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Graphics History

Graphics HistoryLiam Heeley

15,000 10,000 BCThe very first known visual communication with pictographs and symbols. This was in the lascaux caves in southern France

1276Printing arrived in Europe with a paper mill in Fabriano, which is in Italy

1460Albrecht Pfister was the first to use movable type by adding illustrations to a printed book

1530Claude Garamond opened the first type foundry, which sold and developed fonts to printers

1760The industrial revolution started, which set the stage for advances in graphics design

1880The development of half tone screens which allowed the first photo to be printed with a full range of tones

1910The beginning of corporate images, by AEG (German general electric)

1969Douglas Engelbart developed the first computer mouse, this therefore set the stage for graphics design

1984Apple released the first Macintosh computer which featured bitmap graphicsThe computer had a nine-inch screen and $2,500 price tag!

1990The very first version of photoshop is releasedAdobe bought the license to distribute the program in September 1988

Graphic desginersLiam Heeley

Paul Rand1914 1996Paul was best known for his corporate logo designs, these logos included ABC, morningstar and UPS

David CarsonBorn 1954David is best known for his innovative magazine design, he is also known for his experimental typography

Stefan SagmeisterBorn 1962Stefan co-founded the design firm called Sagmeister

Paula ScherBorn 1948Paula was the first female principal at Pentagram, in which she joined in 1991

Milton GlaserBorn 1929Glaser is a very well known and appreciated graphics designer, he has designed the I NY logo and the psychedelic Bob Dylan poster

Saul Bass1920 1996Saul was best known for his motion-picture title sequences from many successful films

Neville BrodyBorn 1957Brody is well known for his work on the Face magazine and the Arena magazine

Alan Fletcher1931 2006Fletcher was so well known he was descirbed by The Daily Telegraph as the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation

Michael BierutBorn 1957Michael was the vice president of graphic design at Vignelli Associates

Chip KiddBorn 1964Chip was best known for his innovative book covers, for example the cheese monkeys and Batman: death by design