Graffiti and rock art on the ridge

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The Ridge, Rocks and Springs: The Ridge, Rocks and Springs: Graffiti and Rock-Art Graffiti and Rock-Art on the Ridge on the Ridge P.Winn 2015 P.Winn 2015

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  1. 1. The Ridge, Rocks and Springs:The Ridge, Rocks and Springs: Graffiti and Rock-Art on theGraffiti and Rock-Art on the RidgeRidge P.Winn 2015P.Winn 2015
  2. 2. Why study this?Why study this? It is an inscription of the social history of the Ridge Todays graffiti is tomorrows rock art We have found an example of pre- historic rock art and want to see if we can find more.
  3. 3. Cup marks on a boulder found atCup marks on a boulder found at EddisburyEddisbury
  4. 4. Cup marks in a cave in BotswanaCup marks in a cave in Botswana
  5. 5. Recent studiesRecent studies Nash, George, 2010. Graffiti-art: Can it hold the key to the placing of prehistoric rock art? Time and Mind, .3:1, 41-62 ERA: Englands Rock Art h ttp:// Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey
  6. 6. Part One: The project brief Part Two: Discussion about the significance of graffiti and what we might learn about it
  7. 7. Project BriefProject Brief Stage 1: a broad survey of the entire Ridge, identifying locations where significant graffiti might exist. Graffiti attracts graffiti at hot spots We are looking for sites of significant density (how many inscriptions within one square metre?) We would also like to find: Dates, names or inscriptions (i.e. longer than simple initials) and pictorial and carved images Stage 2: a more detailed examination of selected sites
  8. 8. Tool marks near Maiden CastleTool marks near Maiden Castle
  9. 9. Panel at Urchins KitchenPanel at Urchins Kitchen
  10. 10. Urchins Kitchen: detailsUrchins Kitchen: details
  11. 11. Skulls in cave near Mad AllensSkulls in cave near Mad Allens HoleHole
  12. 12. Dating ProblemsDating Problems It may be possible to tell from the style of lettering whether the carving is of any great age, but carvers can often be deliberately misleading. Was John Lennon at Delamere? The Fitzball Hoax
  13. 13. Recent visitors to the Old PaleRecent visitors to the Old Pale
  14. 14. Where to lookWhere to look We would like to survey the entire length of the Ridge but we should prioritise particular locations: Rock outcrops close to known pre-historic or historic sites (e.g. Hillforts) Quarries Caves or rock overhangs Sites with a high density of graffiti
  15. 15. Things to look out forThings to look out for Dont overlook the possibility of very large scale images that stretch beyond the close-up field of vision Note the height of the images: are they out of arms reach or surprisingly low-down? Has the stone been worked (e.g. in a quarry) or is it natural? Is it sheltered from the weather or exposed? What else is significant about the location (a view, perhaps, or proximity to some other natural or man-made feature) ?
  16. 16. RecordingRecording At Stage 1 we are simply looking for basic information that can be entered on the General Survey Report Form. It is desirable to take photographs, in which case you will need the following equipment: Digital camera Scale Lighting source (please experiment with torches and different angles) A spray of water may help to enhance the carvings
  17. 17. CleaningCleaning Any recording must be non-destructive. Do not use any abrasive materials to clean the surface or try to re-carve, paint or chalk the engravings. However, if it is necessary to remove litter or vegetation that is obscuring the carvings use your hands and no more than an old toothbrush with the minimum of force. Where you think the carving may be very old do not try to remove lichens, moss or algae.
  18. 18. PrecautionsPrecautions The Sandstone Ridge Trust cannot take responsibility for your safety. Please do not take risks on rock faces. When the most significant sites have been identified at Stage 1 we will go on, in Stage 2, to explore selected ones in more detail with due attention to the necessary safety precautions.
  19. 19. If you think there may be carvings on private property please get the permission of the landowner before viewing them. To avoid duplication, please let your area contact person know which locations you will be looking at.
  20. 20. Part Two: DiscussionPart Two: Discussion Can we compare Modern city graffiti and Graffiti on the Ridge with Ancient rock art ?
  21. 21. Ancient rock art in NorthumberlandAncient rock art in Northumberland & Cheshire& Cheshire
  22. 22. Rock paintings in BotswanaRock paintings in Botswana
  23. 23. City GraffitiCity Graffiti
  24. 24. Graffiti on the RidgeGraffiti on the Ridge
  25. 25. Some points of comparison where is it found? what subjects are represented? are specific events recorded? how is the graffiti made and with what tools? what is the age and gender of the artists? how much time is committed to the work? how do different pieces relate to each other at the same location?
  26. 26. Common purposes Decoration? Ideology? Therapy? Fame?