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  • 8/10/2019 Harman Kardon DMC1000



    DMC 1000 Digital Media CenterOWNERS MANUAL

  • 8/10/2019 Harman Kardon DMC1000



    Jurjen Amsterdam

    Harman Consumer Group, Inc.


    3 Introduction

    4 Terminology

    6 Features

    8 Front Panel Controls

    10 Front Panel Information Display

    12 Remote Control Functions14 Rear Panel Connections

    16 Setup and Connections

    17 Remote Control

    18 Digital Audio Connections

    19 Playback Basics

    19 Basic Play

    19 Disc Playback Features

    20 System Set-up

    20 Media Library Setup

    21 DVD Player Setup

    22 Audio Setup

    22 Video Setup

    23 General Setup23 Advanced Setup

    24 DMC Basics

    26 Operation

    32 Troubleshooting Guide

    34 Technical Specifications

    36 Appendix

    38 End User License Agreement


    Table of Contents

    NOTE: This player is designed and manufactured

    for compatibility with Region ManagementInformation that is encoded on most DVD discs.This player is designed only for playback of discs

    with Region Code 2, or for discs that do not

    contain Region Code information. If there isany other Region Code on a disc, that disc willnot play on the DVD.

    Declaration of Conformity


    declare in own responsibility, that the product describedin this owners manual is in compliance with technicalstandards:

    EN 55013:2001

    EN 55020:2002

    EN 61000-3-2:2000

    EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1:2001

    EN 60065:2002

    We, Harman Consumer Group, Inc.2, Route de Tours72500 Chteau-du-Loir,FRANCE

  • 8/10/2019 Harman Kardon DMC1000






    Thank you for choosing theHarman Kardon DMC 1000

    The DMC 1000 merges a high-end DVD player,including upscaling to 1080p with an HDMIoutput, with a media server capable of storing

    up to 60,000 songs on its 250Gb hard drive.Simultaneous playback of different tracks is pos-sible in up to four zones, or you may link any orall of the zones to each other.

    Thanks to GracenoteMusicID,* all contentrecorded from a CD to the DMC 1000s harddrive is identified by album name, artist andgenre, with additional information to show thetitle of each track. Even better, for most popularalbums, the DMC 1000 will display the coverart when connected to the Internet. The contentis automatically organized by the identificationfields and by the cover, and you may select it andprogram playlists to suit any mood or occasion.

    The graphical presentation of system content isavailable in both high-definition and standard-definition outputs, for crisp, easy-to-read displayson any video screen.

    To enable you to get the maximum quality fromDVDs, the DVD is equipped with the latest indesign techniques, including advanced 10-bitvideo digital-to-analog converters (DAC) andVideo (composite), S-Video and RGB video (RGBvia SCART) outputs, to ensure that you get all thequality inherent in todays DVD medium.For optimum playback of NTSC and PAL DVDwith compatible high-definition display devices,DVD is equipped with progressive componentvideo outputs.

    When used with an HDMI-compatible audio/video receiver and video display, the programquality is preserved.By passing an uncompressed signal, degrada-tion is virtually nonexistent. And the single-cableconnection eliminates the problem of wiremanagement.

    If you have not yet upgraded to an HDMI videodisplay, you may still enjoy pristine picture qual-ity with the DMC 1000s precision video DACs,which output a Y/Pr/Pb progressive-scan com-ponent signal and composite and S-video. Thus,

    no matter what type of video display used, youwill see images that are the closest thing to theoriginal film or performance this side of your localtheater.

    When playing audio CDs, the playback quality isstate-of-the-art, matching that of the finest play-ers available.

    In addition to DVD and CD playback, the DMC1000 offers audio and still-image playback fromboth solid-state media cards and USB drives. Youcan even record analog sources such as your oldtapes, cassettes and even vinyl records (with anoptional, external phono preamp) to store virtu-

    ally any audio content for instant playback. Andthe DMC 1000 allows content to be transferredfrom the hard drive to the memory cards or a USBdrive, or even a recordable CD. This flexibility lets

    you take your music with you in a wide range ofportable players, or in your car.

    Additional features of the DMC 1000 includeiPod audio playback through Harman Kardonsoptional The Bridge accessory, with charging and

    navigation available to any zone in your system.System control options include the units backlitremote, optional external IR sensor/receivers.

