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  • 1. Group Buying e-commerce Website
  • 2. OUR VISION attain leadership specialization, innovation persistence sustained valueOUR MISSIONDelivering Creating
  • 3. Introduction toTungu (pronounced "twangoo"), which loosely translates as team buyingor group buying (also known as store mobbing), is a recently developedshopping strategy originating in the Peoples Republic of China. Severalpeople - sometimes friends, but possibly strangers connected over theinternet - agree to approach a vendor of a specific product in order to hagglewith the proprietor as a group in order to get discounts. The entire groupagrees to purchase the same item. The shoppers benefit by paying less, andthe business benefits by selling multiple items at once.
  • 4. Traditional Buying? Buyer Restaurant offering 10% discount on their special menuIn the traditional buying discounts offered by Sellers is generally less as thetargeted users who respond are very less and hence the Sellers can not afford togive a huge discount. The number per day may be between 1 to 10 customersavailing the discounts. Every seller can afford a huge discount if they are assuredthat the average discount availing customers will be minimum 50 to 100 0r moredaily when they offer a discount.
  • 5. Has the Seller made good business? His business has only increased max by 10 customers for that particular day when he has offered 10% or 70% discount . Considering it he will only get 200- 300 customers in a month. His business is not popular to attract the right targeted customers as he has not advertised his business locally? He does not have a record of testimonials. What people like about him? No database of people who love what he is offering No dedicated online presence as he is a local business owner How can he make good business? If he gets on an average of 50-100 customers using his discounted rate daily. He can offer more discount to attract new customers if they are buy in bulk. How he can market a particular deal and make sure he reaches the right people he is a small local business and does not have time or money to go online..
  • 6. The Answer To achieve great results and make every discount campaign a success & advertise/market his business at a very cost effective rate is GROUP BUYING. Group buying sites let Sellers reduce customer acquisition costs, reach new audiences, test and market promotions, and sell excess inventory. Manufacturers that want to offload excess inventory could also be benefited by Group Buying.
  • 7. How Group Buying Works To illustrate this lets take an example, say The website Owner negotiate a deal with a Italian Restaurant if he bring 25 customers, how much of a discount will the restaurant provide. Say, the restaurant agrees to provide a 20% discount if he guarantees 25 new customers. So, he announce the deal on his site and the deal becomes active only if at least 25 customers buy the deal. If less than 25 customers sign up for the deal, the deal isnt valid and all the restaurant gets is free publicity / marketing via his website. Its a win-win for everyone involved customers get a better deal, retailers get more customers and the site owner take a cut from each unit sold. Wondering How the Site Owner will get his 25 customers Why the 25 customers will come to his website only.. Will be explained in forthcoming slides
  • 8. Restaurant offering 10% discount on their special menuThe Online Group Buying is the only solution thatwill help every Seller to offer huge discounts asthe Online sites have pre registered customerswho are looking for the similar deals. Hence theonline sites can assure the Seller that they will getminimum 50-100 or X number of customers every-time.
  • 9. In a nutshell Who are the major player, how they do it and what the customer, the seller and the site owner will get from it and what they do for it. How the Seller gets benefited? How the Website owner manages everything &helps the seller to make money? How the Customer is benefited and how he manages his account on the site?
  • 10. Major Group Buying Sites offering daily deals
  • 11. Groupon Website
  • 12. Site Owners Roles & Responsibilities
  • 13. Behind the scene the Admin will follow these steps Step1 :- The admin ADD the deal Step 2:- Once the Deal is live on on his website for the Restaurant the site the following steps takes with the following details :- place automatically :- Title Email Alerts to all subscribed Image of the Deal users is sent to their email Start Date The Deals will be automatically End date be live under the TODAYS DEALS and the previous deal will be Original Value closed and can be viewed under Price Offered the RECENT DEALS section as City for which deal is active below :- minimum member Allowed maximum member allowed Company name Address Phone number Website Fine Prints Summary
  • 14. The New Deal will appear under TODAYS DEALS as shown in the below image
  • 15. Types of Deals that can be offered by the Admin Type 1 :- The deals get closed within 24hrs and if the X number of people buy the deal the payments are processed for every users who bought the deal. If X no. of people buy the deals within 24hrs then the deal ends and no user can buy it anymore. Type 2 :- If the X number of people buy the deal within 24hrs the deal does not get closed and allows more users to buy the deal and after 24 hrs the payments are processed for every users who bought the deal. Type 3 :- In this type of deal the admin adds the deal for 24 hrs and add the range as mentioned below. The deal is active for 24hrs and in the end based on the no. of users each user will get the deal for the same amount and then the payments will be processed for that particular amount :- 1 to 5 buyers the cost = $210 6 to 10 buyers the cost = $200 11 to 20 buyers the cost = $190 21 to 30 buyers the cost = $180 31 to 40 buyers the cost = $170 41 to 50 buyers the cost = $160
