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Themes to uncover happiness. TheTinyPicture.com

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  • 1. Where does happiness come from? My favorite themes. anjali guptaTheTinyPicture.com

2. 0 hours 10,000 hours Happiness is putting in the 10K hoursto mastering something you love. 3. Happiness is in watching Nature unfold a far morefascinating world than the one we endlessly dwell on. 4. Happiness is the promise of a better future. 5. Happiness is the reassurance of family. 6. Happiness $10k $50k$5MAnnual Income Several research studies show this graph is true.Happiness is making choices that respect this graph. 7. Happiness is being part of something meaningful. 8. Happiness is closing your eyesand taking refuge in a treasured memory. 9. Happiness is using our pause button, often. pause | to begin 10. Gently down the stream,merrily merrily merrily merrilyLife is but a dream.Happiness is reflecting on the wisdom in this nursery rhyme. 11. Happiness is in knowing that dark and bright side of lifeare interconnected and interdependent in nature. They exist only in relation to each other.Every one of us, poor or rich, has them in balance. 12. Work hard. Play hard. Believe in yourself. Dont give up.Think positive. Visualize your goals. Eat healthy. Exercise daily. Do yoga. Avoid stress. Meditate.Breathe.Happiness is not having to do anything.Just breathe | Knowingly. 13. Do share your favorite themes too.More happiness cant hurt .anjali gupta TheTinyPicture.com