    If you have additional questions about thisproduct or its installation or operation that arenot answered in this manual, please contactyour dealer, as he is your best source of localinformation.

    nPlays a Wide Range of Video and AudioFormats, Including DVD-Video Discs,VCD, Standard CD Audio Discs, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, Audio Discsand MP3 Discs

    nDVD playback upscaled to 1080p withHDMI 1.1 output for single-wireconnections

    nFront- and rear panel USB input forplaying compatible music or image filesfrom portable devices and for recordingmusic files

    nAutomatically records from CD to inter-nal Media Library (250GB HDD, equal to60.000 songs)

    nDistribute audio to up to four independ-ent zones simultaneously, allowingdifferent areas of the home to enjoyunique programs

    nGraceNote music recognition service*for identification of album name, artistand genre, as well as displaying cover art

    nPlays audio and video files from, andrecords from a CD to, solid-state mediacards or USB drives

    nHigh-quality video reproduction withpixel-by-pixel processing, progres-sive scan output and 3/2 pull-downreconstruction

    nHigh-Quality Video Playback 10-BitDACs, Progressive Scan and ComponentVideo Outputs

    nDolby Digital and DTS Data SignalOutput Through Both Optical andCoaxial Digital Audio Connections

    nAudiophile-Grade Output DACs for theFinest Audio reproduction

    nEasy-to-Use On-Screen NavigationSystem

    nPlayback of MP3 and Windows

    WMAAudio Discs and JPEG image files

    nParental Lock Controls PreventUnauthorized Viewing of RestrictedMovies

    nExtensive Programming Capability forAudio and Video Discs

    nMultiple Options for Language,Soundtrack and Subtitle Selection

    nMultiple-Angle Capabilities WithSpecially Encoded DVD Discs

    nBacklit, Ergonomically Designed

    Remote Control


    Install this DVD-Player in a well ventilated, cool,dry, clean place with at least 10 cm on the top,10 cm on the left and right, and 10 cm at theback away from direct sunlight, heat sources,vibration, dust, moisture, and/or cold.Avoid installing this unit where foreign objectmay fall onto this unit and/or this unit may beexposed to liquid dripping or splashing. On thetop of this unit, do not place:

    Burning objects (i.e. candles), as they maycause fire, damage to this unit, and/or personalinjury.

    Containers with liquid in them, as they may falland liquid may cause electrical shock to theuser and/or damage to this unit.

    Do not cover this unit with a newspaper, table-cloth, curtain, etc. in order not to obstruct heatradiation. If the temperature inside this unit rises,it may cause fire, damage to this unit, and/orpersonal injury.

    Install this unit near the AC outlet and where theAC power plug can be reached easily.

    This unit is not disconnected from the AC powersource as long as it is connected to the walloutlet, even if this unit itself is turned off. Thisstate is called the standby mode. In this state,this unit is designed to consume a very smallquantity of power.


    * Music recognition technology and related data are provided by Gracenote. Gracenote is the industry standard in

    music recognition technology and related content delivery. For more information, visit www.gracenote.com.

  • 8/10/2019 Harman Kardon DMC1000





    Since they share some of the characteristics andtechnology of CD players, many of the terms andoperational concepts used in a DVD player aresimilar to what you may be familiar with from CD

    players and changers, or older video disc formatssuch as Laser Disc. However, if this is your firstDVD product, some of the terms used to describethe features of a DVD player may be unfamiliar.The following explanations should solve some ofthe mysteries of DVD, and help you to enjoy allthe power and flexibility of the DVD format andthe DVD.

    With the arrival of DVD, disc data capacity hasincreased dramatically. On a DVD Video discmost of this capacity is taken up by MPEG 2video and the multichannel movie soundtrackin Dolby Digital and/or DTS. This information iscompressed.

    Aspect Ratio:This is a description of the widthof a video image in relation to its height.A conventional video screen is four units wide forevery three units of height, thats why the ratiois called 4:3. Newer wide aspect ratio videodisplays are 16 units wide for every nine units ofheight, making them more like the screen in amovie theater. The program material on a DVDmay be recorded in either format and, in addition,you may configure the DVD to play back in eitherformat, depending on the features recorded ona disc.

    Media Library:The Media Library refers to

    the content stored on the DMC 1000s internalhard-disc drive. It contains all of the