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Visitors to our Vesak celebrations tell our volunteers what happiness means to them.Vesak 2554: Passport to Happinesswww.vesakcelebrations.sg

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What is happiness to

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I wish my family, friends and myself happy!

Ricky Limka

I wish I can make everyone laugh

Dhiya Farah Khalisha

I wish I can speak and write English fluently


Good Food Good People!

Kai Lin



Seeing other people well and happy Hui Hui

Seeing people happy and contented Boon Leng & Lei Noy

Contentment and inner peace. When I am at ease and see others happy

Min Lim

Be connect to myself and my family

Ng Beng Wee

Happiness of mind

Abha Atray

Happiness for me is being with my family and being able to help others especially children Bea Alegre

I wish good health for my mother and myself, and to pass my exam!Lin Yuqiong

Happiness can bring laughter in my family.


Happy Mothers Day!I wish for good health and a clear mind.

Ong Siew Kheng

Happiness to me is people being nice to each other and working together to make the world a better placeJackie Robertson

Happiness for me is being with my family and being able to help others especially children Bea Alegre

Contentment in life in the most fulfilling happiness. I felt the richness of life with this fulfillment Shardul Thacker

Happiness equals to happy family. Being with my family makes me always happy. Wish them always good health Daina Lim & Family

Imm, Chwee Hong, Ann & ThomasHappiness is taking a break in the midst of volunteering!

What is happiness to

Vijay AtrayInner peace and love to others.

Ven. Seck Kwang Phing

Letting go will gain you happiness.

To be nearby the Lord

Bunta Puel


To live with a heart without attachment

Jason Chin:


Little girl

Happiness is bathing the Buddha

Chwee Yong,Passport to Happiness Volunteer

Happiness is doing things that I likeDoing.

Anuar 27 Unity with God and making others happy

Huang Rong

Buddha is in the mind

Belinda TeoHappiness is sharing and giving

Bobby Tan34

Happiness is living in theMoment

Contentment is happinessKam Kian Hin

Contentment is happiness!Letting go is happiness!Tan Tiah Chang, 43Lee Boon Choon


Tang Wai Chung

Lim Siew LanMake the person Close to you alsoHappy

Goh Li Yi CandyListen to Dharma

Niu Dan Dan

Peace of Mind

Dolly Foo

Beauty is in peace of Mind

Irene Poon

Healthy and simple life

Peace on earth Teo Yap Tee, 43

Happiness for everyone

Lim Eng Sin, 44

Good health is everything

Lim Joon Chew, 45

Contentment and health

Tan Queenie, 41

Happy family

Amy Tan, 46

May the world have less disasters, and Mother Earth be healthy!Fei Qiongxiang

Healthy mind and body

Jill Tan

Kindness to everybody

Tang Yuet Yi

Happiness is having no defilements

Ven. Kwang Sheng

To be happy and productive no matter what the external conditions are.

- Lee Sea Ming

My wife makes me happy.

- Chitchpasong Khounsavath, 27

Playing with my dog Muffin!

Anita Venugopal

Carene & Robson, BF YouthBeing Contented! Contentment

Contentment, good health and able to make others happy (if possible)

Eric Lim

Im happy when my relatives and everybody is happy.Peace in the world.

Yap Ai Lee

Family harmony and health

Kng Tat Seng

Prosperous Country. Everybody happy!

Ching Poh Nai

World PeaceWorld Happiness

Liaw Wee Young

Healthy family, happy family

Jimmy Fan

Good health, harmony, world peace

Kate Luar

Loving every aspect of lifeNadia Waser

What is happiness to

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Clarence, NS Man21Happiness is getting to do the things I want to do in life.

Hui Zhen

Working in Singapore is happiness to me

Wu Pei Jia22 years old

Being free from worry, anger, greed and pride

Teh Min Ruey23I feel happiness from my inner heart and smile

AnonymousHappiness is when it rains!

The Venerables and Mr TomInter-religious harmony makes us happy.

