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Vinny Sinclair, a shrewd businessman, and notorious womanizer, would do any thing to build his family fortune.Besides money, the only things he care about is his soon to be born daughter, and his wife Janine, all though he cheats on her.A call from the past, puts everything that he has in danger, including his life.

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  • 2016 Jasper Rogers

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    UNDER 16, PLEASE STOP READING!This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and

    incidents either are the products of the authorsimagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to

    actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies,events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

  • A woman with red hair in a french bun, dressedformally in black heels and matching skirt,

    knocked on a chestnut office door with"V.Sinclair" engraved on it. she heard yelling fromthe inside. an authoritative voice over threw the

    other. she opened it with hesitation.

    "I'm the boss harry. don't you forget who pays yourfucking salary! you're not in position to discuss any

    figures with anyone outside of this company, especiallywith dale-bearer!" he yelled. it was victor Sinclair, thesecond most wealthy man in guthercity. He was in hismid thirties, rich and liked breaking the competition.COMPETIORS USUALLY UP AND DISAPPEARED FROM THE CITYALTOGETHER, AFTER SINCLAIR INDUSTRIES TOOK THEM OVER.VIRTUALLY THERE WAS NO COMPETITION. SINCLAIR HAD GREWFROM NOTHING TO A 100 MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY WITHINTen years, out of college. EFFECTIVELY MAKING VICTORSINCLAIR THE HOTTEST TICKET IN TOWN. WELL NOT QUITE,



    his skin tanned, but not wrinkled, and power andconfidence oozed from his voice.

  • He, was giving a junior accountant a hardtime. Harry Malinowski. a tall Jewish kid,

    fresh out of MIT. He was hailed as some kindof financial whizkid. he came highly

    recommended, and harry felt that victorshould be honored to have his service. Butvictor wasn't impressed yet. at-least he

    didn't let on. "any jew can count" he thought.harry was average looking, with a cheapbrown suit and brown curly hair. victor

    didn't mind, as long as the kid was hungry.

    "My figures, are always right! I came up with the specsthat got This company on dale-bearers radar! I shouldbe head of finance off of merit alone!" Harry argued.

    Victor smiled as he shot a crumpled piece of paperover to harry "Swish!".

    Harry opened the paper. it was a drawing, of astick-figure with little testicles

  • "You don't got the balls, to play at the topyet Harry. But if you play ya cards right,

    and shut your mouth, you'll move up. Untilthen. You'll do as i tell you." said Victor.

    Harry got his files, and proceeded towalk out of the office. Victor smiled"Always a pleasure kid, and believe me

    your hard work will not go un rewarded.

    Victor noticed a woman standing there. Shelooked on nervously. it was jill monroe. she

    was new to the company, and the fear was onher. that he liked..., liked a alot.

    "did i say you can come in? you're not mywife, and take that damn bun out of your hair

    baby it's not the 60's. What do you want?"

    She was stung by his remarks, and thought totell him a piece of her mind.

  • "Careful now""Watch what you say""it better begood news or you're out on you ass!" he yelled

    "Mr. Sinclair, the hospital just called, your wife isgoing into labor. i thought the matter was

    urgent, so i decided to notify you right away" saidthe secretary.

    "Victor what about the Dale-bearer account? We...Imean you need to close it at three."said Harry.

    "Let them wait. My baby girl is about to be born."Victor rushed to put on his twelve hundred dollar

    black overcoat, and scarf. he button it up whilelooking in a giant mirror. taking a sip of scotch,He clicked the speed dial button labeled "DRIVER"

    making a quick phone call to his limo driver.

    "Carlos, have the car ready I'm coming down" As heheaded to the elevator, everyone was smiling andcongratulating him on the birth of his new child.

    "Thank you," he nodded."You guys better not slack, while I'm out." he yelled.


  • Everyone got quiet. Victor Sinclair could be hard on hisemployees, at times. He felt that it was better to be

    feared than liked.

    As he exited the the building. He saw an old man sellingflowers.

    "Sir,would you like to buy these beautiful roses foryour wife or mistress?" said the old man

    He shot the old man a nasty look"Don't get personal"

    "Are these real roses you're attempting to sell me?""Yes Sir, they are real honest..." insisted the old man.

    Victor looked them over."These are shitty carnations. Give me two."

    The old man wrapped the flowers and handed them off."Twenty dollars, sir a very generous price for roses,if i

    do say so myself." He said.

    Victor laughed while handing a one hundred dollar billto the man. He took the flowers and walked off.

  • As he approached the limo Carlos saw him in therear-view mirror. He rushed around to get the door.

    "Sir, before we leave I have to tell you...something" hesaid looking down.

    "Spit it out damn it, my time is valuable!" Victor sneered.

