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With ever increasing use of mobile devices, today more and more people are reaching for their smartphones and tablets to carry out their daily internet browsing. According to survey, mobile internet users are set to exceed wired internet users by 2015 and growing at the annual rate is 16.6%. This is a serious note for website owners to really not ignore the Smartphone users traffic. It is the time to change with technology, and adopting responsive web design is an excellent way for business owners to represent their business products and services with clear viewing capabilities on spectrum digital devices. To keep you business alive in this ever growing mobile trend, your first priority should be responsive approach for your business website.

If you are one of the 50 million + web owners who have considered Wordpress as their website platform then you have range of ways to inject mobile friendly capabilities into your Wordpress website and one of the easy way is adopting responsive theme. Responsive theme allows you to serve the single version of website which runs smooth and responds according to the screen resolution of different digital devices viewed on.

This presentation is a collation of best highly responsive mobile Wordpress themes. Enjy.

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