Gone Fishin' at Henley's Boat Shed, Lugarno

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Transcript of Gone Fishin' at Henley's Boat Shed, Lugarno

  • Gone Fishin at Henleys Boat Shed, Lugarno

    Published in 1889, the map above shows Thomas Lawrence was granted 120 acres at Salt

    Pan Creek. On 14 July 1896, Robert and Clara Holland acquired 18 acres of Lawrences

    Grant, from Forest Road down to Salt Pan Creek. They built a house on Forest Road,

    living there from 1897 until 1916 and selling quality poultry.

    By 1905, Bert had also built a weatherboard shop and what would later be known as

    Henleys boat shed and jetty. Bert now called himself a boat proprietor and ran a business

    hiring out boats until selling to Jesse Tucker in November 1915.

    Tucker sold the business to Ralph Nixon in April 1916. Nixon sold the house and boat shed

    business to Max Booth in 1917, who sold to John Edmund Boatwright during that year.

    John heavily promoted the business and in March 1926, bought the rest of Ralph Nixons 18

    acres to create Henley Pleasure Grounds.

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  • Henleys Boat shed, Lugarno, about 1927

    Current overlay showing the 18 acres.

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    Henleys boat shed and jetty in 1943

    On Saturday 29 June 1946, John Boatwright advertised for a boat shed caretaker: good

    chance right man. On Saturday 21 August, he advertised the picnic grounds and boat shed

    as a partnership or lease. In January 1948, he was still looking for a caretaker.

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    As the Boatwrights gradually sold most of their estate into the 1950s, the boat shed was

    abandoned and together with Henley Pleasure Grounds, became part of Murdock Crescent

    Reserve. In the early 60s, a fire destroyed the boat shed and its remains stood there for a

    few years. Local residents started taking the sandstone blocks for their gardens until

    Hurstville Council removed all but the stone base still there today.

    But the boat shed area had another claim to fame. It was here that Lugarnos last

    commercial fisherman worked the waters. This was Ken Dennis. John OGrady, writing as

    Nino Culotta in Gone Fishin (1962) based his character Shorty Bent on Ken Dennis.

    Ken and Dorothy Dennis lived at 58 Blackbutt Avenue, overlooking the boat shed area. At

    the high tide mark, Ken had a fish cleaning table and two corrugated iron water tanks laying

    on their sides. Kens fishing friends often used the tanks as bedrooms, calling them Chevron

    and Hilton. The tanks were still there into the 1970s.

    Ken was well known for supplying Oatley Hotel with mullet and neighbour Diane Nelson

    from 66 Blackbutt, took the following photos of Ken and his business during the late 70s.

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