Graffiti and vandalism

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Idea 1: Graffiti and vandalism Idea 2: City Structures and Complex Architecture Stephen Akinyemi


Graffiti and vandalism

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Page 1: Graffiti and vandalism

Idea 1: Graffiti and vandalism Idea 2: City Structures and Complex Architecture

Stephen Akinyemi

Page 2: Graffiti and vandalism

1st Set

Graffiti and vandalism

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Artist Analysis Gary Gao

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Artist Analysis Gary Gao

This shot was taken by Gary Gao on the streets of San Francisco in a very run down and decaying location, the building in the shot appears to be abandoned hence the vandalism and un-kept exterior. The planks of wood appear to be eroding away and we really just are focusing on this subject decay. Residents of this society clearly have no respect for their surroundings and mistreat for entertainment probably due to the attracting within the art form. The different types of graffiti suggests that it has been vandalized a couple times by different people, the different fonts create an confusing impacting affect complemented by the black and white filter which seems to have a faint sepia touch. From this we automatically expect the rest of the area would be similarly mistreated. A great odd element of the photograph is the mischievous looking cat in the foreground of the shot its seems to portraying an expression of disappointment and disgust; supposedly towards the vandalism in the background. Its composition within the shot is very central and dominating even though it’s a small segment its gives off a trivial intimidating vibe. The guarded window suggests a dangerous locations probably in the past intrusions and burglaries have taken place on numerous occasions so pasts or current owns found compulsory. The empty cans on the floor and different scraps portray the attitudes and behaviors of the residents.

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Artist Analysis Jaroslaw Ilski This photograph was taken on a very

grimy and run down and supposedly abandoned location in Berlin, Germany; a very broad shot containing a couple ruined and thoroughly decayed structures where a couple windows are smashed through depicting abuse and vandalism of these structures. There’s a lot of junk and cans all over the floor this suggest that this is like a main hot spot for graffiti and vandalism probably a place for a lot of crew/gangs to hang out.

Though this place is in an horrible state the mass amount of spray cans suggest many still meet here to create what I would consider art; I mean thought at first it seems disgusting the contrast within the shot of expressive wall art and scavenged area interestingly creates this compelling photograph. The graffiti artist has a very dominant stature in the composition due to the angle of the photographer similarly does the dark grayish street light within the surrounding bright white skies. ‘The artist usually takes a big bucket of paint and covers the previous graffiti to make place for his own one.’ - This particular shot demonstrates a almost fresh template where an graffiti artist has probably cleaned a slate for himself, in a way each artist in a way takes good pride in their work completely unmindful and oblivious to the significant idea of vandalizing.

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Graffiti and vandalism first set - Evaluation I focused particularly on composition within this set of photographs I felt the composition was significant in bringing out a strong perspective of the vandalism within the shot, we see different forms of graffiti and vandalism from day to day but the angle at which we look at it from level its significance. For example within the first shot I focused through the gates and concentrated on the paint in between each bar as it enhances its impact as it stands out through from within in a way. Increasing curves within the shot/ harshening structure helps complement the black and white filter within theses shots; I found that this actually helped bring out the odd segments of the location for example paint on the wall rubbish on the floor. Though graffiti and vandalism is often related to scum and disfiguring of the society I Personally always see the artistic segment of it, particularly within graffiti. For example the staircase shot the graffiti on that wall I found very remarkable, initial it may of seemed as a real disarray but when you actually take time to analysis the piece it’s a great piece of art. I find most contemporary graffiti Portrays a vibrant storyline unlike the average artist. However I suppose that in some cases the tagging and markings is done through rebellion but a majority is only form of portraying their form of art. The general public opinion on vandalism is that’s it’s a crime and this is obviously because most of the time its done on residents properties without their consent. The last shot for example most would hate to have something like that on their front door however personally I think it has a very attractive impact about it , I found a lot of great street art particularly with central London. I spoke to the residents and similarly they appreciated the form of art however it was a form of vandalism due to them being unaware of it being done.

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1st Developmental Set

Covered and diminished vandalism

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Graffiti and vandalism 2nd set - Evaluation

Initially I had a couple of ideas of what I intended to do as an development to these shots all in which I intended to incorporate the idea of further vandalism; some how draw other the shots enhancing the theme of disfiguration however I wasn’t to satisfied with that idea I wanted to some however further anticipate the idea of coverage and contrasting exposure to create an eye catching appearance. I printed a few of my shots to tryout a couple experiments straight unto them I preferred this as an initial step so I have a solid unchanging template to work which as well is alterable only as a sheet of paper. I crumbled the paper as part of my final idea this created a very interesting and edge to the pieces; has a earthquake like appearance which in a away changed perspective of the pieces as a photograph the concentration is removed from the actually subject within the photograph and drawn to the crack like crumples and yellow marker ink. I suppose this is because the definition or the clarity is completely altered due to this diminishing its impact on an audience as a shot. The yellow marker ink particularly is a predominant factor as well to why the shot losses its appeal, you focus more on the bright yellow as it catches your eyes before anything else and really is a contrasting medium as you see It dries rather 3 dimensional on the sheet of paper which the filter I added helps to enhance. The filters I chose likewise to enhance the visibility of different components, I made sure I increased exposure within the actually shot as it became complete dim as I proceeded through the development.