    "Lucy Dale-bearer, is in the limo half naked..." Carlos said.Victor smiled. "You just let her in didn't you?"Carlos, laughed " She was very persuasive, Sir."

    Carlos opened the door. The scent of lavender perfume,and cigarette smoke hit the air. A sultry voice called


    " I've missed you Victor. You didn't meet at our usualtime last week." she said while caressing her nylon

    covered thighs.

    Victor hopped in. He gazed at her with a wild look, thensmirked. "Come closer to me" She crawled closer to him,and as she got within arms reach, he yanked her by her

    auburn hair.

  • "Ah" She gasped. " Never question me again" he laid aharsh kiss across her lips.

    She squirmed and moaned in his arms.

    Reaching for his belt buckle to undo his pants.He then placed his hand half way into her panties. "You

    sucked off Carlos, didn't you Lucy?"She laughed. "I only gave him an hand job honey. He was a

    little pent up"Victor shoved her off. He pressed a red button. "Carlos

    take me to the hospital"Lucy looked at him with concern. "Is something the

    matter honey"

    He looked at her, then took a handkerchief to wipe thesmeared lipstick off of his lips.

    "Janine is having the baby today" he smiled."Congratulations, BOSS!"

    Lucy snuggled up to Victor. " When are we gonna havechildren of our own?" "You said that you was gonna

    leave Janine a year ago."

    Carlos looked into the FRONT- view mirror. "Carlosclose the window" The tented window began to close.

  • Victor grabbed Lucy by the throat. "I told you to neverquestion me!"

    Gasping for air Lucy murmured "Victor, I know that youlove me..." He began to squeeze harder putting more

    pressure on her. "Would you die for me Lucy?" She beganto stammer out a word that Victor loved to hear.

    "" He eased up off of her and began runninghis fingers through her hair.

    "Good girl, That's real good." he said while she laidslumped over his lap trying to catch her breath.

    "Everything will happen in good time baby. I will have tobreak the news to Janine , at the right time. Do you

    understand me?"She lifted her head and their eyes met. She submittedand smiled. " I trust you Victor, we will be together."

    "You've been a good helper and patient so far, so for thatI guess I'll give you a little reward." he said. He began totake his dick out of his pants. "Go on enjoy it" he smiled.

    Lucy eyes gleamed. She was happy and eager to obey andplease her lover. Ever since she met him her life had

    been a blast.

  • As the stretch limo approached the hospital of thedowntown district. Victor stuck his head out of thewindow. The hospital was large and white, a huge red

    cross hanged over the front entrance, displayingguthercity medical in red letters.

    all the way to the top was long window panes, andscaffels connecting. The parking lot was filled withmid to highprice vehicles, a few amulances, and GCN

    (guther city news) vans. The hospital was in the processof having a makeover by Dale-Bearer Enterprises.

    The project is sheduled to add an extra four floors tothe existing eight, and state of the art medical

    equipment, using the latest breakthough in physicaland mental therapy.

    He noticed that their was a mob of reporters outsidethe exits. "Fucking hounds!" he thought. "Carlos there's

    alot of press here, pull around the back of thehospital."

  • "Victor, we will have to let the world know of ourlove for each other, we can't hide it forever." His eyeswidened with disgust, at the thought of been caught

    in public scandal. they would have a field day for sure.

    "Not now you bitch! Would you have me ruin!?" heasked. She laughed "Who would ever think of doing

    such a thing like that to you darling?" Victor rolledhis eyes and flared his nostrils up at her remarks. Thelimo came to an halt. The tented window came down.

    "Boss, no worries I take care of Ms. Lucy for you Okay?"said Carlos.

    "Carlos you are quite the charmer aren't you?" sheasked.

    "I do what I can Ms.Lucy." he grinned."Carlos take her wherever she's wants to go, do

    whatever. I don't give a damn, just get her the hellout of here!"

    Carlos came around to open the door. Victor steppedout, and began to look around. He grabbed the flowers,

    and walked towards the back entrance of thehospital.

  • Carlos yelled "Hey boss, no tip for me?" Victor dropped aone hundred dollar bill on the ground. The wind began

    to carry it off. Carlos ran after it.Victor laughed. "Hey,Carlos You're pathetic" Carlos mustered up an smile.

    "Thanks, BOSS, and congratulations again!"

    Victor entered the hospital. A nurse in hermid-twenties greeted him, "Mr.Sinclair, the doctor has

    your wife on the third floor, in room 303."

    "Good, how is she doing?" he asked."Her contractions started 15 minutes ago, and sheexpressed only mild discomfort at that time. So i

    believe she he's doing quite alright"

    The nurse motioned Victor to follow her to theelevator. As she walked forward, her curvy hips swayed,

    Victor couldn't help but notice how good her asslooked in uniform. He grinned as he thought of

    touching it. His thoughts was suddenly interrupted byloud yelling to his left.

