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The Great Depression The Great Depression
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  • 1. T he GreatDepr ession
  • 2. Causes Buying on credit Government policies Not regulating stock market or businesses Weak international economy Other countries still recovering from WWI The Stock Market Crash
  • 3. Stock Market Crash Buying On Margin Making down payments and borrowing the rest October 29, 1929 Black Tuesday Rapid selling of stocks values drop $14 billion
  • 4. DEPRESSION SPREADS Millions of people lost their jobs. Banks recalled loans. People take money out of banks Banks cant pay back money so they close People lose money in banks
  • 5. THE DUST BOWL Drought and dust storms in the Midwest forced many farmers to leave their land and migrate west in search of jobs.
  • 6. Impact Unemployment 25% Rural Life Farmers Suffer Dust Bowl severe drought Okies farmers who moved to California Less Leisure Activities Movies, sports, etc.
  • 7. Hoovers Response Policies to aid businesses Business recovers jobs people recover Reconstruction Finance Corporation Gave money to businesses Stopped payments of war debts
  • 8. Hoovervilles
  • 9. The Bonus March 20,000 jobless WWI veterans go to Washington DC and demand bonus for war Hoover sends in army Destroys popularity
  • 10. Franklin DelanoRoosevelt President 1932 1945 The New Deal Plan to end Great Depression Relief Recovery Reform End of Laissez-faire
  • 11. Relief 1933 Bank Holiday to stop collapse Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA) Relief to unemployed Public Works Administration (PWA) Built ports, schools, aircraft carriers
  • 12. Relief Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Planted trees, built bridges, parks Works Progress Administration (WPA) Built hospitals, schools, parks, airports Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Built dams, cheap electric power
  • 13. Recovery National Industrial Recovery Act NRA Regulated wages, prices, working conditions Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) Paid farmers not to grow certain crops
  • 14. Reform Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC Insured savings accounts Securities Exchange Act (SEC) Regulated stock exchanges Social Security Act (SSA) Pensions for elderly, unemployed, handicapped
  • 15. New Deal Effects Labor Roosevelt takes pro-labor approach Unions increase Native Americans Indian Reorganization Act Attempt to restore Native American culture
  • 16. New Deal Effects African Americans Little benefit Latinos Many suffered worked in agriculture Women Little help in workplace
  • 17. Controversy Supreme Court finds many laws unconstitutional National Recovery Act Congress cant regulate intrastate commerce Agricultural Adjustment Act Agriculture is a local matter not an interstate matter
  • 18. Court-Packing Plan Supreme Court continued to veto legislation FDR asked congress to allow him to increase number of justices from 9 to 15 Not allowed separation of powers
  • 19. Political Opposition Business Claimed FDR and government had too much power Communists, Socialists gain support
  • 20. New Deal Evaluation Does not end Great Depression WWII does Did help some people Gave more power to president and government More involvement in business and social life