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The College of New Rochelle

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The College of New Rochelle

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Gill Library, named in honor of Mother Irene Gill, O.S.U., the founder of the College, houses 150,000 volumes and has full text access to several thousand print or online periodicals. Gill Library uses the Web-based Innovative Interfaces Millennium System to provide an online catalog to the Library’s holdings, automated circulation, and other computerized library systems.

Library resources and services are also provided at each of the five branches of The College of New Rochelle: the Brooklyn Campus, Co-op City Campus, DC-37 Campus, Rosa Parks Campus (Harlem) and John Cardinal O'Connor Campus (South Bronx).

Dean Ana E. Fontoura

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In addition to the circulation of materials, the Library offers the following services to the College Community:

• Library instruction to groups and to individuals who request it.• Interlibrary borrowing of materials • Reference and research assistance • Document delivery • Electronic reserves • Internet access

At all campuses and via off-campus remote access, Gill Library offers a wide variety of selected web-based subscription databases.

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Gill Library is a member of the Association of College and Research Libraries, the Metropolitan New York Library Council, and the Westchester Academic Library Director's Organization (WALDO). As a member of WALDO, Gill Library participates in the computerized information system which provides public online access to over two million holdings in Westchester area academic libraries and to a variety of specialized databases.

For more information, please contact:Gill LibraryThe College of New Rochelle29 Castle PlaceNew Rochelle, NY 10805Circulation Desk: (914) 654-5340Reference Desk: (914) 654-5342

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1. To provide the best possible information resources and access to support the instructional programs of the four Schools of the College. (For more detailed description of the resources and services which Gill Library seeks to provide, see the Collection Development Policy and the Gill Library Five Year Plan.)

2. To work co-operatively with regional, state and national networks to enhance collaborative development of library resources and services for mutual benefit.

3. To offer a variety of programs, from introductory to advanced levels, for students, faculty and other library users in the intelligent and efficient use of information resources, including the use of information technology.

4. To assure that library policies, as well as resources and services provided to students, faculty and staff are in accord with the Mission of the College and are adequate for the particular aims, purposes and constituencies of the four Schools; to assure especially that appropriately equivalent library resources and services are provided at the branch campuses.

5. To work closely with students, faculty and staff of the College in planning, developing and evaluating library resources and services.

6. To encourage on-going development of the library professional and support staff.7. To participate actively in the teaching and learning activities of the College and in the

wider life of the college community.

Reviewed and Approved: 4/01

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New Rochelle Campus: Regular and Summer HoursNew Rochelle Campus29 Castle PlaceNew Rochelle, NY 10805914- 654-5340

Regular Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Sunday: 1:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

June- July Hours

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday: CLOSED

August HoursCall for Special Hours (914) 654-5349

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Directory Gill Library - New Rochelle Campus

Office of the Dean of the Library (914) 654-5345Office of the Coordinator of Branch Library Services (914) 654-5429Acquisitions Department (914) 654-5354Archives and Special Collections Department (914) 654-5349Cataloging Department (914) 654-5348Circulation Department (914) 654-5340Inter-Library Loan Department (914) 654-5491Library Instruction Department (914) 654-5419Reference Department (914) 654-5342Reserves Department (914) 654-5340Serials and Electronic Resources (914) 654-5480Systems Department (914) 654-5353

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Library Faculty and Staff

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Dean Ana E. Fontoura

Associate DeanMarge M. Lynn

Susan AcamporaAssociate ProfessorSystems Librarian

Sr. Martha Counihan, OSUAssociate Professor


Mark HaberAssociate ProfessorLibrary Instruction &Reference Librarian

Kathleen S. ManninoInstructor

Interlibrary Loan &Reference Librarian

Jennifer L. RansomAssociate ProfessorAccess Services &

Reference Librarian

Ellen CarneyAdjunct

Reference Librarian

Joan EskenaziAdjunct

Reference Librarian

Ledina HysaAdjunct

Reference Librarian

Lisa MeccaAdjunct

Reference Librarian

Louis AntoniettiAdjunct

Reference Librarian

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Christina E. BlayCirculation Manager

Carolyn ReidInterlibrary Loan Manager

Judy McCormickLibrary Circulation Assistant

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Main Desk

Periodical Collection (closed stacks)

Periodical Reading Area

Library Instruction Room

Reference Room

Group Study Rooms

Page 12: Help About Gill Library

Art Work

Media Room

Network Printer and Photocopiers

The Cafe

Rest rooms

Librarian’s Offices

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Gill Library has Wi-Fi on all levels and rooms.

