Happy birthday!

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  1. 1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! By: Cac, Ci
  2. 2. Happy birthday to u!~ 27/12/13 Happy birthday to u~ Happy birthday to u~! Happy 40th birthday! ^^ WE wish u all the best in your days to come. We wish you
  3. 3. We wish you. THEBEST!!! Health, wealth, happiness, peace, luckiness, beauty :3, love, and everything else you need!~~ =)) Happy holly jolly 40th birthday~~ (or maybe I should make it the 30th birthday X3)
  4. 4. And Happy new year 2!! Happynew year 2~ We wish you your best new year holiday (since u luv holidays XD) and the worst (jk, best I meant) 2014!!!
  5. 5. From your beloved :-* family. Message:WE LOVE YOU!!!~~~ Suggestions: Enjoy ur holidays before they run out X333 Another message: Travel >3 countries during your holidays. Enjoy urself