  • "Victor Sinclair, you damn devil!" yelled an old man, whowas bounded to a wheel-chair. His head was half-shaven,and right leg had been amputated. His right hand was a

    hook .The nurses fought to calm and restrain him."

    "Jerry, calm down and I will get you some of thatpuddling you love Okay?" said the nurse.

    Jerry yelled, slobbering ." I don't want no damnpuddling, I want his blood!"

    Victor looked at the man. And he was curious andamused at his rambling. He began to think of why the

    man would say this sort of thing, and how did he knowhim? "One makes enemies when he's successful" he


    "Jerry is not to fond of you Mr.Sinclair" said the nurseas she pushed the elevator button. They stepped in. It

    was empty, playing a neat little jingle.

    "I've never met the man. He's probably an activist orprotester. A lot of people are against my company formy interest in Dale-Bearer Enterprises." said Victor.

  • "Have you been working here long Ms...?" he asked.

    "My name is Alice Girshen. And No, I've only been workinghere three months. I'm new to Gunthercity and the

    area. She smiled.

    Victor smiled back. "Gunthercity, is cut and dry duringthe day. At night the fun starts baby. The beautiful, and

    the nasty comes out to play." he said.

    Alice was a little uneasy, as she looked at him."I'm not much of a night person."

    "Do you know Dr. Frank Conway?" asked Victor.Alice thought for a second. "I've met a few of the

    doctors, and other staff, but not all of them I think.

    Victor shook'ed his head, and smiled, as he thought tohim-self."Kids these days, enter the workplace, and

    doesn't take the time to know their bosses, their dirtylittle secrets, and what makes them tick. It's what

    separates the sheep from the lions.

  • "Conny, is what I call him. He's the best doctor in thisdamn place, and head of the hospital. We go way back.Actually, he was a roommate of mines in college." He


    "I usually, don't disturb the higher ups unless they callfor me" Alice said.

    Victor leaned over to whisper into her ear."You have to go straight for the balls of the giants toget to the top. Do you wanna spend a good portion of

    your career giving sponge baths to old raisins, orrather you be on the front-lines saving lives, and

    making a shitload of money?" he asked

    He gave her a card with his cell phone number on it."Think about what I've said." He put his hand on her

    lower back, while looking into her eyes with lust. Theystepped onto the third floor of the hospital.

    As they approached room 303, they heard loud cryingand commotion of other voices. "Get it out of me!!! Getit the fuck out!!!" It was Janine. Her face was flushed,and her brunette hair was all over the the place. Her

    right forearm was bleeding because she had been bitingon it to attempt to bear the pain.


  • Victor approached the bed laughing at his wife. He hadnever seen her this helpless. She had always beenliberated and insisted on doing things her way.

    So to Him This WAs a Treat."Honey!, Honey! Calm down! or you'll make the baby deaf

    with all of your yapping." He teased her."Victor this is all of your fault!!!" She yelled.

    "Maybe so, but you can hate me for it later honey. Rightnow you just need to listen to the doctors, and the

    torture will be over." He said.

    Janine continued to flail her arms around, and yellprofanities. The doctors struggled to restrain her.

    "Doc give her something, anything,to numb the pain, justput her at ease will ya?" asked Victor

    "We've given her enough already. Any more morphine andwe'll run the risk of killing her and the child, maybe

    even causing side effects." explained the doctor.

    As they were deciding on what to do. The door swungopen. A fat, short rounded, man walked in. His eyes

    squinted, because of long work hours. Victor smiled ashe recognized his old friend.

  • "Now, Now, Janine, We're going to take good care of youin a minute baby." Frank began to sing to her in his,

    Sinatra's voice."One for my baby, And one for the road..."

    Frank pulled Victor aside, and told him of what theywould be doing next. "She's pretty doped up,VIC. That

    alone should have knocked her out. Has she been usingany hard drugs at home?" he asked.

    Victor was taken back by the question. "Hell no! This isJanine, who we're talking about here! She doesn't takeanything, even if she gets a fucking migraine!", he said

    in disbelief.

    Frank laughed " Vic, pal... I had to ask okay? Now we'regonna have to put her under, and remove the baby withan emergency c-section. Now go kiss your wife goodbye,

    and wait in my office or something."

    frank gave victor a pat on the back to reassure him,and discussed the procedure with the rest of the staff.

    Victor walked over to his frantic wife.

    "Honey, they're gonna put you under, so the pain will beover in a minute, and we'll be proud parents in a few

    hours or so." he kissed her lips trying to comfort her.

  • "Victor..I'm tired..." she moaned.Victor walked out the room, feeling both worried andrelieved. He feared for the well being of his wife and

    child. But he knew he had to keep it together.

