Greenlight Blogging For Seo 25-04-08

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Transcript of Greenlight Blogging For Seo 25-04-08

  • 1. Blogging for natural search engine performance Chris Bland Senior Account Manager, SEO Greenlight

2. Introduction to Greenlight 3.

  • The largest independent search marketing agency in Europe, headquartered in London, and with offices in New York.
  • Clients across Europe, the US, and Asia with a track record of delivering results in competitive and aggressive online markets. Clients include P&G, Expedia, American Express, RBS, Alliance & Leicester, Asda Wal-Mart, and more.
  • An established specialist organisation with 7 years experience providing total search engine marketing . and nothing else.
  • The only SEO agency in Europe with its own publisher network, making us the fastest link builders in the industry
  • Our Paid Search systems use advanced portfolio management algorithms which gives our PPC campaigns a significant edge over the current rules-based standard bidding platforms.

Who we are 4.

  • Client Services dedicated account management,bespoke reporting & proactivity
  • Profiler consumer, competitor, community and conversion intelligence
  • Architext recommendations, build, consulting,training, and mentoring
  • LinkCatalyst rapid and unique link building provision
  • Campaign Management expertly managed Paid Search campaigns
  • Quant & AdAPT PHD-developed Paid Search Management technologies

Greenlight Six operational divisions Client Services 5. Demonstrable Success in SEO 6. Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 7. Why search is important?

  • Over 32 million people in the UK are now online*
  • 42 billion spent online in UK in 2007 *
  • 90% of people use search engines as primary means of finding websites *
  • 1.4 billion search queries carried out in the UK in July 2007 alone
  • Search is perfectly measurable and accountable and highly scalable
  • Search is an excellent channel to attract both new customers who search on generic terms like car insurance and existing customers who are more likely to use a search engine than to remember your web address
  • * Figures provided by Internet Advertising Bureau ( )

8. The Search Engine Industry

      • 79%43.7%89.9%88.5%
      • 8%28.8% 3.17% 3.4%
      • 4%12.8%2.3%1.4%
      • 5%5.4%