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Slides from edoMidas HR Expert Seminar Lunch and Learn the serious business of happiness

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  • 1.The serious businessof happiness

2. Happiness at work 10-40% productivity 1.5 days vs 5 days off sick 180% more energy 108% more engaged 50% more motivated(Pryce-Jones, 2010) Doctors faster by 20% Sales by 33%(Achor 2007) 3. The Milwaukee nuns90% of happy nuns still alive at age 85Only 33% of grumpy nuns still alive at age 85 4. Happiness & cardiovascular diseaseProfessor Kubzansky, (Harvard 2007) 5. Impact of positive and negativeeventsHappiness 2 yearslaterLottery win Paraplegic (Dan Gilbert, 2010, Harvard) 6. Happiness comparison VeryHappyAverageVery UnhappyOverestimate impact of positive and negative events 7. Why things are not so bad after all Immune system, constructive adaptation Survive = adapt to circumstances Long-term happiness less affected Monet experiment 8. The hedonistic treadmill Law of diminishing returns Mind plays tricks, I will be happy when Broken formula for happiness Wanting quick enjoy more wanting No positive impact on happiness 9. Income and happiness1950s Now 10. Explanatory stylePessimistOptimistWhen something goes wrong:When something goes wrong:They usually do because I Its a one off, nothing I could do about itmake mistakes, Im an unluckypersonWhen something goes well:When something goes well:Things usually work out wellProbably a one off not me, it Im good atwas circumstances 11. We can learn Learn a positive explanatory style Benefits:- positive/happy/optimistic- bounce back from difficult times- more persistent pursue problem solving longer- ideas, innovation Business research:- most happy and optimistic sold 50% moreResilience 12. 2. Connect with others Happy people have stronger socialnetworks When life gets toughIsolate vs. connect Shared purpose, meaning Giving (Anik, Norton & Dunn, 2009,Harvard) 13. Power of happy talk Broaden and build researchFredrickson (2009) Happy teams, marriages, relationships- 3:1 ratio positive expression- builds long-term resilience 14. 3. Focus your mind Research (Babuak 2000)- Brain not designed for multitasking- Overwhelmed by tasks & info- Stress Research (Bweck 2006)- Mindfulness- Create clarity & focus- Turn on happiness & empathy centre- Turn off ego, fear & pain centre 15. 4. Move your body Release of dopamine = happier Reducecortisol = less stress Healthy = prevents illness We sit too much!!! Not just working out energising Left/right brain (creative, intuitive) Activate body and wake up brain 16. What can businessdo more of? Provide critical pre-conditions Equip managers and leaders- Positive feedback most important(good relationships)- Shared purpose (meaning)- Using strengths- Greater sense of control- FiveA leading high performance