Getting online reviews for your website 2 sep 2013

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Transcript of Getting online reviews for your website 2 sep 2013


2. IN THIS PRESENTATION 1. Why should you care? Online reviews are important! 2. Online reviews for websites? Introducing Web Espy, Yelp for websites. 3. Whats in it for you? Build trust and reputation, increase users and traffic, get feedback. 4. How does it work? Use your Weblords Dashboard for some cool features. 5. How to get big? Strategies to getting more reviews and displaying them proudly! 2 3. PEOPLE TRUST USER REVIEWS When making decisions, consumers trust: 3 8% 14% 27% 70% 90% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Friends & Family User Reviews Experts Opinions Advertising Celebrities 85% Reviews drive decision making 85% of online consumers say they are more likely to purchase after reading an online review 97% People find reviews accurate 97% of users who use online reviews find them to be accurate and trustworthy Review traffic is exploding Traffic growth to the top 10 review sites in the US grew by 158% in the last year 158% 4. ONLINE REVIEWS APLENTY, BUT FOR WEBSITES? You can review almost anything online now. What about websites? Products 4 Restaurants Hotels Doctors Websites Introducing Web Espy User reviews for websites 5. HOW WEB ESPY CAN HELP YOUR STARTUP Case Study: Well look at, a fictional food ordering startup where anyone can be a chef and sell their meals online. 5 1 Build Trust & Reputation Allowing your users to share their real experiences with others will help build trust amongst your customers. It validates your message. 2 Increase Traffic & Users Your strengthened reputation will help you win new users. Additionally, Web Espys domain links help bolster your SEO and rankings in Google. 3 Get Valuable Feedback Users get the opportunity to leave comments and suggestions that will help you improve your offering valuable feedback that you may have otherwise missed! Eligibility: You must have your own domain name to be on Web Espy. Got the burger -- mmm fast, delicious and healthy! Will use again! The service is great, but I really wish there was a way to save past orders! 6. USING THE WEBLORDS DASHBOARD After registering your site, youll be part of the Weblords, Web Espys service exclusively for website owners, and have access to the Weblords Dashboard. 6 1 Customize Your Look Customize your Web Espy page by changing your title, description, keywords and even adding links to your blog and social media accounts. 2 Get Realtime Notifications Get an immediate email notification anytime someone reviews your site, allowing you to keep up with compliments and concerns as they happen and take action when required. 3 Watch Your Traffic Grow Weblords Analytics allows you to see statistics on your visitors on Web Espy as well as data about your ratings and reviews over time. 7. GET MORE REVIEWS Get More Reviews 7 Show Them Off Dont Fear Reviewers! Data shows that over 70% of online reviews are positive (either four or five stars)! 70% Use our website badges to show off your Web Espy page and even display your best reviews! We have customizable options to fit your website. Dont be afraid to ask! Ask your customers to review your website on Web Espy via email or directly from your website. Most customers already engaging with you will probably have something nice to say! 8. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET STARTED! 8 CLAIM YOUR WEBSITE Comments? Questions? Contact us at