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  • 1.
    • Love isn't about becoming somebody's 'perfect person'. It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.
  • - Sigmund Freud

2. I asked God for a smart man,

  • One who is full of wit;

3. I asked God for a man with good looks ,

  • One I wont get tired to stare at;

4. I asked God for a rich man,

  • One who can give my luxuries ;

5. I asked God for a patient man,

  • One who wont get tired of my childish attitude;

6. Then God gave me you

  • A man

7. Not handsome,

  • Yet with a face I love;

8. No so smart,

  • but with the humor I laugh with;

9. Not rich,

  • but strives to give me the best of everything;

10. Not so patient,

  • but knows how to be childish like me

11. And now I thank God,

  • Coz he didnt give what I want

12. Instead He gave you

  • And I realized,

13. I dont need beauty, nor wit,

  • I dont need riches, nor patience

14. to be happy 15. I JUST NEED YOU

  • >>>>>>and Anchin


  • Happy Birthday DADDY!!!!