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Transcript of Glasshouses and dome buildings to inspire, attract and ... · PDF file the way in geodesic...

  • Glasshouses and dome buildings to inspire, attract

    and engage visitors

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    We are Europe’s leading manufacturer of glass and aluminium domes – but that’s not all that makes us unique. For over twenty years, our family business has led the way in geodesic dome design: pushing the boundaries, continually innovating, and delivering a level of service that draws customers from across the globe.

    You will find our award-winning dome designs are surprisingly flexible, and we will work in partnership with you to meet

    your individual design specifications and budget. Architects, designers and project managers alike appreciate our specialist advice and support – and rest assured, every dome is strong, safe, eco-friendly and low maintenance. You also get our comprehensive aftercare guarantee for added peace of mind.

    So take a closer look and be inspired by what you could achieve with a Solardome glasshouse, skylight or dome building.

    Bring your project to life We create multipurpose commercial glasshouses and dome buildings that delight, inspire and give your project an edge with groundbreaking geodesic design.

    “We were attracted by the beauty of the Solardome® glasshouse and the impact it would have against the dramatic landscape of the Fjords” Arthur Adamsson, Owner, The Golden House museum-gallery

  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK.

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    There are so many reasons to choose a Solardome geodesic dome.

    A unique, striking and practical outdoor space

    If you are looking for an innovative space that can be adapted to meet your individual project requirements, then a Solardome® geodesic dome is an ideal choice. Practical and cost effective, a geodesic dome creates a striking and unique building design statement.

    Wide range of uses Whether you are looking to create a unique building design for a hotel garden feature or leisure complex, need a versatile structure for a community project, want to develop an outdoor tranquil space for care home residents, or an innovative focal point for a visitor attraction, our geodesic domes provide the perfect creative solution.

    Across the UK and overseas, you’ll find our domes in community gardens, hotels, hospitals and more.

    The ideal partner Our design and manufacturing expertise, coupled with specialist advice and an impressive track record, makes us the ideal partner for your dome project.

    We have a solid background of working with commercial customers, so whether you are a business, specifier, landscape designer, contractor or architect you can be assured of our attention to detail and excellent customer service.

    “The shape is inspiring, our visitors love it… it’s a major attraction and adds value to our garden centre.” Peter Lynch, Owner, Hilton Court Gardens and Crafts, Wales

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    Instant ‘wow’ factor Engineered with the finest British-made materials, each one creates a striking focal point that gets people inspired and adds value.

    Bring the outside inside Each one benefits from natural light and 360 degree views, giving visitors the impression of being outside with the benefits of being inside.

    Maximise your investment Combine the best growing environment with the flexibility of an outdoor room – and even hire it out as an eye-catching venue for outside groups or functions.

    Involve everyone The circular layout is excellent for meetings – whether for employees or community groups – and means everyone is included.

    Protect visitors from the weather Make the most of outdoor areas without the wind chill, safe in the knowledge that the dome withstands high winds and snow.

    Free up facilities Take the pressure off other facilities by using the dome for practical activities, exhibition displays, as a relaxing seating area and more.

    Get the most from the space With no obstructive internal supports, its height and shape gives maximum space to entertain visitors or grow tropical plants.

    Transform underused areas Because our lightweight domes need minimal foundations, they can easily transform rooftops, courtyards, and other underused areas.

    Excellent airflow clever ventilation means a more regulated temperature.

    Energy efficient maximises solar gain all year round, making it more efficient to heat.

    Lightweight and aerodynamic

    ideal for sitting on rooftops and exposed sites.

    Base vents draw in cold

    air, top window vents

    efficiently extract hot air

    The benefits of a geodesic dome

    Low lifetime cost low maintenance with no chance of rust.

    High strength structure lasts for decades, standing up to wind, rain and snow.

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    The range

    SOLARDOME® Haven

    There are five domes in our Glasshouse range, suitable for a variety of facilities and uses.

    The natural strength and aerodynamics of the geodesic design, ensure they last and remain robust even in extreme weather conditions.

