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Global internet-service of technological entrepreneurship We help entrepreneurs to create high technological start- ups «Venture Lab 2012»

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Global internet-service of technological entrepreneurship

We help entrepreneurs to create high technological start-ups

«Venture Lab 2012» 

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Innovative technologies

Biotechnology and pharmacy Alternative energy

NanotechnologyInformational technologies

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PeoplePeopleNet organisationNet organisation

1) Knowledge and resources of the company;

2) Product and service;3) Markets on which the company

is working

To give a person a set of skills so that he/she would be able to solve business taks.емы.

To create flexible and effective links between busineesmen.


Global Service Technology

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Business idea hypothesis

• - absence of virtual platform for Russian entrepreneurs (inventors) and global technological entrepreneurship and international market.

• - absence of global service for Russian entrepreneuship limits business co-management and access to the global market; absence of USA patents does not allow to get international financing.

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Results of the initiel hypothesisExperiments

• - interview in Russia - interview taken by entrepreneus and inventor of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

• Face-to-face interview with Almaz Vafin (entrepreneur, city N.Chelny, Russia) and from others the fit back is taken due to the next questions:

• Do you need a global technological entrepreneur service?• Are Russians ready to pay for the service from web site? 

How do you think, is the amount of grants and donations enough to make the site stable? Can be commercial the main source of income?

• Do you think that other services can be taken as the main source income?

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Results• The main part of the companies are interested in the site

services, they are excited to try such kind of web service. They feel the neccesity of creating such platform.

• It is necessary to find more effective ways to gather information via Internet and at place.

• Applicant's information of the checking and safety is the main question.

• Russian entrepreneurs appeal interest in learning foreign languages.

• Intercultural ethic of doing business appear.

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Market size research• We made a questionary for our potentian clients• International experts prefer to tech Russian entrepreneurs to

scale their business• Internet service shows:• 76% ---> Are going to use these tools: • Short video lessons ( 56% ), short videos(48%), • presentations (44%) ---> just 32% wants to pay fees,• Clients answers show the following:

They do not like presentations.They are not going to pay for information 3-5$ (68%), and would like

free commercial (40%). Low interest (20%).• Market volume 10 mln clients• 10 mln * 3 $ = 30 000 000 $ • Market size 1 mln * 3$ = 3 000 000 $ • At the beginning the market development can be taken as 5 %

fron it.

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Segmentation and target marketing

• Market segment (Premium/Middle/Basic)• Target market• Inventors• Entrepreneurs• Consultants• Business-coaches• • Site monetization• - free• - small amount of payment• - commercial

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What is the role of ethics in high technological entrepreneuship?

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Team «Global Technological Entrepreneurship service»

• Team lead – Zulfiya Sageeva 

• Market research and survey (interpreter) – Milka Koch