High Quality and Affordable Medical Tours in Thailand

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Thai Medical Vacation is the best and largest provider http://thaimedicalvacation.com of Medical tours in Asia. Solutions include Plastic surgery in Thailand,Knee and hip replacements in Thailand,fertility solutions Thailand,cancer therapy in Thailand and stem cell treatments in Thailand, dentistry abroad,weightloss treatments and orthopedic joint treatments in Thailand

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2. Medical tourism is now the fastest growing service in the international businesssector. Thisphenomenalgrowth can be attributed to many factors like theconsistant overall GDP growth over the last 10 years in developing countriesthroughout the world, Thailand in particular, has long embraced this popularpractice to entice international patients who seek quality advanced medicalsolutions such asstem cell therapy,orthopediccare,dental treatment, heartailments, eye and skin care, transgender operations, weightloss and many othertypes of medical procedures. Medical Tours Thailand offers a wide range ofmedical services for medical travelers ensuring that they will receive the besttreatment avail that follows the International medical standard as set by ISO(International Standards Organization) and other world-renowned medicalorganizations like JCI. HTTP://THAIMEDICALVACATION.COM 3. According to Thailand Business News, it was recorded that about one and a halfmillion medical tourists had visited Thailand, which a large number came fromthe North American and European countries, thus making the country as thenumber one medical travel destination in Asia. The number was tallied in 2010and it is also believed that it will double in the next five years due to the massivecampaign of the Thai government in promoting the business practice, henceencouraging more professional medical practitioners working abroad to shift theirprofession in Thailand.HTTP://THAIMEDICALVACATION.COM 4. Among the places in the country where most internationally-accredited hospitalsand high-standard health facilities dwell are in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui,Phuket, and Pattaya. Most of the medical institutions are recognized by the US-based Joint Commission International or JCI, and one good example is theBangkok Hospital Medical Center (BHMC) which specializes in treating patientswho have cardiovascular and heart problems as well as cancer. BHMC is just oneof the four hospitals accredited with Clinical Care Program Certification; this onlyshows that patients are guaranteed of obtaining the excellent medical services tocure their particular medical condition.Medical Tours in Thailand also tender to low-priced medical treatments formedical tourists, which are more less than half the cost, compared to local pricesat their own country. This is one of the reasons Thailand was chosen as thenumber one destination for casual travelers and medical tourists seeking thelatest and least expensive medical solutions. HTTP://THAIMEDICALVACATION.COM 5. Most of the medical personnel in every accredited hospital are certified and welltrained at their respective specializations and achieved thousands of successfulresults as a result of the years of dedicated excellence from many internationally-recognized medical institutes around the globe. Aside from highly-experiencedoctors and nursing staffs, each medical facility is outfitted with the latestmedical technology and state-of-the-art laboratories. Today, 14 hospitals inThailand are offering superior medical services, and all of them have theaccreditation from JCI. HTTP://THAIMEDICALVACATION.COM