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  • 1. Glabex Successful Marketing Campaign Content Creation and Distribution throughout the social

2. The inbound marketers role is one that requires so much creativity Content has to be timely, accurate, relevant, thoughtful, unpredictable, informative even funny. The same old content day in and day out can get stale; Losing that community engagement you were after in the first place. 3. The question is How do you come up with fresh ways to accomplish that seven days a week? We are offering you a list of ideas that is meant to inspire the content you can create for your Glabex business updates. 4. Multi-media and Visuals 5. Take a photo of your product and upload to your Glabex product listing. It will immediately appear in your updates and will be visible to hundreds of your audience members via Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other social platforms. 6. Glabex IMAGE GALLERY The Glabex gallery is connected to the major platforms from Flicr to Facebook. You dont have to do the same thing for each website; just upload your pictures, video of your products or services and distribute it all over the web with one click of the mouse. 7. Multi-media and Visuals 8. Create How to videos Show a step-by-step guide on how to do something in a how-to video, or show the steps in a series of photos. Show the advantages of your products/service. Upload your video to the Glabex video gallery and populate it via the social networks. You can enrich your video with music and post it on the updates. 9. Create a cartoon or funny joke 10. Educational Content Write a how-to article: Give instructions with screenshots on the steps someone needs to take to do something 11. Point out common mistakes in your industry and offer solutions on how to fix or avoid them. 12. Offer a list of your product/service advantages CREATE OFFER for Your PRODUCT 13. Perform a comparison analyses with other products or services. 14. Use Existing Content Take the opposing position; Find someone elses article that you agree or disagree with. Introduce your blog post with what you specifically agree or disagree with, and support your argument with a few concise points. 15. Do a weekly or daily update regarding your products and relevant company news for your audience. 16. Follow up with comments and questions 17. Provide reasonable answers and try to build a discussion. 18. Find relevant tips regarding your industry, your products or innovations in other content and share links of those articles with your audiences. 19. Gather useful information (how to content, presentation, educational material) and create an eBook or white paper with a call to action Then easily upload this eBook to your documents or updates. That is how you can create a community around your Glabex profile. 20. Share an excerpt from an upcoming webinar with a call to action to get the rest of the content in the webinar 21. Create a slideshow from your images And share your slides with your audience by uploading them to the Glabex updates and automatically distributing them via the major social platforms. 22. Primary Data Content 1. Record an interview with an expert in your field and post it to your blog. 2. Get experts to offer tips and do a round-up of their recommendations. 3. Feature guest posts from industry experts. 4. Publish responses to frequently asked questions about your industry. 5. Create a list of trends to watch. 6. Compare and contrast: Different products, different approaches, different companies, different people, different places, etc. 23. Make it Visual 1. Interview your favorite customer. 2. Create a gallery for a specific event your company hosted or presented. Glabex gallery is also synchronized with the major image hosted platforms, such as Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest. 3. Run a contest and give away something relevant to your audience. 4. Ask your audience to provide suggestions regarding the presentations or services. 5. If you have company news to share, talk about it in a way that makes it valuable to your audience, your customers or your followers. 6. Publish a post relevant to the current season or holiday. Discuss how your company is going to prepare for this holiday. 7. Outline the top practical use cases for your products or services. 24. Socialize your Content Ideas Respond to Followers 1. Check your Twitter, Facebook, and Wordpress comments on your Glabex updates wall. Reply to your users questions. 2. Offer to respond on email to a community member if they have further questions. 3. Create a post answering FAQs that you can refer to. 4. Thank people who comment on and share your blog posts. 5. Thank people who share your webinars and ebooks. 6. Write your Glabex updates as you would write a regular conversation. Use emoticons and exclamation points. It shows that an actual human is behind your business account and you care about your customers and about your companys business. You also have to show that you know the industry well to be able to answer all relevant questions. 7. Stay ahead of your customers comments with Glabex! 25. Separate Accounts 1. Use separate Facebook and Twitter accounts for your personal account and for your business account. You can link your company updates on Glabex with your Twitter|Facebook business account to avoid posting content meant for your personal account on your business account. You can also link you personal page on Glabex with your Twiter and Facebook personal accounts to control your social updates from one space. 2. Add UTM codes to your Tweets to track your referring traffic from Twitter in Google Analytics. 26. Sharing Your Content via different social platforms 1. Post Tweets of your blog posts. Use a variety of headlines and test what drives the most click-troughs. 2. Schedule you social updates by adjusting social plugins. You can set up weekly or daily updates specifically for each social platform. For example; the same information can be published every Monday for Twitter users and every Wednesday for Facebook users. Some weekend posts you can publish only on Saturday and Sundays as people read on the weekends too. 3. Do not be afraid to reschedule your old blog posts. A few months later, they are still valuable to your audience who may have missed them the first time. 27. Incorporate Other Platforms 1. Let your Twitter followers know about a great contest or discussion happening on your Facebook page or LinkedIn group and invite them to be a part of it. 2. Share your email newsletter on Glabex updates. They will be published all over the social world. Invite people to sign up for your updates and get them via email. 3. Ask your followers questions by using Glabex Survey builder which is built into your wall updates. Use the survey results for blog content. 28. Create Original Posts 1. Offer a daily tip just for your business followers. 2. Tell a joke or a riddle. 3. Use pictures and videos. Show what youre working on. Offer a behind-the-scenes look. Take a picture or make a video at a conference or event. 29. Posting Statuses on the Glabex Wall Tag other companies and people in your statuses for increased engagement and cross-promotion. 30. Reply to users comments and likes on your statuses 31. Invite your colleges to sign in to Glabex, assign them to the company profile Ask your managemnt to participate in community conversations and answer their questions Ask your colleges to participate in community conversations and answer their questions 32. Talk about a question that was asked somewhere else (blog, Twitter, etc) and pose that to your Glabex business community. 33. Ask them what they would like to see in your next blog post, ebook, webinar, advertisement, event etc. 34. You can ask questions by using the wall survey builder on your business Glabex page that generates a report with answers which you can post and share via social platforms 35. Ask a hypothetical question (Example: Would you rather ____? If you could 36. Share links to your blog posts on your wall, and use the status area to pull out one key fact or statistic. 37. Share information about your company: news coverage, job openings, promotions and milestones. Use numbers, as those stand out. 38. Glabex IMAGE gallery Could be the greatest marketing tool for your business 39. Create your business photo gallery and share it via Flicr, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, or Tumblr 2. Take pictures of your products, places (restaurant or cafe) and coworkers. 3. Tag people who are in your contact list. Their friends will see those photos, and it will drive a new audience to your page. 4. Add photo descriptions and ask questions in your description. Have people guess who the person is in the picture, what the secret object is, or what the location is in the comments. 5. Share pictures from a local meet-up, event or conference. 6. Interview an industry expert for your update. Post pictures of the interview in action. 40. Next Steps Your full inbound marketing strategy means attracting prospects with this content, converting them and then analyzing the results to see which of these ideas works for your brand and audience. 41. eBusiness tools for Your Convinience Glabex offers a host of tools that will help you do all of this for free! 42. Glabex is Your essential FREE tool Sell online Advertise online Build Coupons Post Job opening Click to Sell Online Click to Build Business Profile Click to Create Coupon Click to Post JOB