Mog Shi Xian

When my friends are with me

Yvonne Cwa

Is when everyone is Happy

WK KanJoyce KanWhen we brought our moms to Poh Ern Shih for Arahant Mogallana saving his mom, the act makes us very happy and thinking of this type of Happiness lasts.

Jun Han, 8 years oldHappiness is when my friends play with me

ElizabethTo propagate the Dharma is Happiness.

Geena LeeTo be a Buddhist

Tan Jiok Saw When Everyone is Happy

Clarene Chen

When everyone else is happy & laughing

Lau FamilyHappiness is being contented

What is happiness to

Tell our volunteers

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And get a set of Vesak 2554 EZ-Link Stickers!

Albert TanGiving


Happiness is to have something to do

Michelle To achieve what I wish to achieve and good health

Happiness is seeing my teacher again!

Joreen Sim

Jenny WijayaWhen you feel less suffering

Doing the most simple things in lifeAng Shiaw San

Enjoying and appreciation the simple and basic things in life and taking Time to smell the roses along the wayBelinda Ang

CB Wong Peaceful mind

Enthbold Very happy today

Meng Chen

When I see people smiling And laughing, I am happy

Agnes Siew Admin Assistant

Happiness is sharing

Serena and Witoyo Happiness is here and now, Happiness is always present!

Pia , Maria and Heede


Being with family and friends, seeing different culturesand helping others.

What is happiness to

Tee Ching Ching, 20 NTU StudentI am happy when people around me are happy.

ImmBankerHappy to meet you!

Evelyn Looi

No pain and be healthy

Take care of my Father and MotherYue Jia Xuan, 8

Happiness is to be free from rebirth Alice, 34

Kalfian Jo, NTU studentWhen I see that my parents are happy Richard Oey, NTU StudentWhen I see that what Ive done makes people happy

KeithFreedom from worries and stress

Tony, 52

Doing charity and contributing is happiness

Being calm and peaceful - NTUBS

Wirhelvnina F RendinaHappiness is to be with others serving wholeheartedly

May all beings be well and happy Rachel Chan

Simon Sim58


Lily Tan 36Happiness is sharing, worry-free and giving

Happiness is to be withfamily members!Kwek Co Li

Heng Sze Yuan When everyone is happy

Quah Fong ChooHappy and peaceful mind

Happiness is when I can play and get a lot of things

Jocelyn Tan, 10 years old

Nina TeoMy family and friends

Xie Bing XiangMind is happy,worry free, like a baby

Yong Chee HoyTake things as they are, Live for now.

Bak Can Haleva27


Chan Yong Song

World peace


My children

Carol Calinoff

Being centered

Ann Valenti

Being loved.





Dean Wiltshine, 40Happiness is waking each day and looking forward to what will happen

Laurent,40Happiness is enjoying the present moment

Yap family

No worries and to get what I wish for

Daw Tin MyintSomething you feel good , if no good , go practice

Johnny Low, 26Helping old people and others

Lau Jia WeiWhen we have done something good, as in good deeds

Ching Keat Yee10 Happiness is can be with your loved ones and not stressful

Swee Luen

Good health!

What is happiness to

Tell our volunteers

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And get a set of Vesak 2554 EZ-Link Stickers!

When others are happyYvonne Lim

Being with my familyTan Shwu Teng

As one familyCindy Tan

Being contentedPui Bee Shannen Franz, 35

My mother loves us!Terrence and family

To celebrate Vesak Day togther with friendsAdeline Tang and friends

Do what I like and be happyLim Wah Teck

Toh Pei LingHappiness is knowing Buddhism in this lifetime

Leow Jia NingSimple is happiness

Jenny NgHappiness is to be human and know the teaching of the Buddha

Everyday is a good day!

Yam Woon Teng

Inner bliss is the most important

Yang Gui Tong

Inner peace is happiness

Ong Suat Har

Healthy and Contented

Tina Teo

Happiness means being happy

Phua Bee Yen

Peace & Happiness

Chua Tian Ser

I pray for all being

Tsewang Rigzih

Be Healthy

Choo Lian Fong

To be happy everyday without being ill

Tang Shi Jie

Be healthy

Tan Sian Han