Hello !. Childrens Ward Childrens Community Nurses Playroom & Playground Staying Healthy...

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Hello ! Slide 2 Childrens Ward Childrens Community Nurses Playroom & Playground Staying Healthy Childrens Assessment Unit Childrens Clinic Teenagers SchoolroomSurgery Click Something ! Slide 3 Slide 4 Childrens Clinic You may be asked to visit the Childrens Clinic to be seen by a doctor. The doctor will ask you some questions and examine you. Your GP may send you to Childrens Clinic to have some tests. Click the door to see whos behind Slide 5 Main Menu Childrens Clinic You may be asked to visit the Childrens Clinic to be seen by a doctor. The doctor will ask you some questions and examine you. Your GP may send you to Childrens Clinic to have some tests. Slide 6 Slide 7 When you arrive The assessment nurse will ask you how you are feeling Childrens Assessment Unit While you wait You can play with some toys or lie down Main Menu Treatment Room The doctor examines you and decides if you can go home or need to stay Slide 8 Slide 9 SCHOOL If you stay for more than 5 days you will not escape from school! Everyone aged 5 to 16 has lessons from 9.00-10.30 and 11.0012.30 The school even has a live webcam so we can watch the chicks in their nest Main Menu Slide 10 Slide 11 Play room is open Mon-Fri 7 - 5 Sat, Sun and Bank Holidays 8 - 4 At any other time you can take toys or games back to your bed. PLAYROOM & PLAYGROUND We have a large playroom and playground. The play team will help you to relax and have fun with lots of toys, games, and activities. Always have an adult with you in the playground PLAYGROUND PLAYSTAFF Main Menu PLAYROOM Click to see more Slide 12 Pull Yourself Together Doctor Doctor I think Im a pair of curtains Back Slide 13 Who are these three ? Doctor I Think Im A Dog Shes Not Allowed on the Sofa ! Sit On the Sofa and Tell Me About It Back Slide 14 Next Please ! Doctor Everyone keeps ignoring me Back Slide 15 Ward 24 Click for More Information CHILDRENS WARD Main Menu Parents and Visitors What Happens During Your Stay Who You Will Meet Slide 16 Slide 17 PARENTS AND VISITORS Its really important to keep hands clean. The entrance to the ward is locked. Press the entry button once and wait for a member of staff to answer. Do not allow people to follow you onto the ward ask them to use the buzzer Parents are welcome at any time. There is a room for parents to take a break and a shower room for them to freshen up. We are able to provide an overnight bed for one parent to sleep next to you. Always let your nurse know if you are leaving your child alone on the ward Do not bring valuables onto the ward. We cannot accept responsibility for lost items Back Everyone must use the gel provided to clean their hands as soon as they come onto the ward and on their way out. Other family and friends are welcome from 3pm until 7pm Slide 18 Slide 19 What to bring Pack a suitcase with clothes to wear during the day and pyjamas for night time. Dont forget your toothbrush and wash things. If you wear nappies then please bring some with you. We have lots of books and toys so only bring your special toy. You can buy comics and magazines so a small bit of pocket money is OK DURING YOUR STAY Your Bed Your bed will have a locker for you to keep your things tidy. You will have a TV which is free from 7 in the morning until 9 at night. A phone can be used for family and friends to call you and you can use it to phone them when you buy a phone card. You can bring toys or games back to your bed from the Playroom. Next Slide 20 DURING YOUR STAY Meals Breakfast is served by your bed; lunch and tea are served in the playroom at 12:30 and 5pm. We have baby milk and food for little ones. If you need special food then let your nurse know. If your parents want to give you a special treat then they can bring it in. If your family want to eat with you then they can buy a meal once all the patients have been served. Going Home When the doctor says you can go home, please check with your nurse to make sure that everything is ready for you to leave. Your nurse will let you know about any medicines you need to take, how soon you can go back to school, and if you need to be seen again Back Slide 21 Slide 22 WHO YOU WILL MEET The nurse looking after you each day and night will always make sure you know who they are. Most nurses wear light blue tops. Ward Managers and Sisters wear navy blue uniforms. If you see a nurse wearing a red apron it means they are doing important things with medicines so please let them concentrate and ask someone else if you have a question Next Slide 23 Back WHO YOU WILL MEET Our doctors dont wear white coats. You can spot a doctor because they tell really bad jokes Most patients will see a doctor every day during ward rounds which start at 9am. The doctor will talk to you about how things are going and plans for the day. If you are in hospital for an operation you will see a doctor every day and your surgeon will see you before and after you go to theatre. Slide 24 WHAT HAPPENS Urine Tests The nurse looking after you will give you a small, clean pot for you to wee into. The nurse only needs a little sample and can do some important tests on the ward so the results are available straight away. Sometimes you may be asked for another sample which will be sent to the laboratory for special tests. X Rays An x-ray is a special photograph of part of your body. Your mum or dad can go with you to the x-ray department but they may have to stand outside while the picture is taken. By the time you get back to the ward your x-ray picture will be ready for the doctor to look at on their computer. These are the most common things that happen in hospital Back Blood Tests Some magic spray or cream will be used to numb the back of your hand so that you dont feel pain when we put a special needle called a butterfly or cannula into your vein. Sometimes getting a blood sample can be difficult and the doctor or nurse may need a couple of tries before being successful. The sample of blood is then sent to the laboratory and the results are usually available within a couple of hours. Slide 25 Slide 26 TEENAGERS We have an area especially for teenagers. We encourage teenagers to be more independent and so we expect parents not to stay overnight. The teenage area includes a conservatory with a TV, DVD, stereo, and games. You can make yourself hot drinks and have your meals there. Only teenage patients are allowed in the conservatory and you are expected to keep it tidy. Main Menu Slide 27 Slide 28 Childrens Community Nurses If the doctor decides that you can go home early, the community nurses can visit you at home to help with any bandages or medicines Slide 29 Slide 30 Breast Feeding Quit Smoking Healthy Eating Diabetes Cancer Asthma Accident Prevention Main Menu Immunisation Drugs & Alcohol Meningitis Sun Safety Mental Health Staying Healthy Slide 31 On the day of your operation you will have a ride on a trolley from the childrens ward to theatre. Mum or Dad can go with you See if you can spot Noddy on your way Main Menu Surgery The theatre staff will make you comfortable and give you some medicine to send you off to sleep before your operation Hello After your operation you will stay in the recovery room until you are awake. Then you can go back to the ward with Mum or Dad