystal Purple

    Mudgee $49.9513419 Black 13420 Tort

    Cowen $49.9513421 Black/Silver Mirror 13422 Milky Tort

    Regent $59.9513372 Black/Grey

    Wyoming $49.9513357 Gold/Tan 13355 Gunmetal/Black 13356 Gold/Tort

    ACTIVE Stay protected and comfortable no matter what you are doing.

    Bondi $39.9513315 Black 13316 Matt Black/Blue

    Forster $49.9513424 Black 13423 Tort

    Grose Vale $49.9513426 Black 13425 Khaki/Gold Revo

  • 3KIDS

    B11 Chloe Cotton Bucket Hat $34.5056cm

    27825 Hot Pink

    27826 Orange

    27749 Rainbow

    27827 White/


    B819 Reversible Bucket Hat $29.95Navy/Stone Red/Blue 31536 52cm 31538 52cm 27851 55cm 27849 55cm Pink/Lilac Hot Pink/Purple 27847 55cm 27886 55cm 27848 57cm 27887 57cm

    B81 Microfiber Bucket Hat $39.95 Blue Combi 27711 55cm

    Blue Whale 27708 52cm

    B907 Crocodile Wide Brim Hat $39.95 Khaki 11219 52cm 11221 55cm

    Pink 11467 52cm 11469 55cm

    15125 Pink/Purple $24.95

    15248 Blue flower $21.95Polarised

    15255 Purple leopard $24.95


    STYLISH KIDS Trendy sunglasses and hats to suit every occasion.

    15215 Toddler blue car $21.95

    15246 Toddler purple woodland $21.95

    ACTIVE KIDS Ideal for sports activities or toddlers on-the-go.

    PC lens

    PC lens


    PC lens

    15258 Sports blue (blue mirror) $24.95

    15259 Sports black (red mirror) $24.95

    fUN KIDS All-time favorite characters making sun protection childs play for parents, and lots of fun for kids.

    15278 Avengers wayfarer $21.95 15277 Hot Wheels $21.95

    15270 Disney princess $21.9515280 Peppa Pig heart $21.9515273 Frozen snow flake $21.95

    These kids sunglasses and hats will help protect sensitive young eyes and skin from the risk of damage and disease caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

  • 4Grey/Black


    HATS STYLISH HATS Want to be protected and stylish at the same time? These chic designs in a variety of colours have you covered.

    BD78 Lindeman Braided Capeline $47.95 27139 Camel/Black

    BD146 Heritage Town & Country $49.50 27783 Ivory/Tan

    BD95 Fedora (unisex) $49.95 27558 M/L 27689 L/XL

    R44 Suzi Capeline $34.95 11128 Poppy 27772 Mixed Red 11130 Mixed Camel 11129 Ivory 11133 Beige 27672 Mocha 27925 Navy 11136 White

    RM733 Outback Lightweight Fedora (unisex) $45.00 Chocolate Grey/Black Natural 27606 58cm 27747 58cm 27605 58cm 27665 60cm 27748 60cm 27664 60cm


    Mocha Navy

    Ivory Beige

    Mixed Camel

    Mixed Red

    BD109 Kakadu Raffia Style $59.00Natural 27598 58cm 27805 60cm

    BD180 Jasper Casual Wide Brim $49.95 Golden Sand 27797 58cm 27798 60cm



    RM718 Mandalay Fedora $39.95 Cream Camel 11335 58cm 11338 58cm 11344 60cm 11346 60cm


  • 5

    RL70 Lycra Swim Broad Brim $49.95 27715 Coral 27818 Black 27713 Turquoise 27712 White





    Australia has some of the highest UV radiation in the world. All hats sold by Cancer Council have been independently tested and have a rating of UPf50+.

    SPORTS HATSThese cool, comfortable and breathable hats will provide the sun protection you need for outdoor activities.

    RG81 Cool Comfort $49.95Beige Khaki Navy 27629 57cm 27625 57cm 27633 57cm 27630 59cm 27626 59cm 27634 59cm 27631 61cm 27627 61cm 27635 61cm 27632 63cm 27628 63cm 27636 63cm




    Rose Natural



    R53 Lightweight Sports $39.95 27641 White 27639 Blue 27640 Rose 27642 Natural

    RL76 Golf Bucket Hat $39.95 27817 Beige 27816 Navy 27815 White




    TRAVEL fRIENDLY HATS Never leave your hat behind with these compact, squashable and packable options perfect for your next holiday.

    R36 Tamzin Bucket $34.95 11098 Beige 11094 Ivory 11095 Mixed Camel 11351 Mocha 11100 Navy 27670 Fuchsia 11103 Black 11102 White

    R52 Essential Traveller $39.95 11109 Black 11117 Poppy 11114 Dusty Pink 11116 Mocha 11110 Natural 11108 White

    Mocha Natural

    Poppy Dusty Pink

    Mocha Navy Fuchsia

    Mixed Camel


    Beige Black

    RG84 Jester Cotton Bucket $34.95 White/Navy Navy/White11289 58cm 11294 61cm 11286 58cm 11291 61cm



    BD18P Endless Summer Resort (56cm) $39.95 27701 Silver 27788 Navy 27700 White 27699 Purple 27787 Black






    The key to keeping your skin looking youthful is daily protection from the suns damaging UV rays.