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Students can use the Café to meet , have a snack from the vending machines or watch TV.

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Instructor’s Console Student Computers

Page 16: Help About Gill Library

Literature and Language Room

Main Reading Room

Oversized Book Collection

Group Study Rooms

Alumnae/i Room (For Quiet Study)



Administrative Offices

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Page 19: Help About Gill Library

This room is used for Quiet Study

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Theology & Philosophy Collection

Archives & Special Collections

Systems Office

Emeriti Offices

Seminar Room

Staff Room

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Page 22: Help About Gill Library

Library Cards – Borrowing Privileges:

CNR Students, Staff, Faculty and other members of the CNR community:A valid CNR ID card with a barcode serves as a library card at all CNR campuses and is required for borrowing Library materials, for Interlibrary (ILL) or Intercampus Loan (ICL) requests and to renew items using the online catalog. CNR ID cards are obtained at the Security Office. The ID card must be validated at the beginning of each semester at the Security Office. To ensure that your card has been updated in the Library’s system, bring your validated CNR ID card to the Library Circulation Desk at the beginning of each semester. If the expiration date on your Library record has expired and the "valid through" date on your CNR ID card has expired, you will be asked to show the Library proof of registration for the current or upcoming semester.

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Alumnae/i:To obtain borrowing privileges at Gill Library, CNR alumnae/i may apply for a Gill Library Alumnae/i Card. Alumnae/i Cards are issued at the Circulation Desk in Gill Library upon completion of an application with presentation of a valid photo ID and $25 (cash or check payable to Gill Library). A Gill Library Alumnae/i Card is valid for one year from the date the card is issued. When the card expires, CNR Alumnae/i may apply for a renewal.

Due to database licensing restrictions, only students currently enrolled at CNR and the faculty and staff of the College may obtain a CNR Network User name and Password, which allows them to have remote access to the Gill Library databases. Alumnae/i may access the Gill Library databases on site only by being logged on to the CNR Network by a Gill Library staff or faculty member. Alumnae/i are welcome to utilize many other Gill Library resources on site.

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Subscribers: To obtain borrowing privileges at Gill Library, a patron who is not a CNR alumna/us or currently affiliated with CNR may apply for a Gill Library Subscriber Card. Subscriber cards are issued at the Circulation Desk in Gill Library upon completion of an application with presentation of a valid photo ID and $50 (cash or check payable to Gill Library). A Gill Library Subscriber Card is valid for one year from the date the card is issued. When the card expires, Subscribers may apply for a renewal.


Books, CD-ROMs, Compact Discs and Audiocassettes:CNR students and staff may borrow books, CDs and audiocassettes for three weeks. These items may be renewed for three weeks, unless another patron has requested a hold. CNR faculty members may borrow books for a full semester. The due date is indicated on a card issued with the item when it is checked out and also appears in the Gill Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) record for the item.

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Videos and DVDs:Videos and DVDs may be borrowed for one week and renewed for one week unless another patron has requested a hold. Videos and DVDs may also be viewed in the Media Room in Gill Library.

Reserve Items: Physical items (e.g., books, videos and other media) and digitized items (e.g., articles, chapters, syllabi) may be placed on Reserve at the request of CNR instructors for use by their students while their courses are in session.Up to three physical Reserve items may be requested at a time for in-Library use by providing the call number(s) at the Circulation Desk. The call numbers for physical Reserve items may be obtained either by searching the Gill Library OPAC or the ERes Course Reserve Page. The Location field in the catalog record for the item indicates "Reserve" preceded by the campus. The catalog may be searched by title, author, subject, keyword or call number.

