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  1. 1. Anish Patil (anishpatil [AT] fedoraproject dot org) Praveen Kumar (kumarpraveen [AT] fedoraproject dot org) Presented by GNOME and RPM Packaging - 101
  2. 2. Myth?
  3. 3. Philosophy?
  4. 4. GNOME
  5. 5. Package management Apps:- Gnome-photos Gnome-weather Gnome-maps
  6. 6. IRC #gnome-love #gnome-hackers
  7. 7. Git git clone git:// tutorial cd newcomers-tutorial gjs hello.js
  8. 8. Bugs?
  9. 9. Patching Git dif git format-patch --stdout HEAD~1 > ~/myPatch.patch git bz attach nnnnnn HEAD git bz apply bug_no
  10. 10. Introduction RPM (RPM Package Manager) .rpm as file format extension Developed on the basis of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) Commonly used format in various Linux distribution like Fedora, Red Hat Linux, CentOS, OpenSUSE
  11. 11. Why RPM? Ease of performing software installation and maintenance RPM packages can be crypto verified with GPG and MD5 Original source archive(s) are included in SRPMs, making verification easier Ease of updating your software to newer version Automatic build and install time dependency evaluation.
  12. 12. Prerequisites Packages to be pre-installed @development-tools fedora-packager Setting up RPM build area $ rpmdev-setuptree
  13. 13. rpmdev-setuptree Creates rpmbuild directory in /home/$USER with sub-directories BUILD: Where software is unpacked and built BUILDROOT: Where files are installed during the install stage RPMS: Created rpm during build process SOURCES : Source tar file, patches SPECS: Spec file SRPMS: Source RPM
  14. 14. Spec File Instructions contain how to build rpm rpmdev-newspec .spec
  15. 15. Building RPM Packages Executes %prep stage from the spec file $ rpmbuild -bp .spec Executes "%build" stage from the spec file $ rpmbuild -bc .spec Executes %install stage from the spec file $ rpmbuild -bi .spec Build binary package (after running %prep %build %install) $ rpmbuild -bb .spec
  16. 16. Cont ... Build binary and source packages (after running %prep %build %install) $ rpmbuild -ba .spec Build Only Source Package $ rpmbuild -bs .spec
  17. 17. Reference Fedora packaging Guideline - Koji Build Url - Hello world RPM packaging example - _Hello_RPM_package Fedora wishlist package - ishlist?rd=ackageMaintainers/WishList Planet Fedora -
  18. 18. IRC #fedora-devel