    Materials Built with mill finished aluminium and single glazed 4mm toughened glass, they come with base level ventilation, mechanical window winder units and a secure conservatory-style door. Silicone sealant and UV stable plastic glazing strips provide a weather-tight seal.

    Options All domes come with a white (external) and silver (internal) finish as standard and can be power coated in green, grey or brown if desired. The glass panels can be swapped for other 4mm panels to suit your intended use.

    If you need a temperature controlled space to use your dome all year round, then our SOLARDOME® PRO system might be more suitable - see page 14 for details.


    A range of single-glazed domes to transform your facility.

    Glasshouses range

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    SOLARDOME® Pod The Pod is the ideal community greenhouse, perfect for growing fruit, vegetables and other plants.

    “The dome was an excellent choice and serves our purposes well...” Francine Hayfron, Youth Arts, Horticulture and Inclusion Coordinator, Start In Salford

    Max. diameter 3.62m / 11’10”

    Dome height 2.22m / 7’4”

    Volume 15m3 / 530ft3

    Internal area of base 8.83m2 / 95ft2

    Door height 1.83m / 6’

    Open door width 0.84m / 2’9”

    Roof vents (as standard) 1

    Side vents (as standard) 0

    Base vents 9

    Capacity 7 people


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    SOLARDOME® Haven The Haven works as a greenhouse, outdoor seating area, exhibition space, or as a haven for patient rehabilitation.

    “Our dome needed to hold up well in the Welsh weather and be able to accommodate large numbers of visitors throughout the year. It’s also visually striking, attracting people to our educational visitor centre.” Freya Stanley-Price, Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales

    Max. diameter 4.61m / 15’1’’

    Dome height 3.05m / 10’1’’

    Volume 34m3 / 1200ft3

    Internal area of base 14.93m2 / 161ft2

    Door height 1.81m / 5’11’’

    Open door width 0.74m / 2’5”

    Roof vents (as standard) 3

    Side vents (as standard) 2

    Base vents 14

    Capacity 15 people


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    SOLARDOME® Retreat The Retreat is an ideal outdoor leisure facility for community projects, B&Bs, hostels and entertainment venues.

    Max. diameter 6.27m / 20’7’’

    Dome height 3.47m / 11’05’’

    Volume 69m3 / 2436ft3

    Internal area of base 28.56m2 / 307ft2

    Door height 1.83m / 6’

    Open door width 0.81m / 2’8’’

    Roof vents (as standard) 5

    Side vents (as standard) 4

    Base vents 18

    Capacity 30 people


    “We couldn’t live without it… the additional living space it creates is perfect for use by our guests.” Brian Hill, Skyewalker Hostel, Isle of Skye

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    SOLARDOME® Sanctuary The Sanctuary can accommodate large groups for café seating, exhibitions, spa facilities or for community growing projects.

    “We chose the Solardome glasshouse because of its ability to be a unique focal point and for its strength and longevity in the most extreme weather.” Robert Stubbington, Landscape Architect

    Max. diameter 8.12m / 26’ 8’’

    Dome height 3.90m / 12’10’’

    Volume 125m3 / 4414ft3

    Internal area of base 48.77m2 / 525ft2

    Door height 1.84m / 6’

    Open door width 0.8m / 2’7’’

    Roof vents (as standard) 5

    Side vents (as standard) 6

    Base vents 24

    Capacity 35 - 45 people


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    SOLARDOME® Paradise The Paradise works well as a large community centre, function room, visitor attraction or tropical biome project.

    “From early spring right through to Christmas our dome is utilised in many different ways...” Cheryl Lynch, Owner, Hilton Court Gardens, Wales

    Max. diameter 10.14m / 33’3’’

    Dome height 5.20m / 17’1”

    Volume 272m3 / 9605ft3

    Internal area of base 77.04m2 / 829ft2

    Door height 1.88m / 6’2’’

    Open door width 0.89m / 2’11’’

    Roof vents (as standard) 5

    Side vents (as standard) 10

    Base vents 29

    Capacity 40 - 45 people


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