    After all, with the dale-bearer deal, and a new baby girlon the table, Life was indeed rich. With his plans

    coming to fruition, he would be the most powerful manin gunthercity. He thought.

    Sweat began to form around victor forehead and beganto drip down into his eyes, and his mouth was dry. He

    could sure use a good shot of scotch. Maybe conny kepta bottle in is office.

    He thought. as he walked up a few paces, he noticed awater cooler with the little white plastic cups.

    "This would have to do for now" he gulped some of thewater down. It was cool and refreshing. for a momenthe felt relieved. he filled the cup once more, and as heturned around a man bumped into him, spilling urine

    samples onto Victor's overcoat.

  • "Jesus Christ! Are you fucking blind or what!?" , spoutedVictor. He began to sniff, and discover the putrid smell

    of piss-- on his clothes."This piece of shit spilled piss on me!" he yelled.

    The man attempted to help clean Victor off with a ragcloth, but his help was refused. Victor smacked his hand


    "Hey was an accident. No need to get pissy withme.", said the man with a smirk. The man was dressed in a

    blue orderly uniform,and wore a plastic shower capover his head. His face was pale, with the nose of an

    weasel. Victor founded him to be very repulsive.

    Victor grabbed an half spilled cup of piss, and chuckedit at the man's face. The piss dribbled off of the man's

    chin. This gave Victor a little satisfaction.

    "Are you crazy!!! I should fucking sue you Sinclair!"yelled the man. Victor grabbed him by the collar and

    frowned his face up."Sue? Sue me? You gotta have a good reason...punk! And I'llgive ya one since it's al-most christmas." Victor cocked

    his arm back and clenched his hand into a fist, andstruck'ed the man across the nose.

  • The man flew back against the wall making a loud thud.he held his hands over his nose. and as he lowered them,he could see them turn blood red. He looked up at Victor

    pointing his finger."You broke my got-damn nose!Jerr..was..right! You're

    going to pay!!!" Others in the waiting lobby came out tosee about all the fussing. "The guy just hit em man.." "He

    had it coming...he pissed on the man." , said thespectators carrying on.

    Victor covered his face, and pushed the crowd out ofthe way, when he saw the flash from a photo camera.This definitely, was the last thing he needed at the

    moment."Mr. Sinclair! Mr.Sinclair! Could you tell us why you

    punched a member of the hospital staff?" "Yea and whatabout the dale-bearer deal, is it still taking place

    today?" asked the reporters."No, comment, now move out of my way!" Victor rushed

    towards the nearest restroom. When he entered helocked the door behind him, panting with his back up

    against the door. He collected his thoughts. thinking ofwho that weasel man was and how he was going to get

    him back. In his mind he knew that the guy bumped intohim on purpose, but why? Was their somebody out theretrying to ruin him on purpose? He would have to check

    his notebook back at the office.

  • He kept it in his desk, locked away for safe keeping. Itcontained everyone in Guntherciy that he was in bed

    with so to speak. Victor made sure to have dirt oranything he could use to his advantage. fifth-teen years

    worth to be exact.

    His father had gave it to him when he was a boy.The book had cost the Sinclair's a great deal of sorrow

    over the years. He thought of his older brother, Vito whowas killed. But Salvatore Capriziani, told him him, that

    he would TURN THE TABLES, one day.

    His thoughts were deterred by a creak of a stall. Anunsettling feeling came over him. the hair of his neck

    began to stand up like a cat startled. Should he beworried? after all he didn't know of any mind-readers,

    and he didn't believe in the bogey-man. Even then toVictor bogey-men could be bought.

    Victor crept forward with caution. "Anyone else inhere?", he asked. As he moved toward the third stall

    after checking the first two, a light tapping pinged hisears. It was as if someone was tapping on a metal pole.

    Victor cracked the stall, and the putrid smell of shit hithim, dead in the face. It was strong.

  • "Um...excuse me." Victor said, feeling nauseated. Hewalked towards the sink, and dispensed some hand soapinto his hands, rubbing them together and turned on

    the faucet. The toilet flushed behind him, and the stallcreaked open.

    A hoarded voice spoke heartily. "Too much pudding...I tellya. The blood goes down easy." Victor panicked. A flash ofthe man earlier came to his mind and his words. Victorreached for where the paper hand towels should have

    been, but the roll was missing. with his hands drippingwet, it would be difficult to defend him-self if this

    lunatic planned to attack him.

    Victor ran the scenario through his mind. and lookedover his shoulder. what he feared was true. It was theold man, with the half-shaven head, gripping the hand

    towel roll on a hook of his right hand. "They ran out totoiliet paper..." he shrieked.

    There the man was standing, without his wheel-chair.He had on black overralls, with suspenders,one hanging

    off of his shoulder, a red bowtie, and a brownover-coat,the kind that perverted flashers loved to

    wear. You could just about see the metal prosthetic leg.

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