God’s miracles

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God’s miracle By Amal

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Some of the wonderful things god has done to the world which is impossible for any human man to do! Watch and be amazed of some of the miracles of god.

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God’s miracles

By Amal

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The great blue hole in lighthouse reef!

Deep blue color is caused by the high transparency of water and bright white carbonate sand. It is approximately 480 feet deep!!! But this is not the only One, there are many holesIn the Belize and the BahamasTo the red sea.

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The world's smallest

known fish can measure as little as 7.9mm. But the Scientists have

claimed That there may be Smaller than this.There are not

many inThe world.

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Allah bee hive

The bees have created A hive which says AllahIn Arabic, which is theMuslims god’s name. on there home. This Was found by a farmer Who found it in his Home.

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Mosque still stands

This mosque in Turkey stayed standing when an earthquake took place and all the surrounding fell.

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This tomato was originally found by a man who owned a tomato plant and this specific tomato had gone rotten by itself, but when cut open he found the carving of Allah in Arabic inside.