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Transcript of Herholz - The Hotel Room

  • Herholz hat die Tr im Griff

    The hoTel room doorA compleTe sysTem from A single source

  • conTenT The hotel room door as a complete unit from four leading german manufacturers. easy. unique. safe. Attractive. 04

    The modulAr sysTem

    for project consulting.

    02 / Hotel room door 03 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / tHe Hotel room door a complete unit from one source

    08sTAndArd configurATion The perfect start for any hotel project.


    successful use in hotels.

    The hoTel room door


    The modular system


    04steel frames, door hardware, electronic access control systems, door leaves and finishes combined to your specification, delivered as complete system.

    The advantages


    06safety and cost efficiency in planning, installation and during the operation.

    Standard configuration


    08components specifically combined for hotel applications.



    10Bos: steel frames / hfele: door hardware and Access control / herholz: door leaves /pfleiderer: hpl high-pressure laminates.

    Technical terms



    Your hotel room door, your way!


    19 complete hotel room door configuration with a single order number.



    20 selected reference projects from the four partner brands for various hotel categories.



    22contact us: Bos / hfele /herholz / pfleiderer.

  • 04 / Hotel room door 05 / Hotel room door

    The modulAr

    sysTem steel frames, door hardware, electronic

    access control system, door leaves and hpl laminates individually combined, delivered as system





    door leAves The cenTrAl piece


    door hArdwAre & Access conTrol The good connecTions


    sTeel frAmes The perfecT frAme

    hpl high-pressure lAminATes The AppeArAnce

    1 4

    The individual requirements of each hotel project are analysed during project planning in order to specify the appropriate components and options. This specification provides a convenient organization for changes during planning and management of future needs.

    Hotel room door / tHe modular system

    Herholz hat die Tr im Griff

  • 06 / Hotel room door 07 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / tHe advantages

    The AdvAnTAges The total is more than the sum of its parts

    A complete and individual system The hotel room door components: steel frames, hardware, electronic access control, door leaves and finishes can be individually combined and delivered as complete system. for architects, builders and operators this means, that they are not required to order or handle the components individually when planning and contracting hotel room doors. instead they receive an already fully-assembled hotel room door.

    safety & cost-efficiency The technically standard and certified system offers extraor-dinary safety and cost efficiency in planning, installation and during operation. The partners guarantee that all individual components match and that the functionality of the door for example, a sound insulation requirement is assured.

    excellent use The hotel room door as complete system by Bos, hfele, herholz and pfleiderer has already been used in numerous hotel projects of the most diverse categories and with the most diverse demands and equipment and awarded the star Award in silver in 2013 by the Tophotel magazine.

    strong partner network The german brand-names Bos Best of steel (steel frames), hfele (hardware and electronic access control systems), herholz (door leaves) and pfleiderer (hpl high-pressure laminates) are behind the development of the hotel room door as a complete system that meets the high demands in hotels.

    easy ordering process A single joint order number for all components makes for a quick and clear ordering process.

    certified quality The independent testing institute for construction components, ift rosenheim, has certified the hotel room door as a set in en-durance tests according to en 1191 after 200,000 operating cycles. furthermore the structural unit of door and dialock dT lite door terminal provides a high level of security against forced opening of the door.

    Herholz hat die Tr im Griff

    individuAl componenTs compleTe sysTem


    > potential errors > money trap > many contacts > complicated requirements

    > planning reliability > Budget reliability > one contact > easy solutions

    en 1191certified

  • cerTified QuAliTy

    automatic retractable seal

    08 / Hotel room door 09 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / standard equipment

    The sTAndArd eQuipmenT recommended components for hotel projects each hotel project has its special demands for a hotel room door. depending on the category, utilization and design specifications, the product combination develops very differently. An ideal starting base is standard equipment with the following components and materials, recommended by the participating manufacturers for a long service life. in addition, a large selection of various materials, colours, designs and models by the partner companies are available.

    sTeel frAmes different versions depending on wall material and design concept.

    door hArdwAre & Access conTrol 160 mm vX architectural hinge, concealed door closer, dT lite dialock terminal with round cylinder, mortise lock with closing spring latch, fire resistant door viewer and automatic retractable door seal.

    door leAves for 50 mm door in different finishes.

