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Goin home, goin home,Im jes goin home;Its not far, jes close by, through an open door.Im jes goin home.Goin home.Goin Home based on the Largo theme from Antonin Dvoraks Symphony No. 9 (From the New World) It is a favorite of Welsh male choirs.

Goin home, goin home. Im agoin home;Quiet like, some still day, Im jes goin home.Its not far, jes close by, through an open door;Work all done, care laid by goin to fear no more.Mothers there spectin me, fathers waitintoo;Lots of folk gatherd there, all the friends I knew,All the friends I knew.Home, home, Im goin home!

Nothin lost, alls gain, no more fret nor pain,No more stumblin on the way, no more longin for the day,Goin to roam no more!

Mornin star lights the way, resless dream all done;Shadows gone, break oday, real life jes begunTheres no break, theres no end, jes a livin on;Wide awake, with a smile, goin on and on.

A Concert with Mary Jane Dingledy

Domus Fare Restaurant, Fredonia, NYSunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Dingledy Family Reunion

Thanks to the following people that made this concert a success:

Isaac Borgstrom and Dennis Cole, Domus Fare Restaurant

Mary Dingledy, David Dingledy , and the wonderful Dingledy family and relatives!

The Ash Grove (Welsh Llwyn Onn) is a traditional Welsh folk song. Thomas Oliphant wrote this English version in the 19th C.

The Irish Blessing" is often attributed to Saint Patrick, but the author is unknown. The composer is Michael B. Lyne.

Molly Malone an Irish ballad much loved by our father, David Peter Dingledy (1919-1988) Sung by David Owen Dingledy. Please join in on the refrain! (First verse)In Dublins fair city, where the girls are so prettyI first set my eyes on sweet Molly MaloneAs she wheeled her wheelbarrow through streets wide and narrowCrying, Cockles and mussels! A-live, a-live O!(Refrain)A-live, a-live O! A-live, a-live O! Crying, Cockles and mussels! A-live, a-live O!

Welcome to our family celebration! These songs reflect our German, Swedish, Irish, and Welsh heritage.

Dein Blaues Auge by J. Brahms(English translation)Your eyes are still and sereneI gaze into their depths.You ask me what I wish to see?I see myself well again.I was burned by a fiery pair,I can still feel the pain.Your eyes are like a lake so clear,And like a lake so cool.

Demanten p marrsnn (The Diamond in the Snow) by Sibelius(English translation)A diamond glitters brightly on freshly fallen snowThere are no tears more brilliant, no pearls that shimmer so.And filled with secret longing,The diamonds crystal eye is flashing towards the sunrise,That warms the eastern sky.

It glows wth adoration before those rays so clearEmbracing their reflection andmelting to a tear.Oh, happy are those lovers who worship what is most high,And sparkle in the sunlightAnd thus adoring die.Mary Jane Dingledy

Mary Jane Dingledy is currently the lead soloist for the choir at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in Brooklyn, N.Y. She has given concerts in Germany and France.

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