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  • 7/30/2019 Great Lakes Donor PPT-Website


    Rick has been married to his wife Tanya, who is a Registered Nurse, for 24 years. They have 2

    sons Rick III (26) and his wife Alicia, Raevon (23) and a daughter, Taeylor (16).

    Rick also serves at Pastor of the Tabernacle of Praise Christian Church which he started in 2004.

    Rick has been serving in FCA since 1999 where he started as the Urban Director.

    Prior to coming to FCA Rick spent 7.5 years working in the financial services industry

    God blessed Rick with an athletic ability that enabled him to attend the University of Toledo on

    a football scholarship, where he played wide receiver. He was a team captain in 1990 and an All

    Conference Receiver in 1989 and 1990.

    Rick also played in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals in 1992-93.

    He has recently been inducted in to the Copley High Scholl Hall of Fame in Copley,

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    IntegrityWe will demonstrate Christ-like wholeness privately and

    publicly. (Proverbs 11:3)

    ServingWe will model Jesus example of serving.

    (John 13:1-17)

    TeamworkWe will express our unity in Christ in all our relationships.

    (Philippians 2:1-4)

    ExcellenceWe will honor and glorify god in al we do.

    (Colossians 3:23-24)

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    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was an idea born in Don McClanensheart in 1947 when he was a student at what is now Oklahoma StateUniversity.

    He believed that athletes could use their platform of influence to presentJesus Christ to the entire culture in a powerful way.

    McClanen officially began FCA in 1954.

    The first FCA Camp was held in 1956 at Estes Park, CO with 256 athletesand coaches attending.

    The campus ministry began with the formation of FCA Huddles in 1966.

    Since then, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has expanded into thelargest sports ministry in the world.

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    Kraig is one of Gods chosen men whom He has called to change lives. Kraig and his wife Kristen have a

    son who battled Leukemia and won. If you visited their home and spent time with Kraig it would be clearthat it was their faith in God and faithfulness to God that was a catalyst to Karsons healing. Kraig has

    grown in his role as the Indiana State Director as he has displayed, patience, humility, wisdom,persistence and tenacity.

    Northern Indiana www.indianafca.orgCentral Indiana Chris Coddington, Area Director

    Southern Indiana Dave Hudson, Area Rep.

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    Rock is the sage of our staff as he been serving with FCA for 24 years. In his 24 years, he hasministered to thousands of athletes, coaches and the Michigan community. Rock brings an

    experience to FCA that is not afraid to be relevant to todays youth, yet he maintains the same

    passion to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    www.michiganfca.orgNorthern Michigan Maurie Holbrook, Area Director

    Central Michigan Rock Campbell, Multi-Area DirectorSouthwest Michigan Mike McGeath, Area Director

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    Als knowledge of the word, wisdom and the hearts of the lost, particularly athletes and coaches brings

    to mind the Apostle Paul. A gifted writer and bible teacher, Al uses his gifts to transform the sportsculture. Als life objective to hear from God clearly and to obey what He says even when the result may

    involve difficulty. Al is leading the largest staff in our region and the attributes described above will allowGod to use him to grow the kingdom of our Savior.

    Cleveland FCA Sam Lombardo Area Director

    Akron FCA - Hannah Calhoun, Area Rep.Youngstown FCA Lance Hartshorn, Area Director

    NW Ohio FCA Ed Bellner, Area Director www.nwohiofca.orgBuckeye Border FCA Rex Stump, Area Director

    Central Ohio FCA FCA Dan Bishop, Multi Area Director

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    Keith is the ultimate team player. He is the guy that coaches wish their entire team were like.Keith is a man of integrity in his actions not merely words. Keith has the ability to get everyoneto rally around a common goal and is ok leading from the back or from the front. His kind heart

    has allowed him to build a vibrant ministry in Charleston, West Virginia and now the state.

    West Virginia University FCA Amy Wagner, Area Director www.mtneerfca.orgBeckley FCA Mike White, Area Director

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    Donita is the National Director of a male dominated sport (Motocross) yet she leads with grace, joy andthe heart of a servant. Donita would have been one of the women traveling with Christ during His

    ministry on earth, she would have been there supporting, encouraging and believing. This is how sheleads our Motocross ministry and we are making a difference as a result.

    www.fcamx.orgAdministrative Assistant National Rep Circuit Chaplain

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    FCA Vision:To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influenceof athletes and coaches.

    Matthew 9:38 (HCSB)Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workersinto His harvest.

    Statistics: There are 57 Million athletes in youth sports across the US.

    Only 7 Million athletes in a school sponsored sports.

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    Your financial support is the musclebehind the ministry in the Great Lakes

    Goal: To raise $75,000 in 4 months

    Objective:1. Prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you invest in this ministry.

    2. Become an Automatic Monthly Partner (AMP).

    3. Share your influence Introduce Rick to others who may share ourpassion for youth, athletes and coaches.