Google’s New Local Clothes

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Google’s New Local Clothes Google Local Business Centre to Google My Business
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A first fairly superficial look at the changes in Google's local services. We'll start prodding the beast before we give a full account of what's new and what's better. Now it's Google My Business! Hopefully this is the end of it's identity crisis and we can settle down and get people's businesses sorted out. We've made use of Cori Shirks' overview on Seer Interactive as sghe seems to be one of the first to have had a really good dig about in the new dashboard's innards! I'm just hoping that the promise of one dashboard to update all your local information has finally put paid to Google Local's multiple personality disorder that it has inflicted on so many honest businesses as an unintended consequence of it's many attempts to clear the crap out of local online marketing. You can find Cori Shirk on LinkedIn And her original blog post is at We are Consulting Cumbria Ltd and you can find us at Drop in and pay us a visit and if you are in the North of the England or Scottish Borders, ask how we can help. We are your online visibility Wizard from Carlisle to Newcastle and all along the Wall!

Transcript of Google’s New Local Clothes

  • Google Local Business Centre to Google My Business
  • For Years Google Local Was..? Google Places, Google Places for business, Google Plus Local Googles local platform has been through so many updates recently that its hard to keep track of what its even called, let alone best practices on how to optimize for it! Cori Shirk June 2014
  • Google My Business Google finally made up their mind Google + Local pages are (in theory) no more. Now integrated dashboard to manage all local information including business pages, map listings and their support services.
  • Basic Business Information
  • Reviews From Round the Web
  • Check Ratings Stats Where do you score high and where do you get kicked?
  • Newer Features filter your review stats by time frame. Post to Google+ page and respond to Google+ reviews directly from the GMB dashboard Improved user insights for your business, including visibility (views and clicks), enagagement (posts and actions), and audience insights (lets you know whos engaging with you) A mobile app so business owners can manage their pages on the go
  • Clearer G+ Page Types Clearer messaging during the new page setup process that distinguishes different types of Google+ business pages available for business owners:
  • Other Changes to Be Aware Of Whats happened to Authorship thumbnails and Circle Counts?
  • How to Navigate the Maze Very Handy interactive Guide to Google My Business