Habits of a Successful Coach

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Habits of a Successful Coach. This weekend… Start to form strong partnerships with the local League teams. Remember…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Habits of a Successful Coach

  • Habits of a Successful Coach

    This weekendStart to form strong partnerships with the local League teams

  • Remember According to experts, the amount of challenges faced by a team increases not only with the complexity of the problem that is trying to be solved but with the degree of VIRTUALITY

  • The Remote TeamDevelop trust without face-to-face contactShow Competency (you know what works)Honesty (never place blame)Support (speak well of others)Reliability (they can count on you in the ways that they need you )

  • Other tips on building the team:

    Create an effective atmosphere one that attracts people. Run it like a meeting that respects peoples time and schedules.Do what you can asynchronously. Provide opportunities for learning.Stay positive. Have some fun (informal chat is good).

  • Keep team members focused on the team goals (even though there are individual priorities)Clarify each team members role and value of team collaborationSet expectations on participation & communicate regularlyKeep focused on the big picture

  • Conference calls*Can be fun and productive*

    What are some tips to making them that way?

  • Tips Start on time, end on timeStick to the agendaHave everyone identify themselvesSet some ground rulesTreat it like any other meeting quiet location, no interruptionsKnow how to work your mute button!Dont talk for too long; allow everyone to speak

  • Keep focusMake the calls an opportunity to learn and network -- Have an agenda and keep to it -- Use the Guidance on Opportutnities to create a mini-training opportunity -- Cheerlead whenever possible -- Drill down on what you hear -- Engage everyone on the call

  • Guidance on OpportunitiesWhy are they important?-- Highlights resources-- Ensures we are seen as trainers/mentors -- Giving something directly to your local Leagues

  • Tools to Communicate DoodleGreat for setting up a conference call Freeconferencecall.com Provides you with a free number and access code to conduct conference callRegular long-distance rates applySkypeFree 2-way video-conferencing Low-cost/free way to video-conference up to 10 individuals

  • Create a Doodle Account

  • Completing a Doodle

  • FreeConferenceCall.com

  • Skype

    Weve talked about the best practices that Leagues will do. What about for us in coaching? What are some of the practical tips for being a successful coach?

    Lets start with building the relationship. After all, it is our number one goal as coaches. How do we do that especially remotely?*Remember our chart about the phases of team building this can be even trickier or more belated because we arent regularly together.

    So, how do we work to overcome this? *Here are a couple of important tips:Build trust how do we do that? Show your expertise and experience in soft ways Be honestBe supportive Be reliableKeep positive you are the only one not in the weeds*Conference calls can bring out the yawns in all of us, but they also can be a HIGHLY effective way to engage each other. All of your coaching calls can be the latter with a little planning.

    What are some tips that you use to make calls effective and attractive to participants?

    Popcorn ideas.*Touched on these before, but they are so critical that they are worth repeating. *Handout sample guidance *There are some online tools that can help with keeping everyone focused and engaged. *To schedule meetings*How to connect with the teams. *Connecting face-to-face virtually up to 10 computers*