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Guardian Tuesday, June 10, 14

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Tuesday, June 10, 14

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Meet Emily

Tuesday, June 10, 14

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Facts and Statistics

8 millioninfants born

each year with birth defects

3.3 millionchildren under age 5

die because of birth defects

2/3  of  pregnant  women  take  prescrip4on  medica4ons

Pregnant  women  are  excluded  from  drug  trials  

     Birth  Defects  Risk  Factors  

Some prescription drugs and OTC

medications can interfere with normal fetus development,

resulting in birth defects

Medication Examples



Vitamin A


ACE Inhibitors


Tuesday, June 10, 14

Page 4: Guardian HCDS Idea-thon

Solution: Guardian

With patient authorization, Guardian collects medication information from pregnant mothers and existing drug databases.

1. Connect pregnant women via platform

2. Self-reported side effects

3. Machine learning for data processing

Tuesday, June 10, 14

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$2.6 Billion dollars annually due to birth

defects in US

Market Provides crucial individualized

information, based on data, about specific

risk factors


Using statistical and computational

methods, meaningful insights could be


Data Processing%

Solution: Guardian Angel

Tuesday, June 10, 14

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Guardian can help Emily

Tuesday, June 10, 14