    hpl high-pressure lAminATes hpl panels with different design options.

    round cylinder, keyed alike

    160 mm vX architectural hingestainless steel

    fire resistant door viewer

    fire resistant, concealed door closer

    steel frame

    mortise lock with closing spring latch and feedback

    door leaf 50 mm, with Hpl high-pressure laminate for example

    dialock dt lite terminal with tag-it-iso processor

  • 10 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / steel frames

    sTeel frAmes The perfect frame

    2 pArT spliT sTeel frAmes wiTh levelling Anchor if the frame cannot be installed at the same time as the wall, it is advisable to use 2 part split steel frames. These can also be installed once the wall is finished. The patented Bos levelling anchor with guide anchor is particularly installation-friendly and can be adjusted easily using a screwdriver.

    11 / Hotel room door

    planar soffit frames

    vX hinge for 3d hinge pocket

    concealed 3d hinge

    reQuiremenTs door frames have a wide range of technical and design tasks to perform: they accommodate the door leaf and the hardware and provide the connec-tion to the wall. At the same time, they cater for a visually appealing cover of the wall opening. The character of the room is shaped directly at the doorway: steel door frames are an indispensable constituent of modern interior archi-tecture particularly in the project area. The entrance to a hotel room fulfills many requirements: accessibility, sound proofing, fire and smoke protection.

    soluTions Bos combines the required and tested functions of a door element with attractive design. for heavy doors or frequent use, special hinge pockets and hinges with 3d adjusting facilities ensure perfect long-term function-ality. Bos steel frames can be powder coated in all rAl colours. hotel corpo-rate colours can also be implemented. individual solutions give each project a unique and unmistakable style to set them apart from the rest.

    sTeel frAmes wiTh shAdow grooves frames with shadow grooves are timeless classics and represent a puristic design. The shadow groove provides a simple, flush transition from the frame to the wall. shadow grooves are available in a u, v or Z shape depending on the installation situation or the appearance required. in combination with concealed hinges, entrance areas can be given a sophisticated yet discreet design.

    plAnAr soffiT frAmesdoor and frame flush with corridor wall the planar soffit frames make this possible even if the door opens into the room. They create a uniform and serene appearance in long hotel corridors where door opening directions vary. The planar soffit frames can also be equipped with side parts and top-lights to give corridors and rooms a bright, airy feeling.

    sino frAmesThe modern and filigree sino frame is particularly characterized by its extremely narrow frame architrave of just 4 mm. The entrance area can be designed to be both exclusive and modest. when used in combination with concealed hinges and flush door leaves, the element is virtually invisible, perfectly matching the wall in a similar way to a concealed door.

    Additional designs at www.hotelzargen.com

  • 12 / Hotel room door 13 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / door Hardware & access control systems

    door hArdwAre & Access conTrol sysTems The good connections

    diAlock dT liTe door TerminAl: inTernATionAlly provenThe dialock dT lite door terminal is a central component of the dialock access control system, and has been specially developed for hotel requirements. dialock dT lite fulfils high security standards with its robust design in a stainless steel housing, for example, by means of an automatic deadlock mortise lock. interfaces are available for hms hotel management systems and other third party systems such as vending machines and automatic check-in machines, payment systems in the hotel restaurants or wellness area.dialock is also compatible with ski pass systems.

    Technical data > Ambient temperature (operation): 0 c to +55 c > relative humidity: 095 % (not condensed) > service life of battery: approx. 2 years > door handle spindles: interior doors 8 mm > door thicknesses: interior doors 38 63 mm

    System data > Technology: Tag-it (Tm)-iso> system: dialock standard> Area of application: for interior doors (dT)> material: door plates (cover hoods) and lever handle aperture parts: stainless steel

    Dialock DT 400elegant escutcheon design, automatic deadlock mortise lock with comfort function.

    Dialock WT 100mains-operated wall ter-minal; with software online monitoring; lock optional with deadlocking latchbolt / Quiet-comfort.

    HingesArchitectural hinge with exposed barrel, 3-dimensionally adjustable.

    Hingesconcealed hinges that are 3-dimensionally adjustable.

