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  • 1.Global ecosystem of 200 hand picked individualsTerry McGuire PolarisGary Fingerhut Cleveland ClinicUlrich MuehlnerDavid GibsonNovartisGSK/SROneEsther Dyson HICCupJC Simbana Silicon Valley BankSean HoganAshifi GogoIBM HealthcareSproxilBill TarantoChris CoburnMerck Global Health FundPartners HealthcareHealthXL promotes innovation in healthcare globally to improve access, reduced cost and improve outcomes while advancing commercial interests of members.

2. Supported by leading global brands 3. Finding the right partners for your business globally 186 digital health firms each raised $2m+ in 2013 in USA350+ mobile health products across AfricaNigeriaGhanaSAKenya 4. Aligned with your digital health strategy HealthXL sources opportunities by aligning the specific interests of our corporate, entrepreneur and investment partners globally Stage -Concept -Seed -Start-up -Series A -Scale -GrowthKey ThemesMarket MapTherapeutic Areas-Big Data and analytics -Remote monitoring -Adherence support -Genomics -Patient engagement -Social media -EHR V2.0-North America -Europe -Japan -Middle East -China -Brazil -Africa-COPD -Heart Failure -Obesity -Oncology -NCDs -Mental Health -OrthopaedicsGlobal partner networkInnovative new products and solutions New partnership models Strategic investment and M&A opportunities 5. Developing maps of common interest 6. Example of approach to leverage partner network Key Focus Areas -Remote monitoring/diagnostics -Adherence support -Integrated service offeringsTherapeutic Areas -Respiratory -Heart Failure -OncologyConsortium of partners (sub group of 3 or 4)Agreed scope, objectives and gaps Scan for additional innovators and investors Entrepreneurs invited into consortium Partnership agreement and pilot contract finalized 7. Driving commercial outcomes with selected partners ThemesRemote monitoring/diagnosticsAreaHeart FailureInterested PartnersUS provide, Global Pharma and Tech CompanyFocusReducing hospital re-admissions via home monitoring solutionsGeoNorth America and EUGapsLooking for additional partners with real time data platforms and active online communities of heart failure patientsTimelinePilot project Q3 2014 Selected rollout in EU in Q2 2015 8. Structured series of member invite only activitiesLeading Silicon Valley Venture Capital Meeting in Napa Valley 2013Provisional 2014 25th MarIBMNew York30th MayICONDublin18th SeptTBC CCFClevelandDay 1 Education and Customer meetings Board meeting (founding partners only) Peer learning - members & mentors only Meetings & dinner with key sponsorsSan Francisco28th OctEuropean investors and entrepreneurs attend 1st Global GatheringStart Dec TBCGhana *optionalDay 2 Investor meetings + Conference Health conference for thought leaders CEOs, VCs and potential new entrants Global media coverage 9. Leverage a global network influencers HealthXL provide new strategic partners the opportunity to effectively source and leverage innovation globally Advisory Board Senior executivesExternal MentorsInternal MentorsInvestors and entrepreneursExecs from founding partnersHealthXL AlumniDa Vinci Group International thought-leaders 10. Why get involved Leverage the benefits of venture capital insights, networks and due dilliegence without the management fees 1. Set the digital health agenda 2. Find ground breaking innovation globally 3. Promote entrepreneurship internally 4. Network with key thought-leaders 5. Gain insights in dynamic market from peers