Hearing Aid.... I don't need it!!!

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Hearing Aid carries many myths 1. wearing it makes u habituated 2. it marks the onset of old age 3. it brings more noise than speech See the presentation to unfold all the myths.

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  • 1. Are your Ears an important part of your body?Why? Socialise Work Interact Communicate

2. At work: Group meetings/discussion Taking phone calls To follow or be a part of any conversation 3. At Social Ocassions Get together and parties Dinner conversation with family etc Interact with your grand children Watching TV together 4. Safety Grounds While in the market While walking around To hear alarm signals viz horns, alarms, To hear and help others, you need to HEAR their cryfor help. 5. The more we get disconnectedfrom our surroundings:We suffer:Isolation,Anger towards self & others around,Depression. 6. Its only a matter of 3 simple steps.. 7. The 3 holy steps to a Better hearing1. Diagnose : to determine the type and degree of hearingloss2. Choose your solution : pick up a hearing aid accordingto your needs and pocket3. Fitting & Adjustments : the authorized person will becalibrating the machine according to your ears andadjust.and FIT it with your ears. 8. Ohh1 more step left.You need to wear it all the time 9. I ONLY need to wear my hearing aid when I go out Is it important to hear the subtle sounds eg. Airconditioner, footsteps, people moving around..? I tried using hearing aid, but, all I hear is NOISES 10. Did you know the majority of hearing is done in thebrains If an aid wearer only wears it occasionally, the brainhas no idea or rather has forgotten what to do withthese newly produced noises & stimuli but theconstant use helps to eliminate this over stimulationeffect and sounds become natural and not annoyinganymore. 11. Important Instructions for the usersWear ALL THE TIME except sleeping, bathing,doing your hairs, getting in a swimming pool, etc. Preferably remove the batteries from the aidbefore sleeping ( night hours)saves your batteryand the machine too. Clean with a neat linen once in a week. Calibrate your machine if you becomeuncomfortable with the aid. Every machine has an expiry date, respect this ;and get a new one when re required. 12. Hearing empowers us; enriches our lives.it helps usto socialize, work efficiently, interact andcommunicate. It helps us to LIVE and participate fully in Life. 13. Thanks a lot..