    > Battery operated, intelligent reading station> Touch-free activation with dialock key> red/blue leds for indication of locking and unlocking> with real-time clock and audit trail of all processes> The door can be opened without a key at any time from the inside> unlocking with dialock key and automatic locking after 3 seconds > other settings: unlocking and locking with dialock key> indication of programming status and when battery change is required> infrared interface in external module for programming> extension of functions by means of additional macro programmes (optional)> supports alternate mechanical emergency opening with optional concealed cylinder

    funcTion AliTy

    Additional models on request www.haefele.de or [email protected]

  • 14 / Hotel room door 15 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / door leaves

    door leAves The central piece

    frAme versions

    Herholz hat die Tr im Griff

    Block frame or folding frame, flush closing with individual soffit claddings

    wooden surrounding frame, rebated closing

    steel surrounding frame, 2-shelled, flush closing









    Beech veneer light oak oak

    peat Brown

    natural oak oak polar


    alder french walnut


    canadian maple american

    natural cherry


    larch makassar-Bf elm sapeli mahogany



    pear tree



    sycamore maple


    Brilliant white


    light oak


    polar oak

    decora ash,

    white covering

    decora ash,

    white structure

    decora natural

    cherry wood


    universal white


    rustic Beech






    universal grey


    sand Birch


    cinnamon Birch

    ral 6000

    patina green

    ral 5022 night


    ral 7011

    iron grey

    pure white simi-

    lar to ral 9010

    ral 3005 wine


    Black dresden Blue macassar megami raja white ruby soft

    sevilla gordal snow white tagus slate vitality Beech white acacia

    Additional finish versions on request


    Technical data> fire resistance ei 30 as per en 1634-1 (T-30 as per din 4102)> smoke protection as per en 1634-3 (sp as per din 18095)> continuous functional testing as per en 1191 (200,000 cycles)> sound insulation as per din 4109, rw, r=32db / 37db installed> maximum basic dimensions: 1,125 mm x 2,375 mm> rebated or flush-closing> finishes: hpl in accordance with din en 438, varnish in accordance with rAl or ncs, wood veneers, cpl in accordance with collection > integrated door closer

    Product advantages> door leaf approx. 50 mm thick> All types of finishes > Torsion-free construction> All edge variants> herholz proven system "type 4" > combination with steel frame, wooden frame "type f", wooden surrounding frame, block frame and many other individual solutions

    Benefits for planners and investors> Quick and easy decision: dimensions, technical requirements, surface, interface to the hotel software and... finished> All brand products> All components are compatible> one contact for all components

    Block frame type f with an assembly with aluminium profiles, flush closing

  • 16 / Hotel room door 17 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / Hpl HigH-pressure laminates

    Product informationAs duropal hpl in sizes 2,150 x 915 / 950 / 1,050 / 1,300 x 0.8 mm, 2,350 x 1,050 and 2,350 x 1,300 x 0.8 mm directly from the warehouse. hpl size 2,800 x 2,070 x 0.8 mm mostly available from warehouse, or by special order. customized hpl lengths between 2,050 and 5,300 mm and additional hpl thicknesses (also 2.0 mm) are available on request.

    U1027 U1026 U1131 U1188icy white crystal white silver grey light grey

    R5464 R5413 R5411 R5410light maple Bleached wild pear natural wild pear cognac wild pear

    U031 U110 U068 Bordeaux iguana sky blue

    R5028 R4400 R4223 R4194 R4221 F06/160 Acacia natural Balearic oak lindberg oak Brown santana oak mocha piemont oak milano oak dark

    U1667 U1665 U246 U1574orange golden orange mango velvet yellow

    R5622 R5643 R4191 R4896 R5612 R5613Baron elm Truffle Baron elm grey dragon Ash milano walnut clay sangha wenge natural sangha wenge

    U133 U087 U1184 U1191 U1193 U089stone grey magma sand grey congo cuando fango

    R5681 R5611 R4801 F21/007 R5630 R5673havanna cherry noce royale standard walnut spain olive dark cashmere makassar ebony

    U231 U018 U1233 U011 U1200slate grey Basalt grey metallic Black vulcano volcanic Black

    hpl high-pressure lAminATes for doors

    request free of charge:pfleiderer Brochures "hpl for doors and "individual

    phone: +49 (0) 91 81 / 28 480 fax: +49 (0) 91 81 / 28 482 [email protected] www.pfleiderer.com


    Decor App:

    now available as a free

    app in the app store!

    pfleiderer maintains 103 select decorative structured combinations in hpl quality available from stock specifically for the

    door fabrication. identical decorative color panels from its extensive wood material range guarantee interior design in a

    consistent finish. in addition, its individual program gives you the option to create your own design, which is implemented

    using the latest digital print technology.

    Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH Ingolstdter Strae 51 92318 Neumarkt Deutschland Tel.: +49 (0) 91 81 / 28 480 Fax: +49 (0) 91 81 / 28 482 [email protected] www.pfleiderer.comThermopal-Fiderisspan AG Seestrasse 295 8804 Au-Wdenswil Schweiz Tel.: +41 (0) 44 307 55 55 Fax +41 (0) 44 307 55 66wodego AG Dietlistrasse 8 9000 St. Gallen Schweiz Tel.: +41 (0) 71 272 30 80 Fax +41 (0) 71 272 30 85

    IndividualIhr Motiv wird zum Design

    Bro_Individual_RZ.indd 1 10.01.13 10:06

    HPL fr TrenKollektion 2013 2016

  • 18 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / tecHnical terms

    TechnicAl Terms definitions

    Do not disturb functionThe guest can conveniently lock himself in using the thumb-turn at the room side of the hotel room door. if the door is locked using the lever, the cleaning staff cannot open the door. This is indicated by special flashing of the leds at the terminal on the outside. if the guest leaves the room, the do not disturb function is automatically switched off.

    CPL laminatecpl (continuous pressure laminate) can be produced in many finishes, but is not as thick as hpl boards.

    Double rebateThe double rebate provides a facility for using two seals and therefore achieving additional sound insulation.

    Stainless steel strike plateThe strike plate protects the latchbolt entry area from signs of use, such as paint flaking off the architrave.

    Overhead door closersoverhead door closers are available in three versions:

    Emergency openingif the hotel guest has activated the do not disturb function, a person such as the director or a responsible manager can open the door using a privileged key in emergencies.

    HPL laminatehpl is the abbreviation for high pressure laminate. high pressure laminate boards can also withstand high temperatures (e.g. from a lit cigarette) for short periods without being damaged due to the use of heat-resistant resins. The surfaces are easy to clean, are colour-fast as well as odour-neutral and insensitive to alcohol, organic solvents and water.

    Self-locking actionwhen the door is closed, the deadbolt of the lock protrudes/bolts by 20 mm using an auxiliary latch.

    Deadlocking latchboltThis is a small additional latchbolt on the forend of the lock.it is positioned in such a way that it engages with the strike plate when the door is closed. in the this position lock latch-bolt is prevented from being pushed back, providing additional security especially helpful for flush hotel room doors.

    your hoTel room door, your wAy.

    Individual adviceemployees at Bos / hfele / herholz and pfleiderer will be happy to be of assistance to you for detailed information. contact information can be found on page 22.

    1 overhead door closer 2 overhead door closer with guide rail 3 concealed overhead door closer with hinged arm

    compleTe concepT & modulAr sysTem 1. configurATion of The compleTe door

    2. A single order numBer

    3. Quickly And efficienTly implemenTed


    Bos i hfele i herholz i pfleiderer components to

    Architects & planners herholz

    Builder & operator complete element to

    distributors distributors

  • Hotel room door / tHe references

    referencesmany hotel projects of different categories, demands and equipment have been implemented successfully by Bos, hfele, herholz and pfleiderer to date. The project specialists are competent, solution-oriented partners of the architects, builders, operators, expert planners, general contractors and investors who are involved in the construction.

    Hotel Waldorf Astoria, Berlinarchitect: prof. ch. mckler architekten, frankfurtclient: swan operations limited, dubai

    Parkhotel Stuttgart Trade Fair Airport, Stuttgartarchitect: asal+traub architects, pforzheim owner: parkhotel stuttgart trade fair airport

    Hotel Gut Kump, Hammarchitect: wimmeler planen und Bauen gmbHowner: Hendrik wilms-schulze, Kump

    Hotel Fire & Ice, Neuss architect: Bruno Braun architects, dsseldorfowner: allrounder mountain resort

    Park Inn by Radisson Papenburg, Papenburgarchitect: Kapels architekturbro, Zetelowner: Johann Bunte gmbH & co. Kg, papenburg