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Final Set

Finding beauty within enhanced disfiguration

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Graffiti and vandalism Final set- Evaluation

Before this final development I took a couple more photographs to incorporate into these developed photographs as further vandalism, my initial thoughts were to make scratching into the last development further developing them illustrating damage other different forms of vandalism over than graffiti. I attempted this development for a couple of my photographs then eventually decided to discontinue as it completely disfigured the sheets of paper though I initially intended to implicate harsh disfiguration however I do still want to display a clear sense of subject. My final set I attempted to create a contrast within; its disfiguration and complexity, the combination of shots all within one composition creates a confused, disorganized appearance within the shots I chose this take to attain the audience this way there’s a focus and the audience I hope try to figure out what exactly this combination of locations (street arts) are. I tried to at least maintain realism within the shot as best as possibly, A couple of my attempts I personally found rather unsuccessful in maintaining a sense of appeal to retain the audiences interest. My final outcome was focusing on a contrast, creating a significant subject within the developments which creates a more clearer and appealing shot for the audience to pry into; a couple of them I honestly wasn’t pleased with; my intention was to merge and create a false but distinct scene which in some of them were success however in others wasn’t as strong and effective.

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2nd Idea

City Structures and complex


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1st Set

City Structures and complex


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Artist Analysis Frank van Haalen

This photograph taken by Frank van Haalen captivated me at first glance due to its magnificent composition; the perspective of the building has great a compelling descending pattern towards the top of the building, the structure has a very dominating structure in the shot as it’s the only thing in the shot and arches slightly over the photographer. A strong collection of compelling tones which is very much complemented by the black and white filter, the shiny metallic edge enhances the impact and captivity of the shot. You can really see the different materials of the structure due to the impacting edge of the filter which seems to enhance structure; Glass, metal and concrete I'm guessing due to the roughness of the surfaces which is much evident.

I particularly found fascinating the upper section of the building where it almost seems like a path way or some kind of passage when you focus in and ignore the fact its actual an building; looks almost like the picture was taken of a straight alley way. The descending pattern closes up towards the top of the building looks almost like it become s flat ground, looks completely smooth , the sky has a really strong incredible impacting smoothness. - some form of encountering or strange atmospheric reaction.

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Artist Anaylysis Foggo Associates

This shot was taken in London of the atrium at canon place a very technical fascinating and complicated looking structure. What makes certain architecture so great is the complexity and incredible structure which makes it so attractive which is what I love about photographs like this. The photographers taken the shot from a perspective you really don’t focus on the building as an building but more as an structure which is what I want to concentrate on within my photographs in this topic the formation of fascinating structures. Glass has a very strong element within the photograph; there’s a lot of transparency within the structure makes a lot of light pass through and reflect a of metal which is another major material within the structure.

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1st Set evaluation

My focus was to capture the complexity of city landscapes and architecture, the key segments within these buildings that make them so captivating to me. Sections that appeal to me as I walk by. City structure often I noticed are related to dull boring lifestyles however I'm quite attracted to the interesting structures within these structures. For example the first shot I particularly found very fascinating the structure implicates almost a human skeleton structure reminds me of a spine or rib cage. They all share this dominating extraordinary quality which i tried to focus into in my photographs i specially chose sections and perspectives of different structures that particularly overwhelmed me and shot it so it nay stick a viewers appealing and captivating. These buildings to me withhold powerfully elements, simplistic in a way then however very complex and entertaining. The powerful elements I think is size, structure as in the different component of the structures their shapes and the uniform design were there's a continuation in columns or rows. The variety of shapes and designs within these buildings is really what I wanted to implicate in these set of photos.

Page 53: Graffiti and vandalism

1st Developmental Set

Deformed complex structures

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Page 59: Graffiti and vandalism

2nd set evaluation

Within this development I focused on incorporating a artistic flair to rearrange sections of the structure altering perception however still maintaining the magnificent piece of deigns. My first shot most significantly stands out; the initial structure design I was most pleased with and this way I felt I was really able to manipulate and experiment with different structure alterations, this activity allowed me to appreciate the more the structures and consider potential ideas for a final set. Completely rearranging the buildings general persona I attempted to also create a strong dominating edge to them for example the 3rd development I found due to the way I broadened it widened the general structure its more overwhelming and overtaking as a piece though its on a piece of paper you still get a strong sense of height and domination. The structures I really unusual as in some sections as missing were others are floating within space but the even spacing between i think maintains this potential for an actual structure and realism. I honestly didn't appreciate the first 3 developments as much as I do now I initially saw them on paper and didn’t connect with them or relate then enough or as much as I wanted to. I think the main difference now is that the increase in contrast during editing has really created a floating like structure which in addition has enhanced its dominating appearance.

Page 60: Graffiti and vandalism

Final Set

Enhancing Deformity in complex structures

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Final set evaluation

A lot of these final developments have interesting kaleidoscope effect with enhances even further that complex structure i wanted to implicate in the initial photographs. I particularly focused on creating a vague perspective of the structure within and then a strong impact perspective more attractive to the audience, so when analysing these shot the audience may take a while to figure out the different components within the shot and especially the different creation I made within. The first shot for example i attempted to create a sort of collection of structures which appear to be unattached only they do combine to form one composition, this I felt may be interesting because sections of the structures a very translucent creating a very strong sense of refection through the piece. A couple of the shots had a very complex perspective as the use of translucency i used in some sections of the shots complicated which structure was actually part of which. My fifth shot particularly has a odd sense of which structure is part of which, this does successfully create a slight complexity which I'm pleased white. Furthermore the Spectrum on tones within each shot within each shot likewise enhance this complexity and vague perception as all the dark section may appear to be their own structure however this isn't the case different components of each structure do fade in and out of dark and lights.