Hawaii By Tanner Boles By Tanner Boles CA Mrs. Stubblefield 9th.

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Hawaii Hawaii By By Tanner Boles Tanner Boles CA Mrs. Stubblefield CA Mrs. Stubblefield 9th 9th

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Transcript of Hawaii By Tanner Boles By Tanner Boles CA Mrs. Stubblefield 9th.

  • HawaiiBy Tanner Boles CA Mrs. Stubblefield 9th

  • General Information

    Hawaii is the 50th State in the USOne of the most popular vacation spotsIt is made up of a chain of islandsThe only state fully surrounded by waterWas formed from an underwater volcano

  • Interesting ActivitiesLuauTanningHikingRelaxing

    SurfingFishingSwimmingShoppingWatching sunriseWatching SunsetWalking

  • LocationThe southern most state in the Untied StatesThe smallest state in the United StatesLocated in the Pacific Ocean that is west of the US and east of JapanUnder Hawaii is a large mountainHawaii is divided into eight different Islands

  • Photos

  • LodgingMany different types of hotels in Hawaii-rent house-beach house-rent a room in a hotel-stay at a resort (most preferred)The resorts contain many pools and activities also include crafts, luaus, and also dinner specials.

  • Maps of Hawaii

  • Why You Should GoBeautiful environmentNice peopleRelaxing/ PeacefulUnlimited amounts of activities to doCrystal clear waterAmazing RestaurantsMakes you want to live there

  • My Recent VisitI visited Hawaii over spring break two years agoI had a lot of fun, especially at the beach and poolWe stayed at the Maui Marriots Ocean Club which was a massive resortTakes three planes to get there from RaleighStayed one week Wish I could go back now

  • Bibliographyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaiihttp://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/north-america/usa/hawaii/http://www.hawaiiactivities.com/

    *One of the greatest sights to see in America due to the sapphire ocean.*There are also many more activities in Hawaii. You will have to visit to find out!*The mountain underneath Hawaii contains a dormant volcano which means it could go off at any time. Hawaii is part of the US even though it is in the middle of Japan and the United States.