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  • 1. FLOW OF DEBATE Roll call Formal debate: Speakers List Informal debate: Moderated and Unmoderated Caucus Close of debate Voting procedures
  • 2. ROLL CALL Albany? PRESENT!
  • 4. SPEAKERS LIST A country raises their placard to make a motion to open the Speakers List. (Your country) moves to open the Speakers List.
  • 5. SPEAKERS LIST The Chair accepts the motion and opens the list. Raise quickly your placard to be the first. The Chair will call countries following this order to make a speech each. Each speech will last 90. Base your speeches on your position papers.
  • 6. SPEAKERS LIST Thank the Honourable Chair. Make your position clear. Take notes on other countries speeches.
  • 7. CAUCUS In the middle of the Speakers List, two types of Caucus can be opened: MODERATED CAUCUS UNMODERATED CAUCUS
  • 8. MODERATED CAUCUS (Your country) moves to open a x minute Moderated Caucus with a speaking time of x minutes/seconds. Delegates raise their placard to talk. They stay in their seats and are called by the Chair.
  • 9. UNMODERATED CAUCUS (Your country) moves to open a x minute Unmoderated Caucus. Most informal type of debate. Delegates stand up to move around and talk to each other.
  • 10. CLOSE OF DEBATE The debate can be closed by two means: The Speakers List is exhausted A delegation makes a motion to end the debate
  • 11. VOTING PROCEDURES Once the debate is closed, the committee passes to vote: First, amendments to the draft resolutions are voted on. Then, resolutions are voted.
  • 12. SUMMARY Roll Call Debate: Speakers List Moderated caucus Unmoderated caucus Close of debate Voting procedures
  • 13. POINTS Point of Inquiry A question on the procedure Point of Information A question to a delegate on their speech Point of Personal Privilege Eg: Going to the toilet, opening the window Point of Order Acknowledge the Chair of a mistake in the procedure