Page 26: Help About Gill Library

The Library creates a Course Reserve Page in ERes for instructors who place items on Reserve. Students may access the Reserves Course Page (ERes) on or off campus using the password(s) provided to them by their instructor(s) and by searching by course number, course name, department or instructor.•Upon presentation of a valid CNR ID card, up to three books on Reserve may be checked-out for up to two hours. A video on Reserve may be checked-out for up to three hours. Reserve items may be renewed unless another patron has requested a hold.

General Policy for Use of the Library Laptops:Laptop access is limited to members of the CNR College Community including students, faculty and, professional staff from all campuses and Gill Library Subscribers.

Laptops are intended for individual use, not for a class session.

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Laptops may be checked out at the Main Desk for two hours and are renewable again for two hours if no one else is waiting for a laptop. Laptops may be reserved a week in advance.

Laptops are for use only within the Library.

The borrower’s CNR I.D. Card will be held at the Main Desk until the Laptop is returned.

Responsible Use of the Library Laptops: The patron using the Laptop must adhere to the CNR Information Resources "Computing and Networking Policy" and The CNR Mother Irene Gill Library "Responsible Internet Use Policy." These policies are posted on the appropriate homepages. A patron found to be in violation of the guidelines for the use of Library Laptops or found transmitting any viruses, will be subject to the disciplinary rules of the College.

Page 28: Help About Gill Library

Patrons using the Laptops must not install CD or software on the Library Laptops. Laptops must be returned to the Main Desk one half hour before the closing of the Library.

Patrons requiring sound for websites must use the Laptops with the earphones available at the Main Desk.

Financial Responsibility for the Library Laptops: Patrons must sign the "Acceptance of Responsibility" form that details responsibility for the Laptop.

The borrower accepts financial responsibility for the replacement of the Laptop with a new comparable Laptop if it is lost or stolen or broken. The Library will procure the Laptop replacement.

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The borrower accepts financial responsibility for the replacement of missing parts of the Laptop or repair of damage to the Laptop. The Library will obtain the missing parts for the Laptop. In case of damage to the Laptop, the Library will have the Laptop repaired. Charges for Laptop replacement or repair will be billed to the borrower.

Periodicals:Three periodical issues may be requested at a time for in-Library use. The patron’s ID card is held at the Main Desk until all items are returned. Patrons may check the GillLibrary OPAC for periodical titles that the Library has available in full-text, in print, on microfilm or microfiche.

Renewal Requests: Renewal periods are the same as the original loan period except where indicated otherwise. Patrons may request a renewal on circulating items as long as another patron has not placed a hold on them. Renewals may be requested at the Circulation Desk or online via the Gill Library OPAC. Phone requests are accepted only for items that are not overdue and if the patron's CNR ID barcode can be verified. Overdue items must be presented at the Circulation Desk in order for them to be considered for renewal.

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Hold Item Requests:Patrons may request that a circulating item with a "checked-out" status (due date appears in OPAC record) be held at the campus of their choice. The request may be made in person, by phone or online via the Gill Library OPAC. When the item becomes available, the Library notifies the patron to pick up the item at the Circulation Desk, where it will be held for one week.

Fines :

Overdue Items: Books, CD-ROMs, Compact Discs, Audiocassettes - 10 cents per item per day Videos, DVDs - $1.00 per item per dayReserve Items - $1.00 per item per hour or part of an hour

Page 31: Help About Gill Library

Lost Items:The fee for a lost item is the amount the Library determines it would cost to replace the item plus a processing fee of $10.00. The Library does not permit the patron to replace the item.

Overdue fines do not accrue on days the Library is closed. The maximum overdue fine is $50.00.A student's borrowing privileges and access to academic records (e.g. registration records, transcripts) will be blocked when the student owes $25 or more to the Library.

Computer printouts:Gill Library (New Rochelle Campus) maintains one network printer on the first floor and one on the second floor. Printouts cost 10 cents each.

Microform reader/printer printouts:Gill Library (New Rochelle Campus) maintains four microform (microfilm and microfiche) reader/printers. Patrons pay 10 cents per page at the Circulation Desk.

