Habits of successful people, it's all about Routine

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Transcript of Habits of successful people, it's all about Routine

  • Nobody can paint your life,for you. The brush sits in your hand.


  • Brian TracySpeaker , Author and Success Expert

  • Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with, where as good

    habits are hard to form but easy to live with


    Replace bad habits with good ones



  • Think about your goals for the coming day

    Make a list

    Maintain a journal

    Think about those goals most of the time

    , like while driving your car or interacting with people, & how to achieve it

    Daily habit 1. Goal setting

  • Daily habit 2. Be result oriented

    Prioritize by asking ,if you were to leave the town in short notice, what would you do first

    Pick the most important goal by prioritizing your list

    Discipline yourself to work non-stop

    Start on that goal and Stay with it until its completion

  • Daily habit 3. Be people oriented Achievements in life are with the

    help, support or cooperation of people

    Figure out what you can do for people

    How can you help other people, so that they are willing to help you back

    Focus on people that matter the most and keep them close

  • Daily habit 4. Be health oriented

    You need a lot of energy

    to achieve your goal

    Consume good food with better nutrition

    Sleep and take sufficient rest

    Exercise daily

  • Daily habit 5.Be honest Develop character of


    Example : Always stay with the truth no matter what

    Even if it ,sometimes ,comes with a cost

  • Daily habit 6. Self discipline Foundation habit which

    makes other habits possible

    Following your routine,whether you feel like it or not

    Doing what needs to be done ,when it needs to be done, and where it is to be done

  • 1. Goal setting

    2. Being result oriented

    3. Being people


    4. Being health oriented

    5. Being honest

    6. Being honest

  • Your thoughts , words And deeds Are paintingThe world around you.

    - Jewel Diamond Taylor

  • Pranita SomawarIIM Lucknow 2014-2016

    IISER PUNE 2009-2014

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