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handicapped person

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  • 1. Handicapped Person Prepared by:Lovelyn Mataac

2. Handicap

  • A physical or mental disability.

3. Physical disabilities

  • Blindness, muteness, deafness, loss of arms or legs, and lack of muscular coordination.

4. Mental Disabilities Difficulty in learning to read or write or doing simple activities like dressing up or feeding oneself . 5. Proper attitude toward Handicapped Persons 1.Do not mention anything about their disability. 2.Let him/her join activities where they can be useful in spite of their handicap. 3.Allow them to do on the things they are good at.They should not be exempted from work. 6. Write MENTAL if the statement is a proper attitude toward a handicapped person and PHYSICAL if it is not. 1.Tease the handicap person. 2.Always guide the person who is handicap. 3.Let him/her join in the activities where he/she can be useful. 4.Do not mention anything about their disability. 5.Treat a handicap like a normal person. 7. Assignment:Science Prepare for a quiz about the proper care for muscleand handicapped persons. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.