  • 16. If there are more then 50 Buyers the lower cost will still be $160 as that is the lowest value, but can be lowered by adding the range of buyers. Live URL - Demo Links - Front end: username: [email protected] Password: minal Admin Backend : username: admin password: admin Design Portfolio for Groupon
  • 17. Group buy for Products Type 4 :- The daily deal or group buying websites are ideal solution for every business as its always been for services like Restaurants, Spas, Saloon, Food joints etc. We went ahead and developed the concept by developing Groupon for products so all the ecommerce website owners can use it as well, the below sites are used to sell products like electrical equipments, clothes for men women & kids, accessories, mobiles, food products, and also developed groupon to sell tickets for events. Demo1 :- Admin Backend :- Username - admin Password admin Demo2 :-
  • 18. Deal Aggregator Type 5 :- The deals are crawled from various popular daily deal websites and displayed on a common platform. The deals are programmed to be automatically added to respective cities from various sites. As the deals are crawled and aggregated on a common website it acts more like a Spider crawler on the various websites hence they are termed as Deal Aggregators The revenue generation model for this websites is mainly through affiliates program and google advertising. Eg of the websites are :- Yipit, Dailyd, thedealmap etc.. As the affiliate link is integrated by us every user that is referred from the site generates a % or fixed $ per referral when the user makes a purchase on the original site which is crawled. We crawl the website using RSS, API, or write a custom crawler & parser to read the XML from the original site and link it dynamically with the affiliate link so the user can track their earnings & referrals. Our site works with Groupon, Living Social, DealMap and more. We can even add any other Groupon clones to aggregate their deals too into your website. The price, the savings, the image, the buy button - basically everything is done automatically for you. Advantages of the Deal Aggregator The deals crawling from various sites are set on auto pilot so that the Admin or the website owner does not need to do anything. The Google Ads revenue is generated irrespective whether the user buy the deal or not by clicking on the Affiliate link when they click on any deal on your site. The deals open and close as per the original site.
  • 19. The Deals from various sites are displayed together at a single place.The deals from this sites can be shared using facebook & twitter as well. Theowner makes money as all the users click on the affiliate links to buy the deals onthe main websites like Groupon, livingsocial deals, KGB deals, Tipr, etc
  • 20. Live Sites Deal Aggregator Sites :- Demo of a deal aggregator site developed by us :- Front end:- Link: Username: ankush Password: ankush Admin Side:- Link: Username: admin Password: admin
  • 21. Manage the Website Content Management System (CMS):- Admin can change any content like text, images, pictures, videos, post messages or material etc with a WYSIWYG editor for easy use just like using Microsoft Word. SEO friendly :- Admin can add meta tag keywords and description as well per page. City Management :- :- Can Add/Edit or Delete cities User Management :- Can Add/Edit or Delete users as well as ban any user Gift Cards :- View Gift cards ordered by every user Refer a friend :- View referral details and how many signed successfully Reviews :- View, Edit, Delete & Add reviews Email Management :- Add, View, Edit Email templates Payment Management :- View the complete payments history and its distribution to the sellers and the payment received from the buyers. Order Management :- Search orders, as well as check which deals has how many order pending, complete or canceled Manage Blogs & Forums :- Can Add/Edit or Delete Blogs & Forums or messages. Reports :- View detailed reports for the users, payments, deals, orders etc on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • 22. Advantages to the admin Its fast and hassle free as its online Everything is automated so no manual entries needed to be made Reports allow him to track the progress and make decisions appropriately Feasible to expand in long run Due to sharing on social networks gets targeted audience on his site. Due to referrals marketing effort can be utilized in the right direction
  • 23. Buyers Roles & Responsibilities
  • 24. Buyers Roles & Responsibilities Step1 :- The Buyer will register an new account. Login into his account with his new login details ie his username & password Step2 :- The buyer will select his default city subscribe for Alerts of every day email alerts for the new deals posted on the site. Step3 :- After that if he want he can invite his friends to the site by sending email alerts or login into his facebook account and invite friends from there to refer friends. The buyer will get paid $5 for every user who signs up and makes a purchase based on his reference. He can even become a fan of groupon page on facebook Share the deal on facebook or Twitter
  • 25. Contd Share the deal on on facebook or Twitter like the adjacent images Step3:- View Deals Details, Discuss the deal on Blog/Forum Step4 :- Buy the Deal The credit card will only be processed if 50 people bought the deal else the credit card will not be processed. Can view the discount and the amount he is saving.
