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I wish you a very Happy Birthday Dear. May you have many blessings to count for the next year too.

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  • 1. The future belongs to those who believein the beauty of their dreams."

2. Enjoy life, this is nota rehearsal. 3. "Think highlyof yourself becausethe world takes you at your ownestimate." 4. "Dontfearpressureforpressure is whatturnsroughstones 5. Live each dayin the present and make it beautiful." 6. "Believethat yourlife isworthliving and yourbeliefs willhelp create 7. Wherever yougo,take your whole heartalong. 8. "If you love life, life will love youback." ! 9. "Heal the past,live the present, dream thefuture." 10. "Dont countthe days make thedays count." 11. "The key tohappinessis having dreams...The key to successis making dreams come true." 12. "The world islike a mirrorif you face itsmiling,it smilesright back." 13. "Happiness is not having what you want.Its wanting what you have." 14. "Learn to listen. Opportunitysometimes knocksvery softly."-- 15. "Life would beinfinitely happierif we could only be born at the age of eightyand graduallyapproacheighteen." 16. "Good times, become goodmemories.Bad times, becomegood lessons 17. Its not only thescenery you miss bygoing too fast,you also miss the sense of whereyou are going andwhy.. 18. Succes is to get what you want , Luck is to keep what you get. 19. "I look to thefuture because thats whereWere going to spendthe rest ofour life."-- 20. "People arelonely becausethey build wallsinsteadof bridges." 21. May all ourdreams cometrue.