Hatchems class tutorial

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MACDONALD SOLUTIONS Power Point Tutorials for the Masses Jeremy S. MacDonald 4/22/2013 Several beginner tutorials on basic operations within the Power Point environment
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Transcript of Hatchems class tutorial

Power Point

-Table of Contents-

Creating a new slideshow: [Click here]

Changing the theme: [Click here]

Adding Text(existing textbox):[Click here]

Adding a New Slide:[Click here]

Adding a Picture:[Click here]

Changing Transitions:[Click here]

Saving Presentation:[Click here]

Creating a new slideshow

Step 1: Left click on "Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007" icon on the taskbar

Step 2: Left click on "Office Button " in upper left corner of ribbon

Step 3:Left click on "New"

Step 4:Left click on "Create" in newly opened window.

You have completed creating a new presentation! Congrats.

Changing Themes

Step 1:Left click on "Design" in Ribbon

Step 2: Left click desired theme in ribbon. In this example I choose Metro

You have successfully changed the theme! Congrats!

Adding Text (existing box)

Step 1: Left click inside existing text box.

Step 2: Type input into existing textbox

You have successfully added text to an existing textbox! Congrats!

Adding a New Slide

Step 1: Left click on Thumbnails pane

Step 2: Right click on "Thumbnails pane"

Step 3: Left click on "New Slide (menu item)"

You have successfully added a new slide! Congrats!

Adding a picture

Step 1: Left click on Add Picture Icon in desired slide

Step 2: Navigate to desired picture file, left click on it.

Step 3: Left click on "Insert"

You have successfully inserted a picture! Congrats!

Changing Transitions

Step 1: Left click on desired slide in left plane.

Step 2: Left click on "Animations " in the ribbon

Step 3: Left click on desired transition in ribbon.

You have successfully changed the transition! Congrats!

Saving Presentation

Step 1: Left click on "Office Button" in upper left corner

Step 2: Left click on "Save"

Step 3: Navigate to desired folder

Step 4: Click on text box next to file name

Step 5: Type desired file name

Step 6: Left click on "Save (button)" in "Save As"

You have successfully saved your new Power Point document! Congrats!