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Gill Library Copy Cards (New Rochelle Campus):

Patrons purchase a Gill Library Copy Card by inserting a single dollar bill into the copy card vending machine located in Gill Library, Room 114. Upon purchase of the copy card, 50 cents will be deducted for the cost of the card, and 50 cents will remain on the card until it is used to make photocopies or computer printouts in Gill Library. Value can be added to the copy card for continued use by adding $1, $5, $10, $20 bills. Once you have purchased a copy card, it is advisable to print your name on the back and to have it with you when visiting Gill Library to avoid having to purchase a new card.

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Six Group Study Rooms (three on the first floor and three on the second floor) in Gill Library provide space for small groups to use for serious academic purposes. The following Policy is meant to ensure that these Rooms provide a clean and comfortable environment and are available on an equitable basis. However, groups of individuals affiliated with CNR have priority of use of the Group Study Rooms.

1. Upon being assigned a Group Study Room, each occupant must read the Gill Group Study Room Policy indicating that she/he agrees to comply with it. Not complying may result in revocation of the privilege to use a Group Study Room.

2. Rooms may be reserved no more than one week in advance by completing an online Group Study Room Reservation Form which requests the names of all of the individuals who intend to occupy the Room.

3. Reservations are held no longer than 15 minutes beyond the time for which the Room is reserved if the Room is needed by others.

4. Groups (2 or more people) have priority over one individual requesting or occupying a Room.

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5. A maximum of 4 to 8 people may use a Study Room depending upon which room is available.

6. Each Study Room occupant must leave a photo ID card with a valid expiration date at the Circulation Desk while using a Study Room.

7. Each ID card is returned to its owner (and no one else) after the Study Room is vacated, found to be in good order by a Library worker and locked. Occupants should allow time for this procedure.

8. The Library is not responsible for belongings left unattended. 9. No food or drink is permitted in the Study Rooms or anywhere else in the

Library, except in the Library Café. 10. A Study Room may be used for up to three hours by the same

individual(s). After that, the individual(s) may use the Room until needed by others.

11. Study Room occupants agree to vacate the Room 15 minutes prior to the posted closing time or when asked to vacate the Room by a Librarian or Library worker.

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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery (DD) are services which enable libraries to obtain resources for their patrons from the collections of other libraries. The continuation of ILL/DD services depends upon the cooperation between libraries. Patrons that use ILL/DD services must adhere to the ILL/DD policies, including returning the items by the due date and in the same condition as when borrowed. Failure to comply with ILL/DD policies may result in fines and/or suspension of library borrowing privileges.

When appropriate, the Librarian assists the requestor in searching for resources available in Gill Library that will meet the patron’s needs. Before an ILL/DD request is processed, it must be verified by a Reference Librarian.

Using ILLiad, an electronic Web-based document delivery service, Gill Library makes every effort to fill ILL/DD requests for patrons who presents a valid CNR ID card from an institution that will provide the item(s) free of charge. However, if a fee is involved, the ILL Department will give the patron the opportunity to accept the fee as stated or to cancel the request.

Page 36: Help About Gill Library

Libraries that offer ILL/DD services to their patrons make every effort to facilitate fair and equitable distribution of the ILL/DD workload. Whenever possible, the ILL Department distributes requests among various libraries. Additionally, the ILL Department strives for equal borrowing from and lending to other institutions.

Not all items are available through ILL/DD. Normally, books and photocopies of periodical articles are available. Reference books, textbooks and audiovisual materials are usually not available through ILL.

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This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

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Need Help?Gill Library has many sources to help you.

Page 39: Help About Gill Library

Just click on “Need Help?” on the home page to access helpful resources.

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Page 41: Help About Gill Library

Ask a Librarian Electronic Form: A Librarian will reply to your message during Library Hours. Just fill out the form and click “SUBMIT.”

Database Search Tips: Online instruction on using many of Gill Library’s databases.

Hands-on Help Electronic Form: A Reference Librarian will answer your reference questions within 24-48 hours after the first weekday the Library is open.

LibGuides: Research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources compiled by Reference Librarians.

Library Workshops: Sign-up for monthly workshops on various topics.

Off Campus Access Help: Having trouble connecting to Gill Library? Look at these links for help.

Ready Reference Tools: Quick reference tools at your fingertips.

RefWorks: RefWorks is an online research & citation management tool.

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Presentation created and prepared by Kathleen S. Mannino, MLIS, MS, July 2009.