Gratitude prostration and intimate concert michael buble make goosebumps

Gratitude prostration and intimate concert michael buble make goosebumps
Gratitude prostration and intimate concert michael buble make goosebumps
Gratitude prostration and intimate concert michael buble make goosebumps
Gratitude prostration and intimate concert michael buble make goosebumps
Gratitude prostration and intimate concert michael buble make goosebumps
download Gratitude prostration and intimate concert michael buble make goosebumps

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Transcript of Gratitude prostration and intimate concert michael buble make goosebumps

  • 2/25/2015 GratitudeprostrationandIntimateConcertMichaelBubleMakeGoosebumps 1/5

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    Endro Priherdityo , CNN Indonesia Friday, 01/30/2015 08:00 pm

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    Gratitude prostration and Intimate ConcertMichael Buble Make Goosebumps


    Michael Buble concert appearance in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Serpong, Thursday (29/1) night. (CNNIndonesia / Endro Priherdityo)

    Jakarta , Indonesia CNN - kicked off its inaugural concert in Indonesia with the song Fever ,suddenly fans of Michael Buble was "hot and cold." Goosebumps listening to the appearance of

    the divo which from the outset has been excellent. After a long time, since its inception in 2009,

    one of the world's most successful jazz singer is finally set foot in Jakarta and Serpong. Action

    Buble last night (29/1) made a satellite city's Capital feel different. Thousands of lovers of jazz,swing, soul, and urban socialites came to watch the concert four Grammy winning this. "Thank you

    for coming and your willingness to spend a lot for the sake of appearances," Buble said on stage.

    "I've waited a long time to be able to appear here, Indonesia is very beautiful, and I promised to

    give the best for you guys, enjoy this evening, shook pleased you! " The Canadian singer is

    brought to Indonesia in the Asian Tour, having previously appeared in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and

    31 January tomorrow will perform in Manila, Philippines. Despite being sick a day before the

    concert and looked a little pale when appearing on stage, but Buble fulfill his promise to not

    mengecawakan fans. The entrees are fun Concert newly opened last night at 20:00 pm inIndonesia Convention Exhibition ( ICE), Serpong. But since 16:00 pm the visitors began to arrive.

    Tickets are pegged at first from Rp 850 thousand to $ 6 million are sold out in a short time, either

    through prior reservation and ticket box . Decision of the organizers chose ICE as a fairly preciseBuble gig. Although still relatively limited location accessible by public transport, but all support

    facilities are very excellent concert makes Buble concert memorable. The room ICE is able to seat

    thousands of spectators with a comfortable and treated lighting and sophisticated sound system

    and clear. The concert opened with the Naturally7 escort group sing many songs ever green , like IFeel Good . Afro-American group with akapela concept is able to mobilize and provide adequateheating for viewers who can not wait Buble. Naturally7 entertain the audience until 21.00 pm. Then,

    the stage curtain rose and the star came with a tuxedo and black tie. Buble choose clothes that

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  • 2/25/2015 GratitudeprostrationandIntimateConcertMichaelBubleMakeGoosebumps 2/5

    are very precise and gives the impression of a classy, manly, and a gentleman . Sounds Bubleheavy but soft start steady lyrics Fever . The audience were mostly upper middle class isapparently not wait to shout and perpetuate the singer with one of the children. There was a lot of

    talk. After completing Fever , Buble went on to one of his songs most hits and made the audienceshouts louder, Have not Met You Yet . The song, released August 31, 2009 is made spontaneousaudience stood and swayed. The prostration of gratitude and jokes actress Luisana Lopilato'shusband is indeed a true entertainer. Throughout the concert, he was constantly making action

    that invites laughter atapun changing audience emotions into lilting. Buble often throws jokes with

    fellow band members, and especially to the pianist. In fact, he considers himself a man and a

    pianist who is like Rose and Jack in Titanic. Buble opt into Jack, and then he sang with cut lyrics

    My Heart Will Go On accompanied by "Rose." Whether a joke or satire, Buble had said, "Themoney I get from this concert will I spend on air conditioning in this building, here is hot, "says

    Buble. Obviously her sweat profusely and coupled with a tuxedo jacket that she wore while rocking

    to and fro. Several times Buble also invites interaction with the audience. This time the talk is

    presenter Indra Herlambang. Buble call Indra as a twin because using a tuxedo that was similar but

    opposite color, Buble with a black tuxedo with white, while Indra. Buble was surprising action by

    performing actions such as prostration of gratitude on stage facing the audience. I wonder what is

    causing it to pull through it, maybe he wants to be grateful concert sold out. Also with an

    impromptu action Buble who dropped the stage and walked through the VIP audience towards the

    second stage. Then try to hold the audience spontaneously like trance when the handsome singer

    approached. Surprise apparently endlessly given by Buble. He suddenly fell silent and with a

    straight face said it would sing very old. "This song is a song my grandparents wedding," says

    Buble. And what happened? Apparently he sang Everybody Backstreet Boys masterpiece thatbrought a little jazz. Buble also dancing style boyband who had triumphed the '90s. For fans BubleFans can get repeatedly said flattery by the idol. When the idol usually acclaimed fan, now the

    opposite. "I want to thank you very much to you, without you I would not like this," says Buble.

    "This song is for you," and start playing tones Home . After rocking, stomping Buble fans withsongs from Daft Punk, Get Lucky , as well as the Jackson 5, I Want You Back . Then proceed withLove Somebody by Michael Bolton. At the moment, the audience had forgotten his seat each andcool dance concert should open. All late in the rhythm of Michael Buble. Buble subsequently sang

    the hits, It's a Beautiful Day . Th