    Upstalsboom Hotelresidenz & SPA Khlungsborn, Baltic Seaside Resort Khlungsbornarchitect: mpp meding plan + proJeKt gmbH, Hamburgoperator: upstalsboom Hotel + freizeit gmbH & co. Kg, emden

    arcona LIVING BACH14, Leipziginterior architect: seeger mller architects, Berlin owner: Hirmer immobilien gmbH & co. Kg

    frutt LODGE & SPA, CH-Melchsee Frutt interior architect: matthias Buser, Zurichinvestor: frutt lodge ag, cH-sarnen

    Hotel AVIVA, A-St. Stefan am Waldearchitect: arkade Zt gmbH, a-Haslach a.d. mhl owner / investoroperator: werner prmayer

    Hotel ibis Styles Nagold Black Forestarchitect: ulrich schwille architects, reutlingen operator: success Hotel management gmbH, stuttgart investor: accor Hotellerie deutschland gmbH

    Meli, Berlinarchitect: Bernd richter operator: sol meli, spain

    Hyatt Regency, Dsseldorfarchitect: sop architects, dsseldorf owner: projektgesellschaft Hafenspitze

    20 / Hotel room door 21 / Hotel room door

  • 22 / Hotel room door 23 / Hotel room door

    Hotel room door / tHe partner companies

    The pArTner compAnies four leading german brands guarantee the perfect interplay of the door system components

    hfele is an internationally organized family owned and operated business with head-quarters in nagold, germany. it was founded in 1923 and today serves the furniture industry, architects, planners, cabinet makers/joiners as well as dealers in over 150 countries around the world with furniture fittings and architectural hardware as well as electronic access control systems. hfele develops and manufactures hardware and electronic access control systems in five factories in germany and hungary. in the 2012 financial year the hfele group achieved exports of 76% with over 6,150 employees in 37 subsidiaries and numerous additional dealerships around the world and revenue of over 1 billion euros.

    Hfele GmbH & Co. KG Adolf-hfele-str. 1 72202 nagold germanyphone: +49 (0)74 52 95-0 fax: +49 (0)74 52 95 200 [email protected] www.hafele.com

    since being founded in 1967, Bos gmbh Best of steel has successfully devel-oped into a middle-sized company with over 350 employees. Today Bos is the market leader in germany in the fields of steel frames and material containers and at the forefront in many other european countries. Bos has been manufacturing steel and stainless steel frames for doors and interior windows for over 40 years and material containers, quick-build warehouses and workshop equipment for more than 30. using state-of-the-art technology, exceptional demands in design and function can be fulfilled.

    BOS GmbH Best Of Steel ltkenfelde 4 48282 emsdetten germanyphone: +49 (0)25 72 203-0 fax: +49 (0)25 72 203 109 [email protected] www.bestofsteel.de

    The pfleiderer brand combines the specialists for wood materials and surface finishes, duropal, wodego and Thermopal. customers will benefit from this new united strength with combined experience, increased know-how and simplified processes. 2,000 employees work at the five sites in germany in the develop-ment, manufacturing, logistics and delivery of the products as well as the permanent optimization of the high quality. exclusively wood from sustainable forest management and recycling inventory are used in production, backed by a certified environmental management system.

    Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH ingolstdter strasse 51 92318 neumarkt germanyphone: +49 (0)9181 28 480 fax: +49 (0)9181 28 482 [email protected] www.pfleiderer.com

    herholz is a family-owned company with a tradition stretching back more than fifty years. its currently being managed by the second generation. The head office and the production are located in Ahaus, germany. The product portfolio comprises the entire spectrum of interior doors and frames: room doors, entrance doors, sliding doors, glass doors, high quality special-design doors, as well as technical doors for fire protection, sound insulation doors to frame elements with a fire resistance rating up to 90 minutes. high-grade materials and top qualified specialists secure the excellent quality standard of herholz products.

    Herholz Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG eichenallee 82-88 48683 Ahaus germanyphone: +49 (0) 2561 689-444 fax: +49 (0) 2561 689 305 [email protected] www.herholz.de

    Herholz hat die Tr im Griff

  • Herholz Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG eichenallee 82-88 48683 ahaus, germanytel.: +49 2561 689 - 444 [email protected]

    project / architect consulting