  • 26. Step5:- Gift the Deal to Step 7:- Refer a friend a friend customize the with a unique URL to get Card and send it across. $10 per successfully Via email OR registered customer. Print it and hand it to a The invitation can friend be Complete the billing Emailed address & place order Shared on twitter & Step6:- Buyer can check facebook his account details like My Deals bought filtered Available Used Expired My Gifts Buy gift card Reedeem gift View gifts bought
  • 27. Step 8:- Buyer can switch his default city anytime he feels like taking advantage of a deal in a different city Step 9 :- If 50 people buy the Deal the buyer will receive an email of the coupon & can print it to use it at the restaurant, spa, theatre, gym etc. To avoid the counter fitting of the coupon we suggest printing a unique randomly generated code on each coupon, & also the same list of code the admin can email to the Seller or print it and hand it over manually. If 50 members do not buy the deal then the credit card will not be processed.
  • 28. Advantages to the Buyer Does not need to spend time looking for the best deals as he will get daily email alerts for the exciting offers Will earn $10 per friend signed through his reference Its fast and hassle free as its online Can check every deal he bought in his account so need to keep manual entries. Easily integrates with his favorite Social Networks :- Facebook & Twitter
  • 29. Sellers Roles & Responsibilities
  • 30. Advantages to Seller Its fast and hassle free as its online Can check every deal he bought in his account so need to keep manual entries. No need to have an website or online presence Gets free review for his services No need to be bothered about the marketing or the promotion of the site Repeat customers for free Doesnt pay anything to the admin if X no. of users do not buy the deals
  • 31. Technology that can be used to develop the site The advantages of PHP:- The advantages of MySQL :- PHP is easy to understand and learn, It is similarly easy to particularly for those who have a background understand and learn. in HTML or Javascript very limited system MySQL can support large resources and will not interfere unduly with databases of 50 million rows or the running of other processes. PHP 5.0 more. MySQL is compatible with the vast majority of operating PHP uses a modular system of extensions systems (Unix, Windows etc.). that enable it to interact with other tools such MySQL is freely available under as XML and encrypting software. HTML and CSS Groupon MYSQL 2005 the GNU GPL (General Public License) and can be tailored to PHP users can customize the language by suit individual requirements and writing their own extensions and executable personally customized under the scripts. AJAX/Java script terms of the licence. MySql is Open source which PHP is compatible with the vast majority of can be available any time servers (Apache, IIS, etc.) and is capable of MySql has no cost of running on most platforms (Unix, Windows, development purpose. etc.). MySql has most of features which oracle provides PHP is open-source software and is freely MySql day by day updating with available to download and manipulate new facilities. according to individual requirements.Note:- Even Microsoft Dot Net is compatible and we have developed sites using the same.
  • 32. Technical Requirements Linux/Unix (Red Hat, Debian, FreeBSD, Mandrake, etc.) or Windows OS, Apache Web Server PHP 4.4.0/5.1.0 and higher (register_globals must be Off, safe_mode must be Off, exec() must be allowed and allow_url_fopen also must be On) with mbstring, domxml and xsl extensions (they are required to run Orca forum and support UTF-8) MySQL 4.1.2 and higher GD library compiled with TrueType fonts (for photo processing) or ImageMagick as an alternative Sendmail or Postfix 20MB of disk space and 1MB of MySQL DB space for installation 8MB of disk space and 50KB of MySQL DB space for an average userNote:- Even Microsoft Dot Net hosting is compatible and we have developed sites using thesame. Please contact us for more details.
  • 33. LiveSites
  • 34. Payment Gateways Integrated Languages Integrated
  • 35. Demo 1 of advanced Groupon clone developed by us :-Front End URL: - :- [email protected] :- santoshSupplier URL :- :- [email protected] :- amoghBack End URL ADMIN: - : - adminPassword : admin
  • 36. Demo 2 of Groupon clone developed by us :-Front End URL : - :- [email protected] :- santoshBack End URL ADMIN: - adminPassword :- admin can also see a small video demo at the above link where you can see how easy it is to add a Deal & use our CMS to add/edit/delete contents of the pages.
  • 37. Demo 3 of Multi Language Groupon clone developed by us :-Front End URL : - :- [email protected] :- santoshBack End URL ADMIN: - adminPassword :- admin* Note :- Please check the CMS provided to add/edit/delete the additional language for the site
  • 38. Demo 3 of Mobile Site developed by us for the Groupon clone website end :- username: [email protected] password:1234 In order to boost the sales of the site the WAP version of the site & allows users to It involves new technologies, services and business models. Also the application can be programmed to send SMS & MMS & the site is compatible with the most popular PDA and mobile browsers. The WAP site helps your users to buy the deal as soon as the deal becomes live or if there is very few time left for the deal to end causing the admin to get all those first & last minute sales for the daily deals. The navigation is an integral part of it.
  • 39. Contact Us for :-Sales, Queries or Free QuoteMr. Santosh Salve ThankBusiness Development Mgr.Mob: +91 99222 21349 YouEmail: [email protected] IM: - santoshsalveMSN ID: - [email protected] ID: - [email protected]: -