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Happy New Year to all our friends

Transcript of Happy New Year 2010

  • 1. Hey, its the beginning ofnew year (and a new decade!).A great opportunity to change your life from black and white to COLOURA little reminder to ensure that you create a wonderful year for yourself:

2. We are all going to die someday, somehow...... so make sure you enjoy the ride.
3. Take time out to be still, to reflect. Make time for spiritual and personal growth
4. Count your Blessings and build some Gratitude Time into each and every day
5. Remember the importance of prayer
6. Stay Curious
7. Eat heaps of veggies
8. Make sure you getenough exercise
9. Have enough good quality sleep
10. Remember you can neverhave too much fun!
11. Dont worry about not fitting in, just show up...... and you will be surprised at how easily you will fit in.
12. Forget about your knobbly knees....
13. Forget about your bad-hair-days and....
14. Sing as if nobody is listening.....
15. Dance as if nobody is watching....
16. Freely give your best smile
17. Never mind fashion.....Wear whatever makes you feel good
18. If you have a bad day, and it all gets a bit much.
19. Or when frustration sets in.
20. .... Go chill in the park....
21. .... Hug a tree....Do whatever it takes just so you can....
22. .... Calm down before those around you become the victims of your feelings
23. Treasure your parents and children, and tell them often that you love them
24. Make time for family outings and get-togethers
25. Play hide-and-seek like a child again
26. Have lots of cuddles with those you love
27. No matter where......Always show that you love them
28. At times when you want to give up;Hang in there....
29. Dont be to proud to ask for help.....
30. There is so much compassion out there
31. Love may come from where it is least expected....
32. And support from where you would never have anticipated
33. Stop worrying about what others think. Be the colourful character you truly are.
34. Nurture the fearless spirit that you are, and take that big step.
35. We wish you a happy and healthy new year. May 2010 be your best year ever.Lots of love and hugs and may God Bless you, Mathilda and Nic(Integrated Healing)