    Cancer Councils range of quality cosmetics and body care products offer SPf 30 protection in a quality cosmetic that also nourishes and beautifies your skin.

    10103 Dark Beige

    10111 Plum

    10112 Ruby Red


    10110 Coral

    10104 Clear

    10105 Plum

    10114 Light Beige

    10115 Medium Beige

    10101 Beige

    10102 Crme Beige

    10106 Aztec Berry

    10109 Cinnamon

    10113 Soft Pink

    10108 Cherry Blossom

    SPF 30 Lip Gloss 15ml $9.95A long lasting, smooth lip gloss, especially formulated for daily use. Imparts UV protection and the nourishment of aloe vera for soft, supple lips.

    SPF 30 BB Crme 50ml $15.95A smooth, silky, coverall BB crme to help protect the delicate facial area from UV damage. This 3 in 1 product helps correct uneven skin tone, moisturise and protect the face.

    10116 SPF 30 Body Lotion 200ml $17.95Deeply hydrating, nourishing and protective, this silky body sunscreen lotion is quickly absorbed to replenish thirsty skin. With soothing aloe vera to help nourish and maintain dehydrated skin.

    10117 SPF 30 Hand Cream 50ml $11.95Deeply hydrating, rich hand cream to protect and nourish hard-working hands and to provide protection from ageing, sunspots and pigmentation.

    SPF 30 Foundation 50ml $18.95For a light, breathable, velvety smooth complexion with UV protection. This gentle smooth cream blends in to give an even coverage.

    SPF 30 Lipstick $14.95A rich range of colours to suit all occasions. Works to hydrate and protect lips from harsh environmental factors.

    10100 Untinted

    10099 Light Beige

    10097 Crme Beige

    10098 Honey Beige

    SPF 30 Face Moisturiser 75ml $14.95Can be used alone or under make-up. This light, breathable moisturising lotion is ideal for daily use.

  • 2 4 1 3 2 E l e g a n t P e a c e D o v e $ 9 . 9 5

    S i l v e r S t a r H o l o g r a p h i c F o i l . 1 7 8 x 1 1 7 m m ( 1 0 C a r d s & E n v e l o p e s )

    G r e e t i n g : M a y P e a c e , J o y a n d h a p p i n e s s b e y o u r s a t C h r i s t m a s .

    2 4 1 4 1 F e s t i v e W r e a t h a n d R o b i n s $ 8 . 9 5

    G o l d F o i l . 1 2 7 x 1 2 7 m m ( 1 0 C a r d s & E n v e l o p e s )

    G r e e t i n g : M a y t h e f e s t i v e S e a s o n b r i n g o n l y h a p p i n e s s a n d j o y t o y o u

    a n d y o u r l o v e d o n e s .

    W A Y S T O P U R C H A S E

    w w w . c a n c e r c o u n c i l s h o p . o r g . a u

    1 3 0 0 3 5 4 1 4 4

    ( M o n f r i 9 a m 5 p m A E S T )

    C a n c e r C o u n c i l R e t a i l S e r v i c e s

    6 1 5 S t K i l d a R o a d ,

    M e l b o u r n e 3 0 0 4

    f a x 1 3 0 0 4 9 0 3 4 4

    D o w n l o a d o r d e r f o r m

    f r o m w e b s i t e

    N O T E

    P r o d u c t s f e a t u r e d i n t h e C h r i s t m a s

    C a r d s a n d G i f t s c a t a l o g u e a r e f o r

    m a i l o r d e r o r o n l i n e p u r c h a s e o n l y .

    2 4 1 3 4 B e a u t i f u l B a u b l e s $ 8 . 9 5

    S i l v e r F o i l . 1 2 7 x 1 2 7 m m

    ( 1 0 C a r d s & E n v e l o p e s )

    G r e e t i n g : S e a s o n s G r e e t i n g s a n d b e s t

    w i s h e s f o r t h e c o m i n g y e a r .

    2 0 1 5 C H R I S T M A S

    C A R D S & G I f T S

    C A N C E R C O U N C I L S H O P . O R G . A U

  • A l l c a r d s p r i n t e d i n A u s t r a l i a w i t h p a p e r f r o m c e r t i fi e d a n d s u s t a i n a b l e m a n a g e d f o r e s t s .

    A l l a r e P o s t O ffi c e p r e f e r r e d .

    S H O P N O W

    C A N C E R C O U N C I L S H O P . O R G . A U

    2 4 1 2 9 E x q u i s i t e B a u b l e s $ 9 . 9 5