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My 31St birthday present 7/2/10

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  • 1. Happy Birthday MOM


  • Joshua (big): Even if you arent my real mom I love you like if you were you are funny nice and have a great attitude. When I first met you I didn't think I was going to love you as much as I love youtoday .You taught me so much and I've learn how to love and respect you thanks mom for all the effort you have done in your life and with me.


  • Jenesis : Mom I love you and happy birthday on your special day. You are the best mom in the world. You are a smart mom and you clean a lot. You are fun and you're great. You are mostly happy. I love you soI sometimes want to hug you a lot. You are soft as a teddy bear.


  • Joice :Thank you for taking us out, for showing us how to not fight ,for buying books. Mom you have always been there and I love you because you defend me. Momthank you for everything you do for me and my brothers and sister. We love your dinner .youmake the best food. Mom you always take care of us like when you bought the night like for Jen.


  • Jordan: Happy Birthday mom ,thank you for everything thank you for giving me life. Thank you for feeding me ,thank you for everything you have done soo.i just want to say happy birth day and have fun


  • Joseph: Mera mami yo te amo baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No pero enserio perdn por cuando me porto mal y no te escucho quiero q la pases bien en tu dia y que nos sigas amando como nos amas hasta el da de hoy grax por ser perfecta..y no vuelvas a explotarme otra espinita


  • Joshua (little): I love you and happy birthday . Mom I love you ..I love you mom. Mom im so happy you are turning 31. Mom I am gonna give you a love card.from Joshua to mom THE END


  • Josean: Congratulations to the best. A lot blessings since this is your day, I love you my love. Happy Birthday.

9. H a p p y B i r t h d a y 10. 11. Awwwwwwwwwwwww