Great leaders are great Communicators and Motivators

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Transcript of Great leaders are great Communicators and Motivators

Great leaders are great Communicators and Motivators

Great leaders are great Communicators and Motivators1Who is a leader?Leader is not known

By his title he holds or the salary he earns

What makes him a leader is how he has learnt to interact

Interaction with other people is very important2Successful leader will be a Very good communicator as well as a good listener3What is leadership?Leadership isTo help people to achieve what they are capableTo establish a vision for future (Apple computers)To establish and maintain successful relationships To achieve all these qualities, you need to communicate well.To encourageTo coachTo mentor To achieve these qualities, you should learn to motivate the people.4Which is not a good communication?In the past era, the following are equated with,


But, a successful leader will never have these qualities5CommunicationShould always be a two way streetShare your ideas with others and listen to theirsBe open to other peopleAboveBelowBesidesCreate a receptive environment for communicationDont wait for thro proper channel 6Create a receptive environment Once people do take the risk of telling you what they think, Encourage them and praise them if the idea is good. If it is not good, Dont punish or tease them for their openness. Do Nothing Absolutely do nothing to discourage them from doing so.

7Communicating the difference If an employee makes a suggestion that I dont agree with, then I have to be very delicate about the way by which I tell them I dont agree

Fred,Chief Financial Officer,Newyork LIC8Listen to learnNo one can possibly know everything. Listening to others is the single best way to learn. Listening will make others to listen you.People everywhere loved to be listened and they almost always respond to others who listen to them Listening is the way to persuade others with your ears9Handling mistakes, complaints and criticismAdmit your mistakes quicklyCriticize respectfully recognizing his previous successesConvert complaints into requests and suggestions

Be constructive while doing all the above

10COMMUNICATION IS BUILT ON TRUSTING THE RELATIONSHIPS11How to Motivate the people?Recognize the peopleInclude themEncourage themTrain themAsk their opinion Praise themEncourage them to take riskGuide and Allow them to take decisionsShare the glory with themConvey your belief in their abilities

12How to motivate the people?In short,Trust themRespect themCare about them

Automatically, the people will be motivated13Easy way to motivate the People Take care of your people, and the business takes care of itself

Geppert,General Manager, COX Cable,U.S.A14How to motivate people?Dont forget,They are people first, then only , they are employees If u treat people as if , they are capable and smart , thats exactly how they will perform15Express genuine interest in othersBest way is showing the interest than expressing it.

Tell the Abdul Kalam and his co-scientist story16Respecting the dignity of othersTreat employees as colleagues and dont condescend (show lower than yourself), dictate or berate Engage people, challenge them, invite their input and encourage their cooperation17Respecting the dignity of othersHumanise the organisation in ways big and small

I very often have midday meeting , and I always make it a habit to bring lunch for any employee whos staying through the lunch hourJoyce, CEO, Harmon associates corporation 18Creating a positive mental attitudeOur life is what our thoughts make itMarcus Aurelius,Roman Empire 19RewardsReward means ?20Rewards meansPeople work for money but go extra mile for recognition and praise before others21Myths in MotivationMyth #1 --"I can motivate people"

Not really -- they have to motivate themselves. You can't motivate people anymore than you can empower them. Employees have to motivate and empower themselves. However, you can set up an environment where they best motivate and empower themselves. The key is knowing how to set up the environment for each of your employees.

22Myths in motivation2.Myth #2 -- "Money is a good motivator

Not really. Certain things like money, a nice office and job security can help people from becoming less motivated, but they usually don't help people to become more motivated. A key goal is to understand the motivations of each of your employees.

233.Myth #3 -- "Fear is a good motivator"

Fear is a great motivator -- for a very short time. That's why a lot of yelling from the boss won't seem to "light a spark under employees" for a very long time.

244.Myth #4 -- "I know what motivates me, so I know what motivates my employees"

Not really. Different people are motivated by different things. I may be greatly motivated by earning time away from my job to spend more time my family. You might be motivated much more by recognition of a job well done. People are not motivated by the same things. Again, a key goal is to understand what motivates each of your employees.

256.Myth #5 -- "I can't comprehend employee motivation -- it's a science"

Nah. Not true. There are some very basic steps you can take that will go a long way toward supporting your employees to motivate themselves toward increased performance in their jobs. 26Power of enthusiasmEnthusiasm is something you transmit through your eyes, in the way you move, you act and more than the way you write. All should have enthusiasm for something. If you dont feel any type of enthusiasm, you might as well be dead. Once you discover that you are enthusiastic in doing something, its easy to develop the ability to get the success there yourself.

Dale Carnegie27Know the power of enthusiasmEnthusiasm is a feeling that has to come from inside

Thats one small step for man, but one Giant leap for mankindNeil Amstrong

28Be enthusiasticLearn to communicate wellMotivate yourself to motivate others

Be a successful leader

29Thank you30